American Standard Vs. Carrier (In-Depth Comparison)

Recently, the need for HVAC systems has been on the increase. And considering that various brands have their products on the market, it is always hard to choose which one’s best.

Narrowing down to the two top choices by consumers(American standard and Carrier), let’s compare and see which one you should go for.

The American standard and the Carrier are pretty okay and have an excellent performance rating. However, the American standard is more budget-friendly. Though the Carrier has a higher SEER rating, American Standard’s SEER rating is likewise okay.  

American Standard Vs. Carrier; What Are the Differences and Features?

American Standard Vs. Carrier

There are numerous disparities between American Standard units and carrier units.

However, these disparities make them competitive and preferred by their various users. Below is a tabulated difference between these AC systems.

American Standard Units Carrier Units 
They have a lower SEER rating They have a higher SEER rating and will cool adequately 
They are less expensive They are more expensive 
They don’t usually come with variable refrigerant flow (VRF) frameworks They utilize variable refrigerant flow (VRF) frameworks 

As much as American Standard and carrier units have disparities, they both have features that make them a top choice.

For a more precise understanding, let’s classify these features based on their humidity control, cooling mechanism, and coil material.

#1. Humidity Control

The American Standard unit features an AccuComfort™ technology that efficiently controls humidity and offers comfort.

Equivalently, the infinity series technology from carrier units likewise offers a high level of humidity control. This technology enhances the elimination of excess humidity by about 400%.

#2. Cooling Mechanism

Differences ACs have their cooling mechanism. American Standard units utilize the AccuComfort™ variable-speed mechanism, which ensures efficacy while improving comfortability.

Carrier ACs utilize the Greenspeed Intelligence mechanism. This system works with the AC’s variable speed compressor to provide a quiet operation while maximizing cooling performance.

#3. Coil Material

American standard units have coil constituents of high-grade refrigeration copper or aluminum tubes.

And as you should know, aluminum coils have an excellent corrosion-resisting ability; more so, they last longer.

Aluminum Tubing 1/4 in, 50 ft.
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Carrier ACs, in the same way, have their coils produced with copper. But unfortunately, only a few models have aluminum coils.

Is Carrier and American Standard the Same?

Though they aren’t contingent on company ownership or brand, they serve the same purpose when you install them correctly.

Both Carrier and American Standard always recommend that purchasers contact professionals within their companies to aid the efficiency of the installation.

Carrier and American Standard are two different manufacturers of air conditioning units; their units are somewhat more competitive than contingent.

Carrier has topped as one of the global producers of HVAC units. In the same way, the  American standard brands offer a wide variety of quality and top-notch HVAC units. 

Apart from manufacturing high-quality HVAC systems, both companies have a long history in the industry.

They likewise have their own identity and strengths that make them different, but they are not the same.

Does Carrier Own American Standard?

Carrier does not own the American Standard company. While Carrier is currently in Mexico, American Standard has most of its operations in the USA. In addition, American Standard is a brand on its own.

The company was formerly Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company but changed its brand name after merging with the American Radiator Company. 

On the other hand, the carrier brand has been in business for many years. They are the world’s leading producer of HVAC systems. Willis Carrier founded the brand in 1915.

You’ll seldomly find two similar HVAC brands because the HVAC industry mainly contains independent companies.

Trane is the only brand that has some similarities with American Standard. Both Trane and American Standard units are from one company.

They have different names but the exact mechanism of production. Thus if you’re talking about two HVAC systems from one company, Trane and American Standard should first come to mind.

But unfortunately, Carrier has no connection with American Standard and doesn’t own the brand.

American Standard Vs. Carrier AC 

The American standard AC and the  Carrier AC are great cooling options. However, the best alternative depends on your situation (for instance, finance) and your preferred design, feature, or makeup.

These products have various strengths and weaknesses; they differ in general makeup, design, and operation mechanisms. 

Thus let’s look at a comparative analysis between these products, based on their energy efficiency, durability and support service, and price\insurance.

#1. Energy Efficiency 

The primary determinant of the energy efficiency of an AC is its (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating.

