Amana Washer Lid Lock Bypass? (Here is How To Do It)

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Amana washers are excellent products that you want to have at home. They are suitable not just because they are manufactured by Whirlpool corporation but because of their long-lasting nature and energy efficiency.

But in a situation where you are experiencing lock issues, how would you bypass the lid lock of your Amana washer? 

To bypass your Amana washer lid lock, you must first identify where the problem stems from. You need to know whether it is from the lid hinges, faulty lock, switch, door strike, or clogs. Then you have to decide which bypass method to execute, whether to bypass the lid lock switch, use a magnet to override the lock, or even by cutting the wires of the lid lock switch.

Will a Washer Work Without a Lid Lock?


No, your Amana washing machine will not work without a lid lock or an opened lid.

This is because the lock is there for safety reasons so that you can prevent it from reaching your washer while it is working.

It also prevents anything that could cause damage to your washing machine from getting inside.

But when the lid lock sensor has broken, the Amana washer lid may be falsely detected as open when it is closed.

If this is so with your Amana top-load washing machine, below are eight steps you can take to bypass a lid lock with a broken sensor:

  1. Adjust your Amana washing machine by pulling it away from the wall. Then take out the power plug from the power source.
  2. Cut an electric wire with a length of between three to five inches. Then solder both ends of the wire together and bend it to form a U shape.
  3. Lock for the screws used to hold the control panel. But depending on the model of washer you have, it could either be at the side, back or top of the machine. Then unscrew.
  4. Open the control panel, and you will notice that all the wires are accessible.
  5. The lock for the restraint that holds the control wire of the lid. Based on your model, you will find the restraint on the right or the left in the housing of the control panel.
  6. Take out the restraints (two pieces). Then ensure that the two tips of your U-shaped wires are inserted properly into the two holes of the two parts of the restraints.
  7. Make Sure that one side of the restraint connected with the U-shaped wire is connected or even taped with electrical wire. Then close up the control panel by putting the screw back again.
  8. Finally, you can plug your washer into the power source and turn it on your washer again.

How Do I Bypass the Lid Lock on My Amana Washer?

Whirlpool lid lock is very good and efficient, but if you encounter an issue with the lid lock, there is no need to panic. You can bypass the lid lock of your Amana washing machine.

Below are three ways you can successfully bypass the lid lock of an Amana top-load washer:

#1. Gaining Access to Lid Lock Switch

The following steps will ensure that you gain access to the lid lock switch and bypass it:

  1. Turn off the washer and unplug from the power source. Then keep it from damage or water (getting wet). Failure to unplug from the power source may result in you experiencing an electrical shock.
  2. You should close or shut off water supply valves. To indicate which valve is for hot or cold water, they are sometimes colored red and blue. Cutting the water supply will also definitely keep you safe.
  3. Find the lock switch on the underside after opening up the top panel. Different clips hold the lock switch assembly and keep it attached to the restriction or harness.

#2. Using Magnet to Override the Lock

These three steps would no doubt help you override the lock:

  1. If you place the magnet between the lid lock switch and the washer cabinet, there will be a balanced electromagnetic connection.

    The magnetic force will trick the washer into believing that the machine is closed when it is open. Note that you can use any kind of magnet, preferably a thin one, so the Amana washer lid can still close.
  2. Close back the washer with the top panel and start washing. As long as the magnet is well-positioned, perhaps with duct tape, you can open and close the lid anytime.

    With this, you can even throw more clothes into the washer without having to shut down the washing machine first.
  3. If you still experience stopping from your machine, then adjust the magnet. Endeavor to place a magnet at the position of the top panel where the lid lock switch stays.

    Also, ensure that your magnet’s attractive side is facing downward to generate a strong link with your washer’s solenoid that keeps the lid closed. And you can always replace the magnet if it is too weak.

#3. Cutting the Wire of a Lid Lock Switch

Below are seven steps to take to bypass the lid lock by cutting the wire of the switch:

  1. Take out the lid lock switch assembly using a 0.64 cm nut driver at the bottom of the panel. Then keep acres in a safe place because, without them, you cannot position the switch properly once you’re done with the work.
  2. Open up the assembly cover using your thumb to pull up the clips. There are some situations where you may unscrew to remove the switch cover.
  3. Confirm the wire to cut from your Amana washing machine tech sheet that comes with your washer.

    Most washing machines have three or four wires; just look for the ones named “lid switch” and “lock switch.” If it is a switch with three wires, they usually occupy positions one and three.
  4. Then cut the wires with a plier or scissors. Without these, the washer would not lock because the electrical current would not find its way.
  5. Cut out about 2.5 cm of insulation from both wires. This way, you will remove excess wires and allow you to work well and without any restriction.
  6. Twist the end of the wires, and place a wire connector to them. But with a wire connector, you can also use electrical tape as an alternative.
  7. Finally, you will reassemble your washer and carry out a test wash.

Pros and Cons of Bypassing Amana Washer Lid Lock?

Amana Washer Lid Lock Bypass

It can be challenging to discover that your machine is either locking you out or even refusing to lock when you want it to.

Below are the advantages of bypassing the lid lock:

  • First, it allows the opening of the lid at any time during the washing cycle.
  • Second, to get back control when the lid lock sensor is broken and give a false report to the washer.
  • Third, to open up when the lock becomes faulty or clogged.

Likewise, also, there are a few disadvantages to bypassing the lock, and these are:

  • You might sustain injury if any of your limbs get in contact with the spinning agitator while the lid is open.
  • An open lid may also result in the spinning agitator damaging your hair, jewelry, or clothing.
  • Cutting wires may result in your Amana washer not functioning correctly.
  • Also, cutting wires will violate the terms of the warranty.


To bypass the lid lock of the Amana washing machine, you need to discover the problem.

Then bypass either the lid lock switch, use a magnet to override the lock, or by cutting the wires of the lid lock switch.

And although there are advantages, there are also disadvantages of bypassing your Amana lid lock.

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