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Can My Apple TV Remote Control My Bose Soundbar?

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Setting up your apple Soundbar to have a nice and refreshing time, you find out its remote isn’t responding.

Looking for solutions, you begin to think if there’s a way to fix it so it can work properly.

You begin to wonder if it’s your Soundbar that’s at fault. Well, suppose your remote is the issue. In that case, you can connect it to another universal remote in your house.

The Apple TV Remote uses infrared (IR) technology, enabling it to connect to other devices and control them. Though it mainly works with the 4th and 5th generation apple TVs, which can connect its remote to even your TV, this should be done if the device to be connected has its software updated.

Can I Control My Bose Soundbar With My Apple TV Remote?

Can My Apple TV Remote Control My Bose Soundbar

Bose Soundbar uses a universal remote control system, which makes it connect to other devices and other remotes.

Surprisingly, the Bose Soundbar does not have a button or switch to turn it on or off, so you’ll have to do this with remote control.

Some Soundbars have their universal remote control while others don’t, making it essential to connect with another Remote.

The Apple TV Remote can connect with the Soundbar to control it, but this can only be possible with remotes using the infrared code and not the radio frequency.

Only new generation apple TV remotes with a universal remote can connect to another device.

If your apple tv doesn’t have a universal remote, you can get one so you can connect all your home devices to one Remote Control.

How Do I Connect My Apple TV Remote to My Bose Soundbar?

Before your Apple TV remote can control your boss’s TV Soundbar, you need to connect it; else, it won’t be able to work.

Connecting your remote with the Soundbar can be done using an HDMI cable. However, to connect it, you need a cable to do it.

  • On your TV’s ARC, insert the end of the cable into the HDMI port
  • Insert the opposite end of the cable to the HDMI OUT(ARC/eARC) Port of the Soundbars
  • Program both the TV and HDMI to communicate through the HDMI- CEC

But before you connect the two devices, make sure your Bose Soundbars are up to date, and if it is not, ensure to update them before carrying this out

Updating them is to avoid any issues that may arise when connecting the two devices or connecting the Soundbars with the apple tv 

in the same way, as you can connect the apple TV remote to the Soundbar, so can a Soundbar’s universal remote can also connect to the apple tv

Some of the new generation Bose Soundbars come with their universal remote, while for those of the older generation, you need to get a universal remote.

The universal remote is good; if you don’t want multiple remotes for your devices at home, you can connect all the devices with the universal remote and use a single remote.

You can only use remotes with infrared rays on the Bose Soundbars alongside apple TV. And make sure no object can obstruct the infrared rays.

Even with this, you can use an HDMI cable to connect the tv and the Soundbar to use the universal remote on both devices.

Once the infrared rays get blocked, the remote won’t be able to control either the tv or the Soundbar.

A Bluetooth connection is the best for some Soundbars without an HDMI port. You’ll turn on the Bluetooth if your apple TV and search for your Soundbar.

Is Apple TV Remote Universal?

Many people ask if apple tv remotes are universal, which is a relevant and essential question.

Not all apple TV remotes are universal, but few like the 4th and 5th apple TV remotes. It is because this apple TV remote uses transfers commands and instructions using infrared rays.

If your universal apple TV Remote gets damaged, you can get another universal remote or, if possible, connect your tv to your Soundbar’s universal remote.

Your apple TV remote can connect with devices like Soundbars, lights, Alexa ( Amazon technology-based virtual assistant), and any device that can connect via infrared rays.

Why is my Bose Soundbar Not Working With Apple TV?

Sometimes, due to some reasons, your Soundbar may not work with apple TV, and then it becomes frustrating.

It won’t be suitable for Soundbars that don’t come with their remote control and need other remote controls.

Because Soundbars don’t have buttons or switch to turn them off or on or even mute or unmute them, the remote is a virtual device needed; the Soundbar cannot be used.

#1. Improper connection

After setting up your sound system, you find no sound coming from the Soundbar despite everything being set up correctly.

