How To Adjust Temperature On Kenmore Side by Side Refrigerator? (Explained)

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Sometimes a problem with your Kenmore refrigerator can be a slight change in temperature, which can be fixed by doing some settings.

However, most Kenmore refrigerators come with a digital display panel; that displays the specific temperature your fridge is at.

With the knobs, dial, or digital touchpad control, you can easily adjust the temperature of your side-by-side Kenmore.

On your temperature control panel, select the fridge and freezer temp buttons to change the temperature of your Kenmore refrigerator. Next, press and hold the ON/OFF option till the screen beeps. Now you can press the fridge button till you reach your desired degree Fahrenheit.

Where Is the Temperature Control on a Kenmore Side-by-Side Refrigerator?

The temperature control on a Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator; can be found at the front panel.

The temperature control is a digital touchpad that you can access to adjust the fridge’s temperature at the front panel. 

For other Kenmore refrigerator models, the temperature control is located at the upper back wall inside the refrigerator.

These models; and other newer refrigerators have a dial, knob, or digital dial pad for controlling the temperature.

Adjusting the fridge’s temperature is easy to use and understand with these various controls.

In many refrigerators, the thermostat controls the temperature; it works together with the compressor and other components.

The thermostat is the brain behind the temperature control panel; information is shared with other elements with its thermistors.

When you adjust the temperature, a signal is sent to the compressor to either increase or stop the flow of electricity.

How to Turn up Temperature on Kenmore Side by Side Refrigerator?

You must select the fridge temp and freezer temp buttons for a Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator with a digital control pad.

After choosing the option, press and hold it for a few seconds, and it will beep this button as indicated by an ON/OFF option by the left side.

You will select the fridge temperature and press it to adjust its temperature.

After selecting the fridge, the temp option will take you around the temperature cycle when you press it.

For a Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator, you can see two arrow options.

The arrow facing upwards indicates cold, while the downwards indicate colder, so it’s a lot easier to turn up the temperature since it’s shown.

How to Turn up Temperature on Kenmore Side by Side Refrigerator?

If it’s the one button type, the temperature will increase or decrease while pressing.

If it’s rising, it will reach the highest temperature number and start counting down.

You can now turn up the temperature since the number reading is in temperature; the lower the number, the higher the temperature.

Usually, for most Kenmore refrigerator’s you will find degrees Fahrenheit as its temperature reading and an alternative in Celsius.

Also, they have 38° Fahrenheit as its highest degree, But others can be up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

At 38° or 40° Fahrenheit, it’s a suitable temperature for keeping the fridge cool. Depending on your refrigerator, it will read to the highest reading possible.

If your main aim of turning up the fridge temperature is to get the items to become colder faster, it won’t happen.

After the settings, it will take the compressor some time to work up to that temperature and stabilize.

How to Lower Temperature on Kenmore Side by Side Refrigerator?

To lower the temperature, you have to select the fridge temp button and press the cold or colder arrow on the option to lower the temperature.

The control panel with one button option will read the cycle to the highest number and count down the number.

The number is in degrees Fahrenheit, so the higher number is the lowest temperature; since it’s so, lowering the temperature increases the number of degrees.  

You can’t just press the fridge buttons to turn it up; you also must select the fridge and freezer temp buttons.

You will press and hold the ON/OFF button option for a few seconds, and when it beeps, press the fridge to adjust the temperature.

However, the temperature reading is in Fahrenheit; most Kenmore refrigerators have the highest temperature reading number at 38° F.

This highest number is a temperature Kenmore elite uses. Also, others have theirs reaching 40 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the lowest. So increasing the number of degrees is how you lower the refrigerator.

Note: the refrigerator/fridge temp control adjusts the refrigerator’s compartment. At the same time, the freezer temp control adjusts the freezer compartment.

At What Temperature Kenmore Side by side Refrigerator Should Be?

At the temperature of 35 – 37 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s an optimum temperature your Kenmore side by side should be.

The factory recommended temperature points for a side by side refrigerator is 0° F(-18° C) for a freezer and 37° F (3° C) for the fridge.

However, at 32° F, things begin to freeze; that’s why 35 – 37 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended.

According to the US food and drugs administration, the temperature of a refrigerator that stores foodstuffs should be 40° F.

But due to some possible conditions, keeping the temperature at 35 – 37 degrees Fahrenheit is safest.

Conditions such as the room temperature, the type of foodstuff kept, or frequent refrigerator opening.

Any temperature above 40° F encourages the growth of bacteria, and the food can get spoilt too.

For this reason, you should try as much as possible to make sure your fridge is not below 40° F. If the room temperature of your fridge is high, the refrigerator will require a colder temperature setting.

This is because the compressor of your side-to-side refrigerator will work harder at higher room temperatures.

The temperature is recommended not only for the foodstuff but also for other reasons. For example, parts of the refrigerator, such as the ice water dispenser, require these temperature settings.

Most Kenmore side-by-side refrigerators come with a water dispenser.

There are two air vents in the refrigerator, one in the freezer compartment and the other in the refrigerator compartment.

You should avoid obstructing them with items in the fridge. If the inside is crowded and the vents are blocked, restricting airflow, the room temperature is warmer.  

When you buy your Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator, it comes set at a specific temperature. This is so that you don’t have to worry about setting the temperature, from the factory, it’s set at 37° F.

Besides this, when you plug in your refrigerator to the power circuit, wait for about 24 hours for the fridge to reach its set temperature.

Note: during every adjustment setting made, wait for 24 hours before making another change, and check the temperature.

How Do I Reset the Temperature on My Kenmore Side by side Refrigerator?

How Do I Reset the Temperature on My Kenmore Side by side Refrigerator?

If adjusting the temperature of your Kenmore fridge is not enough, resetting it is the next option.

When you reset your refrigerator, the settings will be set back to default settings. To reset your Kenmore refrigerator, follow these steps below;

  • Open one refrigerator door.
  • Press the ‘home button’ and ‘ultra ice’ button options simultaneously for about five seconds. Doing this will turn off the fridge’s control.
  • Locate the power supply where the refrigerator’s circuit breaker is located.
  • Turn the circuit breaker off or unplug the fridge’s power cable.
  • Please wait for some time and plug it back in or switch it breaker on.


Kenmore’s side-by-side refrigerator is indeed excellent; your experience will be unique.

With its digital control panel to adjust temperature settings, things are more accessible.

You should always avoid keeping the refrigerator open or overstocking it to the extent of the door not closing well.

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