Do All Houses Have Coaxial Cables? (Read This First)

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Coaxial Cables are an essential part of every home. Coaxial cables are for devices like radio, TV, or the internet.

But with the latest revolution of wireless connection, some people are opting out of cable connection.

And this is because of its importance in transmitting radio and data signals without interference.

Coaxial cables are transmission lines for radio frequency signals connecting transmitters to receivers like television and internet connection. 

Not all houses have coaxial cables. While most modern houses today have coaxial cable, it is the house owner’s choice to install one. You can still install the outlet if you don’t need a wireless connection in your house.

Does Every House Have a Coaxial Cable?

Do All Houses Have Coaxial Cables

Modern houses typically have coaxial cables installed in them. These cables are useful because companies still provide television and internet signals through (Coaxial Cables) connected from the street to transmitters.

Although not all buildings have coaxial cables, builders always remember to install a coax outlet just in case it is needed.

What if your house does not have a coaxial cable? You should not worry about it since many companies are going wireless.

There are wireless connections like WiFi and internet television that you can opt-in. But it might decrease the value of a house when you are selling or leasing.

If you want fewer complaints, you should install a coax cable. No law says a house must have Coaxial Cables; it is not a requirement.

But builders usually provide aerial sockets for you in strategic locations. This provision meets everybody’s needs.

Apart from using Coaxial cables for cable TV or internet, you can use these Cables for CCTV or security cameras.

If you install cameras, your home might have a wired internet connection or cable television but will still contain coaxial cables like RG-6 or RG 59.

The RG-59 is best for this connection, but people also use RG- 6 for long distances because of their thickness.

Where Can I Find a Coaxial Cable in My House?

You can find Coaxial cables outside the house, through the wall, or from attic sockets to outlets inside the house.

You can also find them running from utility poles to utility boxes outside the house. Sometimes it can be seen coming from an underground source.

Evey Coaxial cable in the house links to a cable box outside the house. The cable box is next to utility boxes like the electric meter box or the telephone box outside the box.

This spot is where every Coaxial cable from the street enters before diverting to several receiving devices.

Coaxial cables are mostly the black cables running from utility poles to the box and then to coax wall plates inside the house where you can ab two the needed frequency or data.

Utility boxes carrying coaxial cables are either black or gray and normally have the name of the cable network provider written on them.

You can tap these services through an underground utility source if there are no utility poles.

Coaxial cables have markings that tell you what they are used for (check table 1). These markings will help you identify and solve a problem even without the help of a technician.

It is one thing to know where to locate these cables and another to know them.

Type of Coaxial cableUse 
RG-6Cable TV bd satellite transmission 
RG-11Transmission of cable and satellite signals for longer distances
RG-8XRadio signals 
RG-58For transmission of fewer radio or internet signals 
RG-8Radio signals 
RG-59CCTV system and analog video signals 
RG-178Uses for WiFi

Are All Coaxial Cables in a House Connected?

If you ask this because you want to reduce the number of cables in your house, you need to reconsider your question.

Not all coaxial cables in the house are connected. You don’t need to have every cable in the house hooked up and in use, so fix it anyways, just in case a need arises. 

Even if everything is going wireless nowadays, you cannot sideline the importance of networks provided through a cable.

Signals provided through cable lose small or no signals, which is why they are still in use and will not be outdated anytime soon.

Regarding how many cables you want to install, it is a personal decision that should depend on what you want to use the cables for.

It would help if you considered fixing at least the AV, data, or TV cable. If you intend to use CCTV or security cameras, there is also a need for coaxial cables.

Do New Homes Need Coaxial Cables?

Every home needs coaxial cable, especially if you intend to use CCTV or security cameras, cable TV, satellite dish, or internet connection.

While some network providers are going wireless, it is very important to install coaxial cables, even if there are no regulations that say you should.

Before now, many buildings did not need Coaxial Cables, and even if they did have one, they were for just TV or telephone.

But these days, you must install many cable wall plates to accommodate the satellite, internet, telephone, cameras, etc.

You might think it is time to go wireless, but it will interest you that a wired transmission is way better than a wireless connection.

A wired connection has less or no signal interference; it moves directly through the cables.

Even if a wireless connection allows you to move freely around and still be connected, it has a lesser bandwidth than wired internet. Every home should have at least one coax outlet in each room.

If you are a real estate owner, you should ensure you install these cables; you wouldn’t want to lose a buyer because your apartment does not have these outlets.

Well, maybe you are scared of how much it will cost you to install them; even if it costs you money, it is worth the cost.

It will be hard to tell the actual cost of installing these cables, but it will depend on the length of the cables and the wages.

But If you are good at it, you might decide to install it yourself and save the cost.

How Much Does it Take to Get a Coaxial Cable?

The cost of installing cables depends on the type of coaxial cable installed, the length of the cable used, the amount of labor paid, and how professional the person is.

The price paid for a subscription for cable service can also make the price vary. Installation costs around $1000-5000 and above considering the above factors.

No matter how high it may cost you, it will not exceed $6000. The average price is between $2500-4500, but most people pay around $3000 for 2000 feet installation.

The price can vary depending on the length of wire needed to wire the whole house. A coaxial cable will cost $0.6 or $0.17 per foot, costing $120- 340 for the most common coaxial cable types.

Some brands of Coaxial Cables will cost you more; nevertheless, you must choose the right brand and the best type of coaxial cable.

There are plenty of coaxial cables you can choose from, depending on what you want to use them for (check table 1).

The type of Coaxial Cables you install will cause a variable in the cost. RG-6 will cost more than RG-58 and 59, but no matter the cost, always go for the quality.

Labor fee is another factor that varies from place to place and determines how much the installation process might cost you.

Most technicians will charge you $50-100 per hour, and depending on the amount of time spent in the installation process and the complexity of the process, the cost might vary even more.

It will cost you more if you install new cables on existing cables. You need to remove the old cables before the new ones, which will cost $60-120 per hour, which is around $150-300 per hour.

For example, if you are installing a coaxial cable for an internet connection, you will need to consider many things.

These include the price of labor, coaxial cables, network components like plated and plugs, RJ45 jacks, switch, modem, router, cable drop, etc.

Most times, an installation will take 20 to 50 hours, which means you will be paying at least $1200-4000 for labor. So these connections will cost even more compared to other cable networks.


The fact remains that wireless connections can never be compared to wire connections.

Nowadays, TV and data are going wireless, which is why many people think there is no use for wire connections, and feel coaxial cable is unnecessary.

But it is a personal decision to make, especially if you are in your self-owned apartment, but if it is not, try to fix a coax cable at least.

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