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Alexa Won’t Skip Songs! (6 Fixes)

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One of Alexa’s many useful features is using gadgets that serve as music players for various streaming services.

However, it can be annoying and frustrating when the music you’re waiting for doesn’t begin to play or you can’t skip songs. So here are the main causes and solutions. 

It could be tough to skip tracks with Alexa if she is in a loop. Alternatively, your music service could malfunction. Another explanation can be that the firmware requires an upgrade. Your device can potentially have issues and glitches that you can quickly repair by resetting.

Why Won’t Alexa Skip Songs? 

Alexa Won't Skip Songs

There are various reasons why an Amazon Echo or other Alexa-enabled device could not be playing music when you ask.

The following factors could be to blame for the issue:

  • Your connectivity may be bad if Alexa isn’t skipping music for you. 
  • If your Alexa device is outdated, you can miss significant repairs, new security features, and more.
  • The music will continue to play on repeat long after it has ended if Alexa is in loop mode.
  • If the gadget has issues and difficulties, Alexa might be unable to skip tracks.
  • Alexa might be unable to skip tracks if there is a problem with the music service.

How Do I Get Alexa To Skip a Song? 

You can get Alexa to skip songs in a few ways. The following ways are solutions to skipping songs.

#1. Use a Different Voice Command

With a different voice command, Alexa might not recognize common voice commands. Then you should use an alternative voice command to operate your device to fix the issues.

Try out these voice commands:

  • Alexa, “Skip
  • Alexa, “Next
  • Alexa, “Next Track

You should wait roughly a minute before plugging it back in if you still have issues with the commands.

#2. Turn off Alexa Loop Mode

You can get Alexa to skip songs using Alexa’s loop mode. It lets you listen to songs without having to play the next one.

It is simple to activate this so that you can keep listening to your favorite music. The drawback is that it could be challenging to resume playing your playlist.

You can employ her skills. If you find that Alexa is not performing as you would want. Always seek out trustworthy skills and avoid learning negative ones.

For example, here’s how to disable the loop mode on Alexa.

  • Say Alexa stop or say Alexa loop mode. Alternatively, you should research Alexa skills.
  • Please disable all additional skills before reactivating each one individually to determine which one is causing a problem.

You should tap on the menu part at the top left corner of the app and choose Skills and Games to access Alexa skills.

#3. Add the Room Name in the Command

Include the room’s name in the command if your home has more than one Alexa device.

To build a custom command for your Alexa, follow these steps.

  • Go to the routines section of the Alexa menu.
  • To add a new routine, click the Plus icon.
  • The next step was constructing a custom command after choosing when this occurs.
  • To start the meeting, type your word, select your device, and decide on an action plan for the home.

You can add as many voice commands as you wish by repeating the steps above; after that, you can touch them.

#4. Check for Duplicate Device Names

Additionally, Alexa is susceptible to confusion, particularly if you have devices with similar names.

You can encounter a duplicate device if you use voice commands and reference the device’s name.

You should check your Alexa devices to ensure they are all unique to prevent this from happening.

How to check and modify device names is shown below.

  • Activate the Alexa app and then select Devices.
  • If there are duplicate names, look them up and choose the device you want to rename.
  • Select edit name, enter the device’s name, then hit save.

Editing the names does not alter Alexa’s wake word because it serves primarily to distinguish between your various devices.

#5. Logout of Your Other Amazon Account

Your Alexa device cannot respond to your requests if you have several accounts linked.

Although logging out doesn’t cause problems, you can give it a shot to see if it can fix the issue.

To log out of your other Amazon account, follow these steps.

  • Launch the Alexa app on your smartphone.
  • Tap on the device you want to delete your account, then choose the setting option from the menu on the left. Click the deregister button after that.

Always keep your primary account active on your Alexa device before attempting to skip songs or issue any requests.

#6. Update Your Alexa App

If there are system incompatibilities and issues, Alexa can stop skipping tracks and listening to your playlist order. 

The best approach to fix that would be to upgrade your Alexa app and your device’s firmware.

By updating the app, you can be sure that it has resolved the glitches and that you are using the most recent version of the program.  

How to upgrade your Alexa app and hardware is provided below.

  • Open the Alexa app, then select Echo and Alexa under Devices.
  • To see your device’s current software, hit on about after selecting the devices you wish to upgrade. Select the update button if there are any updates available.

You should also see whether your Alexa app needs to be updated. First, check to see whether you’ve updated the Amazon Alexa app, which Amazon is in the app store on your device.

You can ask for help from Amazon customer service if you still have problems with your Alexa device.

How Do I Skip Multiple Songs on Alexa? 

By browsing through an album or playlist, Alexa allows you to skip songs “Alexa, play/pause (this song) or “Alexa, next/previous (song/track/title).”

You might also use the phrase, “Alexa, Pause, Play, and “Alexa, Fast Forward” will allow you to fast-forward at the slowest possible pace.

Say “Alexa, Fast Forward” once more (up to three times for three speeds). Immediate replay (jump back 8 seconds)

What is Loop Mode on Alexa? 

One of the many wonderful features of Alexa that enables users to loop songs is the Alexa loop mode.

Since Echo is primarily a smart speaker, smart home customers frequently use it to play their preferred music anytime they want.

Alexa goes well with almost every music streaming service, including Apple Music, Spotify, and others, thanks to the Echo speaker.

A user is free to loop a certain song for as long as they choose with this function. But, first, you must activate Alexa’s loop mode.

How Do You Restart Alexa? 

Depending on your model, there are many ways to reset your Amazon Echo. Using the Alexa app on your tablet or smartphone, you may also reset your Amazon Echo.

Here are the methods for relaunching Alexa.

  • Start by launching the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet. It has a white circle on a light blue icon.
  • You may reset your Amazon Echo using the Alexa app or pressing the necessary buttons on the Echo itself.
  • Tap on devices after that. You can access it by tapping Echo & Devices in the lower-right corner of the Alexa app.
  • At the top of the screen is an icon that looks like an Alexa Echo.
  • Then tap the Echo device you wish to reset. Every Amazon Echo device you own is listed under “Echo & Devices” in the menu.
  • Select the item you want to reset, scroll down, and select Factory Reset. It’s on the menu, close to the bottom. A pop-up confirmation window will appear.
  • Tap factory reset to finish. You can indicate that you want to reset your Amazon Echo by tapping it. Resetting it will remove your account data from the gadget.
  • You can unplug it right now if you wish to sell or donate it. Additionally, you can reactivate it through the mobile app.

Meanwhile, restarting Alexa might effectively solve technical difficulties that may concern the device but may also be detrimental to the user. 

The table below lists the advantages and disadvantages of restarting Alexa. 

Restarting Alexa will make it easier to operateRestarting Alexa can cause a slower response 
After restarting Alexa, you can now listen to music non-stopAfter restarting, Alexa may no longer respond to your voice or might mishear its user


You can fix Alexa now that you are aware of its causes and solutions so that you can keep listening to your favorite music.

If you’re having trouble with Alexa not skipping songs on any music streaming service, including Spotify or Amazon Music, you can use this approach to fix it.

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