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Can Alexa Play Music From Google Drive? (Tips, Tricks & More)

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The correct course of action is to provide multiple options for playing music from your Google Drive. But unfortunately, one of the divisive choices that people find is Alexa.

You should be able to play audio files or any other file saved in your Google Drive anywhere without first downloading them.

Yes, you can use your Alexa device to play music from Google Drive and My Pod. First, create a folder for the catalog you’d like on Google Drive. Publish the music. Next, register for an account on and enter the playlist’s name.

Can Alexa Connect to Google Drive?

Can Alexa Play Music From Google Drive

Yes! Alexa can connect to Google Drive. You need to connect your Google play music library to Amazon Echo to achieve this. That way, the trick will work. 

Some customers ask, “Does Alexa and Google Home function together?” You can use both Alexa and Google Drive under the same umbrella.

Yet, to achieve this, you must ensure that Amazon Alexa and Google Drive act on the same command function.

When you do that, you can play with various features of voice commands operating from each device. Here is what you need to know.

  • Go to the Amazon Alexa app and click on the + sign or Add Button in your screen’s upper right corner to link a new device.
  • Now, scroll down until you find Other Devices, then Click on Discover Devices.
  • Here, Alexa acknowledges your device, allowing you to connect the two devices via Bluetooth.

Even though the process can delay you, it will indeed connect. Even though other devices would best connect different devices,  you can join Alexa and Google.

Devices like IFTTT or Yeti are fantastic for connecting various devices without operating individually and going through the stress of downloading them.

How To Play Music from Google Drive on Alexa?

The ideal choice to select is My Pod if you want to use Alexa to play music from your Google Drive. But, undoubtedly, there may be better choices than that. 

It does not, however, necessitate the setup of another media link. To make Alexa play your music, you must:

  • Make a folder on Drive, add your required playlist, then make the music public.
  • Next, register for an account on and enter the playlist’s name. Remember that you’ll be using this identification for the sound commands.
  • Go to your Google Drive and choose to Get a shareable link from the context menu when you right-click the folder you created earlier.
  • Paste the direct URL link to the playlist page named My Pod.
  • Include the skill in your Alexa app at this time. Your Amazon device should play your chosen playlist if the configuration is correct.  

Say, “Alexa, please ask My Pod to play my [insert playlist name] playlist,” and then it will be done.

How Do I Merge Google and Alexa?

An app like Yeti is ideal for linking all gadgets for convenience. Thanks to downloading these apps, you can remove the requirement to use each device separately. 

However, by following these steps, you can connect Alexa to your Google Home:

  • Use “Pair Bluetooth” on Alexa and Google Home to prepare them for voice-command pairing.
  • Activate Devices in your Alexa app. Pick Add Device or tap the plus “+” key to add a new device in the app’s top-right corner.
  • When you reach the Other Devices selection, scroll down. Choose Discover Devices afterward.
  • At this point, Alexa recognizes the Google Home; you can link it using Bluetooth. This connection takes a couple of minutes.

Following these procedures, Alexa will reply to your voice commands using your Google Home device.

Placing each one in a different area is advisable to avoid situations when your devices start interacting.

What if you need a Google home for your cooking area? You could always play your music when you cook and try out fresh recipes.

Put your Alexa device in your area so you can always set alarms that help wake you up for work.

When the associated wake word is pronounced, both devices virtually “wake up,” enabling you to simultaneously use them for multiple tasks.

Tips & Tricks to Make Alexa Play Music on Google Drive

You must use My Pod and Google Drive for songs on your Alexa receipt to play your music from Google Drive on the Alexa Device. Sometimes, this might not be the best option, but it is okay.

Although, you can do this without a media server. Here are the steps to doing this;

  • First, make a folder on Google Drive for the playlist you’d like to play.
  • Transmit the songs into the Drive.
  • Afterward, visit, create a user account, and include your playlist’s identification.
  • Remember that this is the id you’ll use for your voice instructions. 
  • Next, go to your Google Drive and right-click the folder you just opened.
  • Pick the Get shareable link option. 
  • Next, paste the Full link on the page named My Pod playlist.
  • Afterward, include the My Pod skill in your Alexa app. 

After correctly setting up everything, your Amazon device plays your required playing on your command or the slated order.

Now say, “Alexa, tell My Pod to start playing songs from my Cool Songs Playlist.” Of course, it would do that as soon as possible.

Some people mistake Alexa for Google, but they are very different. Here are the differences: 

It has a broader range of devices in its stableLimited range of products 
Devices mix well with the ambianceDevices have the look of mere speakers
Crisp, short, and straight answers for the user queriesRoundabout answers in some cases

Can You Use Google Music on Echo Dot?

There are many ways to utilize Echo to listen to Google Play Music. You might use the Echo’s built-in Bluetooth listening feature to listen to Google Play Music tunes. 

Using voice commands, you can ask Alexa in the Echo to play specific songs from your music collection. 

The Echo’s Bluetooth may be used by simply turning it on both your Android device and the Echo.  Following that, the Echo device will show up on the Bluetooth devices list. 

By linking an Amazon Echo to your computer and the Google Play Songs library, you may listen to your favorite music from the collection. 

How Do I Put My Music on Alexa?

You can use My Media Server or Plex for Alexa to play your songs or Mp3 files saved in Several other formats like FLAC.

It lets you stream files stored on a different device, on your Echo, or on other speakers that work with Alexa.

Although these services lack Amazon Music’s feature-richness and user-friendliness, you can still use voice commands to access your music library.

If you want Plex to open your music files directly on an Amazon Echo device, you’ll have to use a media server that is always running and can work with the Plex Media Server. 

This Plex Media link includes a computer that runs macOS, Linux, Windows, Nvidia Shield, or a Network Attached Storage setup.

But when you stream your music using this method, there are a few limitations: You can only listen to one speaker simultaneously because whole-home music is not supported. 

You cannot set media as the default streaming service. Thus, it would be helpful if you always used the correct format (that is, “Alexa, tell Plex…” or “Alexa, ask Plex…”) to play your songs.

The built-in audio providers of Alexa reply more slowly than Plex does.

What Music Library Does Alexa Use?

Alexa makes use of Amazon music as a selected music library. The Amazon library means that most of the music you hear on Alexa is on sale on or through other services like YouTube, Prime Music, and a few others.

Some music streaming services can be integrated with Amazon devices like the Echo, thanks to the Amazon Alexa mobile app. 

The default selection for Alexa’s music collection is Amazon Music, but you may also utilize Apple Music, Spotify, and several other services.

Only Bluetooth speakers will function with Alexa-compatible devices when using music streaming services that are not incorporated into the Alexa app. 

The Alexa app will still be required to connect your phone to an Amazon Echo device.

Can I Play Music on Alexa Without Amazon Music?

Yes, you can play music without Amazon Music. However, there are other streaming services like Amazon, Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, and a few more you can play music on.

Like Amazon music, you’ll need an account with each provider before accessing it. A free account will do for some people. Others will demand a subscription fee.

You must first link your preferred streaming service in the Alexa app before you may listen to music through it. 

Open More > Settings > Music & Podcasts from the app to find Amazon Music by default; you may also see additional services listed there. 

Select the service you wish to add to your Echo device by tapping Link New Service.

After establishing a connection, you can ask Alexa to start playing music or launch a music streaming app and choose your Echo as the destination to begin listening once it’s done.


In conclusion, it is frequently more practical to stream your favorite music on Alexa from Google or any other streaming provider simultaneously than to do so separately.

Consider using one of the many streaming applications if you need help deciding between Alexa and Amazon Music to make your life at home better.

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