It might be the HDMI connection that is wrong or not fixed properly. Always check it properly before putting on the tv.

You might have also put the HDMI cable in the wrong port, putting the cord on a different port( if your Soundbar or TV has more than one port).

If your mode of connection is by Bluetooth, the Bluetooth has been disconnected or connected to the wrong device.

You have to check your connected device properly, reconnect if it has been disconnected, and disconnect and reconnect if it’s still connected.

Restarting might solve the problem if it results from an error during Bluetooth Connections or disconnected Bluetooth.

#2. Volume level

While you’re getting worried about your Soundbar not producing sounds, it might be that the volume of your Bose Soundbar is not turned on. 

You have to turn on the volume with the remote. First, turn on the volume, then put on your TV to check if it will produce sounds; if it doesn’t, it has another issue.

#3. Outdated software

Before you connect your apple TV and Bose Soundbar, always check if the software is up to date and if it isn’t, make sure you update it.

To fix this, you’ll have to disconnect the HDMI or Bluetooth connection between the two devices and try updating the software.

Connecting an outdated device can cause errors during connection and might lead to loss of data stored in the device.

#4. Faulty HDMI cable

Your HDMI cable might be at fault. If the cable is damaged or faulty, it cannot transmit information and commands through the connected device.

Always check if the HDMI cable is working flawlessly before getting it and if you already have one, also ensure to check if it is working correctly before using it on your device.

If the HDMI cable is faulty, ensure to get a new one and do not try to use it if it is faulty.

#5. Resetting

Your device needs to reset from time to time; always reset it if it troubleshoots. It is because restarting or resetting can solve various issues with electronic devices.

To restart or reset your device.

  • Off your tv and your Soundbar
  • Unplug the HDMI cable from the two devices
  • Unplug it from the source of power
  • Leave it for about 2-3 minutes
  • Plug back the HDMI cable
  • Plug back butt your apple tv and Soundbar 
  • Turn on your Apple TV and Soundbar

You can also use the factory reset to reset your device if needed.

#6. HDMI CEC settings

Some devices and cables have issues with connecting, except specific settings are enabled or put on.

If your device is connected and not working, go to the settings to toggle on all that’s supposed to be on, and then turn them on to see if they’ll work perfectly.

If it doesn’t work, choose a better HDMI cable for connecting it. Unfortunately, some cables cannot function well when connected to some devices, especially the apple TV.

If you’ve followed all these procedures and the Soundbar still does not seem to work, your device needs service.

Request for the service 9f a professional technician to fix your Soundbar to avoid risking your Soundbar damaging something else while trying to fix one.

If you just bought it or the warranty is not yet over, then you can decide to take it back to the producer for servicing.

But the producer can only work on it if the issue is nig from damages caused after you purchased the product or due to carelessness or mishandling by the marketer.

Can You Turn on Bose Solo 5 With Apple TV Remote

Since Soundbars don’t have buttons and use infrared rays, they can work well with the apple TV Remote.

The Bose Solo 5 has unique features, is small, sounds well, and can be placed on the table or the Wall.

But one limitation of the Bose Solo 5 is the absence of an HDMI port which makes it impossible for the Soundbar to connect with another device through HDMI CEC.

It also sounds good when connecting to devices with no HDMI port because you don’t need to worry about how it’ll connect.

This device supports Bluetooth connection very well. It is the best way to connect the Bose solo 5 Soundbar.

HDMI CECBluetooth
HDMI is plugged between the two devicesIt needs to be connected
It supports all updated devices with an HDMI portDoes not use HDMI. Only Bluetooth
HDMI cables can get damagedBluetooth cannot get damaged


Universal remotes are perfect, especially if you don’t like using multiple remotes at home. You’ll have to connect your devices with your universal remote via Bluetooth or HDMI CEC.

Lastly, always ensure to update your devices, and don’t forget that restarting should be your first option in the case of troubleshooting.

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