Will A 40-Inch Wide Sofa Fit Through A 32-Inch Door

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It is usually exciting when you purchase new furniture or move houses. But when you get home and discover that your new sofa doesn’t fit, the excitement drops.

So, before purchasing furniture, you should know whether the sofa will fit through the door.

This is the same for a 40-inch sofa, many people wonder if it can actually fit through a 32-inch door.

You can fit a 40-inch sofa through a 32-inches door. But first, you will have to wrap up the sofa carefully. You must wrap the sofa so that the fabric will not tear as you push it in. Remember, pushing a 40-inch sofa through a 32-inch door will be a tight fit.

Tips For Fitting 40-Inch Sofa Through 32-Inch Door  

Will A 40-Inch Wide Sofa Fit Through A 32-Inch Door

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you will find the couch you can get into your home without incident.

Or, if you’re moving houses, the door of your new home will be large enough to slip your sofa through.

Or you can have another way to get it in, such as a sliding door.

But, you won’t always be lucky. So, if you’re not lucky, you will need to find a way to get the sofa into the house through the smaller door.

Of course, you have to be careful so that you don’t ruin your sofa. So, here are some tips that you can use to fit a 40-inch sofa through a 32-inch door.

#1. Take The Sofa At An Angle

The first thing to do is to take the sofa at an angle, trying to force it through while standing straight will be an exercise in futility. Instead, make sure it is turned sideways at an angle. 

#2. Wrap Your Sofa

The first thing you need to do is wrap your sofa. You can purchase a sofa cover for that purpose.

Since the sofa will be coming in contact with the door, it’s better to wrap it up and rest assured that there won’t be any damage to your sofa.

Also, when taking the sofa into the house, you can focus on getting the sofa in instead of trying to protect the sofa simultaneously. 

#3. Push The Sofa Straight Through

When you have the sofa against the door, even if it is on its sides, do not attempt to squeeze the sofa through.

It could be tempting to push it left and right against the sides of the door. Instead, hold it and push straight ahead.

That is the best way to get the sofa through. Besides, when you push the sides and squeeze, it will cause the fabric on the sofa at the sides that are pressed against the doorway to tear. Or the sofa will become completely stuck.

#4. Put The Sofa In A Diagonal Position

In addition to using the suitable method to get the couch into the house through the small door, you must position the sofa appropriately.

The diagonal position is appropriate. If you hold the sofa vertically, it simply won’t go through.

So, you’ll have to hold it and let it slant to the left or right, depending on which is more comfortable.

This way, you will reduce the width of the couch. If it is slanted diagonally, the width you get will be less than the original width, in this case, 40-inches.

#5. Dismantle The Sofa If You Can

Although this does not apply to all sofas, you can dismantle some sofas. Or you can remove the legs or the headrests of your sofa to make it smaller and narrower. 

You can also remove the cushions so that the couch is slightly smaller and lighter.

That way, it can fit better, and once it is in the house, you will put everything back together, and voila. Good to go.

How Can I Tell If A Sofa Will Fit Through My Door?     

When shopping for a couch, it is better to know whether you can get the sofa through the door.

You have to find that out even before you purchase the sofa, so you’re on the safe side and don’t end up buying a sofa that will not go into the house.

  • The best way to know whether or not your sofa will fit is to measure both the doorway and your sofa of choice.
  •  In addition to that, you will also need to measure the hallways.
  • If you’re taking the couch up the stairs, you must also measure the stairs.
  • Also, if the sofa is going into another room within the house, you need to measure the doorway of the other room too.
  • Once you have all the dimensions, contrast them with the width and height of the sofa in question. 

What Size Couch Will Fit Through A 32-Inch Door  

When shopping, you may be tempted to go for the biggest sofa in the store, but first, think about the doorway back home.

Unless you’re planning on keeping the sofa in the garage or removing the door to take it in, you have to ensure it’s one that can fit through the door.

So, if you have a 32-inch door, what size of the couch should you buy? The rule is that if a sofa is 8 inches wider than the door, it can fit. However, the fit will be tight, with no wiggle room. 

That is why a 40 inches sofa can fit through a 32 inches door. But, anything more than 40 inches will not be able to fit no matter how hard you try. You may end up damaging your sofa.

 Even for a 40 inches couch, the fit is tight and very difficult. A larger couch will mean removing the door altogether.

So, if a 40 inches couch fits into a 32 inches door, smaller couches can easily fit with very little or no difficulty at all. 

So, if you want to know the sofa options you have with your door, this table below will better illustrate the size of the couch you should purchase.

Door SizeSofa Size Fit
32 inches40 inchesTight fit
35 inches40 inchesWill fit easily
32 inches38 inchesEasy fit
34 inches33 inches Easy fit
30 inches40 inchesWill not fit
36 inches40 inchesEasy fit

How Do I Get A Big Sofa Through A Small Door?            

Standing at your doorway with a sofa that won’t fit has to be a very frustrating experience.

So, whether you’re moving houses, or you just bought a new sofa that is very large, and your door is tiny, this should be able to help you get your sofa through the door.

#1. Remove The Legs

Some sofas have legs that can be removed quite easily. Often, the legs of sofas are the parts that keep getting in the way of getting the sofa in the house. 

So, you can remove the legs first, and once the sofa is in the house, screw them back on.

Also, you can remove the cushions to reduce the weight and width of the sofa if that will help.

#2. Remove The Door

Removing the door may seem a tad extreme, but it could be the best solution if you don’t have other options.

Most doors only open to a 90° angle, and the very presence of the door can narrow the doorway by at least a few centimeters. So, you can remove the door and make the doorway wider. 

Removing the door will also reduce the risk of the sofa getting caught and torn. To remove the door, remove the hinge pins; it should come off easily.

#3. Turn The Sofa On Its Back

Usually, your couch will be deeper and not higher, so you can turn the couch on its back.

When you turn it on its back, it will narrow and slip through more efficiently.


One of the hassles of moving houses or purchasing new furniture is the struggle of moving the furniture into the house.

Often, you’re not sure whether the sofa will fit. Well, if you have a 40-inch sofa and your door is only 32 inches, then it will fit through, but not without a struggle.

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