How To Adjust Temperature On Kenmore Elite Refrigerator!

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Adjusting the temperature on your Kenmore Elite refrigerator is simpler than you think! You have the power to keep your food fresh and your drinks cold just right.

In this article, we’ll show you the easy steps to control your fridge’s temperature. Let’s get started and make your fridge the coolest one around!

How To Adjust Temperature On Kenmore Elite Refrigerator

  • Easy Temperature Adjustment: Use the digital control display and adjustment buttons to easily set the exact temperature inside your fridge.
  • Optimal Temperature Range: For best performance and food safety, set your refrigerator’s main compartment between 35-37°F and the freezer between 0-2°F.
  • Understanding Control Settings: Higher numbers on the control dial or pressing the ‘Fridge Temp’ button on digital models increase cooling.
  • Avoid Extremes: Don’t push control settings to their maximum to prevent excessive cooling or freezing items in the refrigerator compartment.
  • Professional Help for Issues: If your fridge doesn’t maintain set temperatures or adjusting the temperature becomes impossible, consult refrigerator repair experts.

Kenmore Elite Refrigerator: Temperature Adjustment Position

Your Kenmore Elite refrigerator features an advanced digital temperature control panel.

This critical component is situated on the upper back wall inside the fridge. It’s what makes your refrigerator smart, managing the internal temperature with precision.

With this state-of-the-art control panel, your fridge can adapt to temperature fluctuations automatically.

Electronic sensors work alongside a multi-air flow system, ensuring the compressor adjusts cooling as needed for consistent temperature levels.

Fridge Temperature Adjustment

To modify the internal climate of your Kenmore refrigerator, you’ll find easy-to-use controls:

  • Digital Control Display: Lets you see and set the exact temperature.
  • Adjustment Buttons: Use these to raise or lower the temperature setting.

When you change settings on the temperature control panel, you control the compressor’s power flow.

It’s a simple yet effective system:

  1. Heat Increase: Electrical flow resumes, compressor activates to cool.
  2. Heat Decrease: Electrical flow stops, compressor rests to maintain temperature.

Your refrigerator’s performance hinges on the seamless operation of these controls and compressor communication. They ensure your fridge isn’t too warm or excessively cold.

However, just like any technology, your fridge’s controls may eventually wear out.

If adjusting the temperature becomes impossible due to a malfunction, your fridge could run too warm or too cold.

Solve Temperature Control Issues:

  • If your refrigerator doesn’t maintain set temperatures, seek professional assistance.
  • Replacing a faulty thermostat is not a DIY project—consult with refrigerator repair experts.

Adjusting Your Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Temperature

To make your Kenmore Elite fridge colder, turn the dial to a higher number if it has numbers 1 to 7. For newer models with digital displays, just press the adjustment buttons.

  • On models with a control dial:
    • Turn the dial towards higher numbers for a cooler fridge environment.
  • For digital display models:
    • Press the ‘Fridge Temp’ button to increase cooling.
    • Each press will make the temperature setting higher and subsequently cooler.

Remember, the number on the display or dial represents the cooling level, not the actual temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.

Your fridge operates best when set to 37 degrees Fahrenheit, which does not necessarily correspond to the highest number on the control settings.

  • Understanding control settings:
    • Higher number = Cooler temperature
    • Lower number = Warmer temperature

Avoid pushing the control settings to their maximum unless necessary, as this may cause excessive cooling and could lead to freezing items in the refrigerator compartment.

Your digital control display will show the temperature adjustment in real time, making it easy to achieve the perfect chill level for your foods and beverages.

Adjusting Your Kenmore Elite Fridge’s Chilly Setting

To set a colder environment inside your Kenmore Elite fridge:

  • Identify the temperature readout on the digital control panel.
  • Press this button repeatedly, which will cause the temperature to start changing.


  • Lowering the temperature means pressing until the display shows a decline in numbers.
  • The temperature should not drop below the recommended 37 degrees Fahrenheit to maintain food safety.

Note: Avoid setting the dial to its minimum as this effectively switches off your cooling unit, not just the compressor. Keep the temperature moderated to ensure a consistent cooling cycle.

Optimal Settings for Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Temperature

Your Kenmore Elite refrigerator works best at a specific temperature range to keep your food fresh and safe.

The ideal setting for the main compartment of your refrigerator is between 35 and 37 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Food Storage Tip: Maintain your refrigerator below 40°F to prevent bacterial growth.
  • Adjust Settings: If your fridge has a control dial with numbers 1 through 5, set it to 3 for moderate cooling. The higher the number, the colder the temperature.

The type and amount of food you store can influence your refrigerator’s temperature needs.

A fuller fridge may require a cooler setting to compensate for the warmth of the contents.

If you find your food isn’t as chilled as desired, you can lower the temperature by adjusting the control dial towards a higher number for colder settings.

  • 37°F: This is your refrigerator’s preset temperature for optimal performance.
  • High Humidity Handling: Adjust the temperature lower if your refrigerator is stocked with high-humidity or perishable items.

Your Kenmore Elite refrigerator comes with electronic sensors that help maintain the correct temperature.

After you plug in your refrigerator, it may take up to 24 hours to reach the stable temperature of 37°F.

  • Appliance Thermometer: To ensure accuracy, consider using an appliance thermometer.

Remember that continuously maintaining your Kenmore refrigerator at the correct temperature setting not only helps with efficient food storage but also enhances your appliance’s longevity and performance.

Optimal Freezer Temperature for Kenmore Elite

Keep your Kenmore freezer between 0°F and 2°F. This keeps your food frozen and fresh. If you notice ice crystals forming on your food, it might be a sign to adjust the temperature.

Freezer Temp

Your freezer works most efficiently when not overpacked. Adequate spacing allows for proper air circulation, preventing freezer compartment issues.

Remember, the lower the setting number on your freezer’s control, the colder the compartment will become.

When making any changes to your Kenmore freezer’s settings, particularly after filling the freezer door with items, give the freezer a full 24 hours to stabilize to the new temperature.

This waiting period allows the temperature to adjust evenly throughout the freezer.

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