SEER ratings summarize the overall effectiveness of units. Hence the higher the SEER rating, the more the efficiency. This efficiency also implies a reduction in energy costs.

In the case of an American standard AC, the SEER rating ranges from about 14-22 SEER, depending on the model.

Sorting the one with the highest efficiency, the AccuComfort™ Platinum 20 will come first. It has a rating of 22 SEER, which is high compared to other units in the market. 

But compared to Carrier’s Infinity® 26, the platinum 20 is at the low end and less effective. Nevertheless, it’s still okay.

So in all, Carrier is a better choice if you want more efficiency. But also note that Carrier has other ACs with lower SEER ratings like that of American standard’s platinum series.

#2. Durability and Support Service

Many users compare the durability of both ACs but note that many factors your durability choice.

As much as you might want to consider their design and makeup, personal maintenance and other environmental elements also come into play.

Identifying the AC with the best durability and support service isn’t so easy. The reason is that they both have mixed reviews from their consumers.

A carrier user from consumer affairs has complained about the careless dismissal of warranty claims.

In the same way, American standard AC users have frowned at the impromptu breakdown of the AC units on several occasions without proper customer service attention.

For the sake of purchase, choose the one you can handle. Likewise, ensure that the local dealer of the brand you want to buy is reliable in customer service.

#3. Price And Insurance

For someone who wants to purchase any of the two units, price is most likely what will first come to mind.

Concerning the price, American Standard units tend to be cheaper compared to carrier units. 

While $7000 will be okay for a 5-ton American Standard unit, you’ll need about $10000 for a carrier unit with the same capacity.

No products found.

One good thing is that both brands offer a considerable period of insurance, usually about ten years. However, note that the insurance can vary depending on your model.

American Standard Vs. Carrier Gas Furnaces

The American standard is a great product; it has a high-efficiency rating. However, the carrier gas furnace has a higher efficiency rating than the American standard, yet more pricey.

Thus if you want the gas furnace with more efficiency and have the cash at hand, go for the Carrier. 

Aside from efficiency rating amongst other features you should consider, it is good to be aware of each gas furnace’s upsides and downsides.

#1. American Standard Gas Furnaces

They come with a warranty that has the company’s reputation.The installation process might not be as straightforward as it could be, especially if it is on an older home with an outdated heating system.
It is easy to find replacement parts for these furnaces if they need repairs or replacements down the line.They require frequent inspection
They are relatively cheap and affordableThey aren’t so effective compared to other gas furnaces.

#2. Carrier Gas Furnaces

Here, the furnace efficiency is more significant compared to oil furnacesThey require professional installation
They provide a more consistent heat outputNatural gas leaks are more familiar with carrier gas furnaces, so they must be inspected regularly for leaks by a professional to make sure it’s safe for use.
They are efficient and can save a lot of money on heating bills.They are high-priced

Altogether, Gas furnaces are a great alternative to electric furnaces(they last longer and are quieter while running).

If you live in an area with electricity outages, switching over may be worth the investment.

The decision of choice over Carrier and American Standard shouldn’t be a problem. Weigh the pros and cons according to your situation and see which one fits you.

Is American Standard a Good Brand?

The American Standard is a good company with a wide range of productions. They produce excellent quality products and have a great reputation for being one of the top manufacturers of HVAC systems.

The company has been around for a long time and has an excellent reputation in the industry. They are a trusted brand.

It is pretty accurate the company has received some criticism over the years due to the non-production of highly effective systems (high SEER rating).

But that’s not an issue because their products can compete with many top products on the market.

Another good thing about this brand is that they provide quality products at affordable prices that can suit any budget.

In addition, for the most part, they offer a 10-year warranty on most of their products, which is one of its most attractive features. If you want a sound HVAC system, go for an American Standard unit.

No products found.

The company is one of the leaders in innovation and design for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning equipment. And most importantly, they have the consumer at heart.


Like any other brands, the American standard and the carrier company are known for producing top-notch HVAC units. They have a wide range of products, from ACs to gas furnaces.

Choosing the one with the best products can be challenging, but you merely need to weigh different features and see which one fits your situation.

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