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This is How Many Amps Your Mini Fridge Use!

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Last updated on September 7th, 2022 at 02:17 pm

The amperage a mini-fridge utilizes decides how you can go about your electrical setup. It also determines the extra load you can put on your electrical breaker.

However, their typical current requirement is usually within an average range. Nevertheless, most users of mini-fridges wonder how many amps these beauties use.

A mini-fridge uses 2 amps to run. This is the average value that any mini-fridge requires. However, due to the high energy-consuming ability of fridges, most mini-refrigerators are geared up with power-conserving designs that help reduce the quantity of power a refrigerator utilizes. This design is known as the Energy Star innovation.

Does Mini Fridge Use A Lot Of Electricity?

amps mini fridge use

Compared to your standard full-sized fridge, a mini-fridge does not use a lot of electricity.

However, as I stated earlier, a refrigerator’s power consumption varies even among mini-fridge. A mini-fridge uses between 50 and 65 watts of electrical power.

However, some models may use less, while others may use more depending on the design size.

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Some models of mini-fridges use as much as 100 watts, almost the same power required by some models of a small-built regular-sized fridge.

This all depends on the size of the electrical design of your fridge. Therefore, any mini fridge built without the power-conserving energy star innovation will probably use more electricity.

How Many Amps Does A 3.1 Mini Fridge Use?

How Many Amps Does A Mini Fridge Use

A 3.1 mini-fridge uses a regular 15 Amp.  The Amp usage depends considerably on the voltage drawn by the refrigerator and the power required for its functioning.

It is impossible to determine your mini-fridges exact amp consumption unless you put it to use.

This is because your fridge keeps its energy consumption low when not in use.

The compressor of your mini-fridge makes use of the amp. Thus it is the amount of electrical energy utilized by the compressor to make sure the fridge’s compartments stay cool.

Amperage for maximum mini fridges is from three (3) to five (5) amps if the voltage is a hundred and twenty (120) volts.

Nevertheless, a 15 to 20-amp dedicated circuit is required because the in-rush amperage is much higher.

The smaller the scale of the refrigerator is, the less capacity it has and the moderate setting for it to stay chill.

For this reason, energy intake reduces with length. However, it might depend on the voltage drawn by the refrigerator and the power it requires for its functioning.

Therefore, you must know a few things to ascertain the amps your 3.1 mini fridge uses. These are the hourly quantity of energy it uses and the voltage.

Thus, you must use the formula: Watts / Volts = Amps per hour. With this formula, you can know the amperage usage of the fridge.

Let’s take an instance of a 60-watt fridge running on a 12-volt power source that uses 60 / 12 = 5 amps, but only while the electric motor runs.

For a fact, mini-fridges are so common that they are often used in offices and dorms. Additionally, you should always note that mini-fridges are also of different sizes.

So do not expect a mini-fridge with a size of 2 to consume as much electrical power as another mini-fridge of size 5 and above.

There is always a slight difference in the average amperage of the fridge.

How Many Watts Does A Mini Fridge Use?

The average watts that a mini fridge uses is between 50 to 70 watts. However, that depends on varying factors like the mini fridge model and the age of the fridge.

Its insulation system and others are also factors that determine this number. Some larger models use watts of about 80 to 100 watts.

However, to determine the exact size of power your mini fridge consumes, open your mini fridge and look for a tag or sticker on the side wall of the fridge.

The sticker contains technical information about the fridge wattage. On the sticker, you would see the number of volts and amps.

Then multiply the two values to get the wattage your mini fridge uses. However, consult your owner’s manual if there is no information tag on your mini fridge side wall.

The manual should have detailed information on the watt consumption of your fridge. You can also visit the fridge brand site online, contact the manufacturer or visit the help center.

How Many Watts Does A 1.7 Mini Fridge Use?

A 1.7 mini fridge utilizes 50 to 65 watts per hour. This is the average power consumption in refrigerator watts, as suggested by the manufacturers.

However, this greatly depends on the size and insulation of the mini-fridge. The power usage is minimal and may be above or below in different models.

The measured number of watts your 1.7 mini-fridge consumes depends on the fridge’s voltage and current.

The number of volts and amps your fridge uses is usually indicated inside it as a label.

Nevertheless, it is easy to know the amperage as it will be listed as amps, but volts come as VAC. This stands for “Volts Alternating Current,” an AC is the standard used in the house.

Watts is the power your electrical device consumes per second or hour according to the specification.

So if a 1.7 mini-fridge is consuming, let’s say, a current of 7 amps with a constant voltage of 120 volts, the wattage required to run it would be about 84 watts.

Thus, the proper knowledge of your wattage consumption will help you calculate the cost of running an appliance.

So, using a mini-fridge will cost you less to maintain, depending on the hours you leave the fridge to run. Getting an Energy Star rating mini-fridge for better output is advisable to save energy and money.

Apart from getting an Energy Star rating fridge, some practices can alter the number of watts you use. The most prominent among these practices is the habit of leaving your fridge door open for too long.

This can raise the wattage of your mini-fridge by a lot, so when you pick something from the fridge, it is better you quickly close it up.

There are other ways to reduce your fridge’s energy consumption to the bare minimum. Some of such practices are;

1. Position your fridge as far away from any heat source. This mostly affects you when you keep your fridge in the kitchen close to an oven.

Also, any location where the sun can shine through is not convenient for your fridge. In a position like this, your fridge will have to expend more energy as it would use more to keep the fridge cool.

2. Open the fridge door and quickly get what you need, then close it immediately, just as mentioned.

3. Compress your fridge to save the stress and energy of trying to cool a space. Also, an empty fridge may need to work harder than a reasonably-stocked fridge because more ‘cool air’ is replaced with ‘warm air when the door is opened.

4. Put only things that are already at room temperature or already cool items in the fridge.

Some energy consumption factors like age, condition, and season are natural and can not be controlled.

For example, as your fridge gets old, it consumes more energy than the new ones. Also, newer models are more energy-efficient and preservative than older ones.

The newer models of fridges also have settings that help you manually set the temperature inside the compartment. This typically depends on the nature of the food you want to store.

This helps optimize energy consumption so that you do not pay what you don’t have to. Also, all refrigerators use more power in summer than in winter as the temperature during summer is higher.

So all these factors can trigger the electrical energy (watt) usage of your 1.7 mini-fridge.

How Many Amps Does A Mini Fridge Use In A Day?

The daily amp used by a mini-fridge is determined by the time it is left to work. So a mini-fridge uses an average of 15 amps daily.

But to get proper amp usage, you will have to measure it concerning the model of the mini-fridge.

You can measure the usage of an amp in two different ways, which are either;

  • Using the Energy Star Rating
  • Buying an Energy Meter

1. Energy Star Rating

New mini-refrigerators have energy ratings that are provided on the internet. In addition, an estimated yearly rundown of electricity usage is usually given.

So by using the energy star rating, you can get the daily energy consumption.

2. Energy Meter

Electricity Usage Monitor

An energy meter is the most accurate form of ascertaining your amp usage. First, you must purchase the energy meter, plug it into an outlet, and then plug the refrigerator into the meter.

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The rest of the job is left for the meter, calculating the device’s power over time.


Answering a question like how many watts or amps a mini-refrigerator uses and the daily energy consumption has always been head-cracking. It is so because of the variations we have.

Some models of the mini-fridge have unique energy requirements and exclusive features. The manner you use the appliance also plays a significant function here.

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