6 Lb Carpet Pad Vs. 8 Lb Carpet Pad (In-Depth Comparison)

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Selecting the best carpet pad for your carpet is essential for your floor’s comfort and durability.

Carpet padding adds a cushioning layer to your carpet and insulates your home in cold weather conditions.

To select the best carpet pad type, you must know how you want to use the carpet, where you will place it, its durability, and the cost of the carpet padding.   

So, how does a 66 Lb carpet pad compare with an  Lb carpet rug?

An 8 Lb carpet pad is more durable though it is heavy, while a 6 Lb carpet is lighter, though it is not long-lasting. The best carpet padding depends on your preference, budget, and the carpet placement location. However, if you require a long-lasting carpet, you should opt for an 8 Lb carpet pad.    

6 Lb Carpet Pad Vs. 8 Lb Carpet Popularity      

6 Lb Carpet Pad Vs. 8 Lb Carpet Pad 

There are different densities of carpet pads, but the 6 Lb and 8 Lb are more popular among the lot.

The 6 Lb carpet pad is more prevalent in residential areas due to its light and soft underfoot feel.

However, though it is more popular, it is not as durable as the 8 Lb carpet padding. 

However, the 8 Lb carpet pad is popular in commercial passageways or lobbies. Its popularity is because it can withstand heavy foot traffic. The carpet pad will reduce the foot traffic impact on your carpet.     

Weight Comparison: 6 Lb Carpet Pad Vs. 8 Lb Carpet Pad      

Between the 6 Lb and the 8 Lb carpet pad, there is a 2 Lb difference. This difference means that the 8 Lb carpet padding is heavier and thicker than the 6 Lb carpet pad.

The carpet pad thickness and weight of the two pad types is an obvious comparison, making the 6 Lb a lighter but responsive underfoot.

When purchasing your carpet pad, you must consider the carpet pad’s weight in the poundage number.

The poundage number determines the stiffness of the carpet, as well as the longevity of the carpet padding. 

However, a heavier weight will serve you better if you prefer a durable, high-quality carpet pad.

Heavyweight carpet pads are necessary for your carpet if it will endure heavy and frequent use, while lighter paddings are more convenient for fewer foot traffic areas. 

6 Lb carpet padding does not last as long as its alternative though it is more cost-efficient. When your carpet pad starts sinking, it breaks down and ruins your carpet.

A denser carpet padding with high quality will prolong your carpet‘s life and provide better support. It will also save you the extra cost of replacing the carpet and the carpet pad in the future.

Both 8 Lb and 6 Lb carpet pads have benefits and disadvantages. Therefore, to select the best carpet pad based on weight, you have to consider your personal preferences and what you stand to benefit from the carpet pad weight.

For example, if you place heavy objects and equipment on your carpet, opt for the 8 Lb carpet padding.

Durability Difference Between 6 Lb Carpet Pad and 8 Lb Carpet Pad   

Depending on the brand of the carpet pad, the durability of an 8 Lb and 6 Lb carpet pad can vary.

However, when it comes to its density and durability difference, the 8 Lb carpet pad should be your best carpet pad choice. 

The durability of a carpet pad mainly depends on its size and quality. A high-quality 8 Lb carpet pad is more durable than a 6 Lb carpet pad.

If durability is an essential criterion for selecting your carpet pad, opt for the 8 Lb carpet padding. The 8 Lb pad can withstand the pressure from foot traffic and constant use and does not slip. 

Difference Between a 6 Lb Carpet Pad and an 8 Lb Carpet Pad

6 Lb Carpet Pad8 Lb Carpet Pad
The cost per square foot is between $0.30 to $0.50The cost per square foot is about $0.35 to $1.00
It tends to wrinkle from foot trafficLess chance of wrinkles
Softer feelFirmer feel
Less insulationBetter insulation
Not convenient for foot trafficSuitable for high-traffic areas
Two pounds lesser Two pounds more

Which Carpet Pad Is Best for the home, a 6 Lb Carpet Pad or an 8 Lb?      

The best carpet padding for your home is the 6 Lb carpet pad due to its soft underfoot feel. However, placing the carpet in a high foot traffic area, the 8 Lb is a better option.

Also, if you install, the wrong carpet pad may render your carpet’s warranty invalid. Therefore consult your local building codes before purchasing your carpet.

Before selecting your pad, you should have an idea of where you are going to place it. For example, if the area has a lot of foot traffic, you should select a carpet pad that will withstand the weight.

 This choice applies if you place the pad in a playhouse for kids or a wheelchair-accessible hallway. Regardless of other choices, selecting your carpet pad depends on your preferences. 

The carpet pad’s thickness, durability, and insulation affect the carpet and also the room’s comfort.

Though cheaper padding may save your money now, you may spend more on replacing it in the future.

Some of the features to put into consideration when selecting a carpet include:

  • Pad thickness
  • Durability 
  • Comfort 
  • Pad density
  • Sound Reduction.

However, these are not the only factors determining the best carpet for your home. There are various types of carpet padding with varying features.

Some of these carpet pad types include:

  • Foam carpet padding 
  • Fiber carpet padding

There are different types of foam padding, including rebounded and memory foam carpet padding. The rebonded foam carpet pad is a combination of scrap foams bonded together.

It is more popular, eco-friendly, and though not as durable as other pads. 

The prime foam carpet padding is virgin polyurethane foam. It is soft and firm though it sinks and wrinkles quickly from foot traffic.

This foam carpet padding is a better choice if you want comfort. The memory foam carpet pad is a soft, frothed foam.

It is the most comfortable foam carpet padding in the padding industry. The memory foam carpet padding is also durable though it will not last under high foot traffic.

Unfortunately, it is also one of the most expensive carpet paddings, so it might not fit your budget. The fiber carpet pad, however, is a combination of varying fibers. 

It is more suitable for Berber carpets and is very durable and cost-effective. The fiber carpet pad is ideal for commercial carpets because it can withstand high foot traffic.

However, since the carpet padding is a mix of synthetic and natural fibers, it can develop mold over time. 

Which Carpet Pad Is More Soft, a 6 Lb Carpet Pad or an 8 Lb?         

Compared to the 6 Lb carpet padding, which is spongy and soft underfoot, the 8 Lb carpet pad is less spongy and soft and has a firm underfoot feel.

The 6 Lb carpet pad is thick and soft for most residential homes and is a suitable selection for most carpet manufacturers.

Most residential homes prefer the soft feel of the 6 Lb carpet pad to the firm feel of the 8 Lb pad.

The memory carpet padding is the softest foam and is a better option if you prefer soft carpet padding.

You can purchase an 8 Lb fiber carpet padding if you want a firmer carpet feel and a high foot traffic resistant carpet padding. Though durable, it will not be as soft as the 6 Lb carpet pad. 


The best carpet padding for your home mainly depends on your personal preference and the purpose and placement of the carpet padding.

For example, if you prefer a soft and luxurious carpet feel, the 6 Lb padding is a better choice. Otherwise, it would be best if you opted for the 8 Lb carpet padding.

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