Is Arcoaire A Good Brand? (In-Depth Guide)

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The technological advancement and longevity of an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) product make the brand good.

However, you could also consider the ultra-quiet attribute of the product and the comfort it brings.

Some brands disappoint customers with low-quality products, while some exceed their expectations. So, it leads to the question; Is Arcoaire a good brand?

Arcoaire is a good HVAC brand. It produces reliable cooling and heating equipment with high performance. Arcoaire products are high quality because, after their production, they undergo factory testing to analyze their performance. In addition, nearly all Arcoaire products come with a 10-year part warranty.

Does Arcoaire Make Good Products?

Is Arcoaire a Good Brand

Arcoaire makes good products. They’ve existed for years and have made a name for themselves.

Their products include; packaged HVAC products, central air conditioners, ductless systems, thermostats, furnaces (gas and oil), and fan coil. 

One of the major problems facing Arcoaire’s product is the incompetency of the installers. In detail, let’s run through some of Arcoaire’s products;

#1. Arcoaire® Air Conditioners

Their split system air conditioners are of high quality and efficiency. They perform well during hot seasons by cooling the house’s temperature to keep the occupants comfortable.

Additionally, their air conditioners come in two series –the Ion™ series and the Performance series.

#2. Arcoaire® Heat Pump 

The Arcoaire heat pump is yet another heating and cooling machine product by Arcoaire.

While in colder seasons, the heat pump takes air from the cold environment and warms it for the home. During hotter days, it expels warm air from the home to cool the home.

Besides, you can pair it with a compatible oil or gas furnace to save energy. Like the air conditioning system, the heat pump comes in Ion™ and Performance Series.  

#3. Arcoaire® Thermostats (System Control)

Arcoaire’s programmable thermostats function more than Thermostats. They’re smartphone-like devices for controlling the A.C.

temperature and can automatically cause the heat pump to either heat or cool. However, they need WI-FI to function.

The products are easy to use and work everywhere. Acroaire’s thermostats have a 10-year parts limited warranty.

#4. Arcoaire® Packaged HVAC Products 

Their packaged HVAC product is an all-in-one unit that comprises everything that makes up a central air system.

It comes in two series –The quietComfort® series and the Performance Series. It has a 10-year limited parts warranty and comes in two series – the QuietComfort™ Series and Performance Series.

#5. Arcoaire® Oil Furnace

The Arcoaire oil furnace is efficient, operates quietly, and has an air humidifier and purifier for good air quality. Additionally, it is corrosion-resistant and long-lasting. 

It’s a good option to consider to warm the home during winter. Arcoaire oil furnaces come in the QuietComfort™ series and Performance series.

#6. Arcoaire® Gas Furnace 

This furnace is energy-saving and has an insulated cabinet to prevent heat loss.

It has a variable-speed blower motor and a modulating valve for proper temperature control. The warranty, it is a 10-year parts limited warranty.

The Arcoaire offers gas furnaces in three series; Ion™, Quiet Comfort® series, and Performance.

#7. Ductless System

Arcoaire’s Ductless System has four series: the Deluxe, QuietComfort® series, Performance, and the QuietComfort® light commercial.

#8. Geothermal Heat Pump

This heating and cooling machine effectively use the earth’s natural energy. It operates quietly and can proffer solutions to your cooling and heating problems. Its series are; Ion™, Performance series, and QuietComfort™.

#9. Fan Coil

A fan coil becomes necessary when you decide not to install any furnace. A fan coil complements the distribution of purified air when working with a central air conditioner or heat pump.

Its variants are; Ion™ System, QuietComfort® series, and the Performance series.

Who Makes Arcoaire?

Arcoaire is a product of International Comfort Products, United Technologies (UTC) subsidiary.

It’s also a Carrier Global Corporation subsidiary, headquartered in Lewisburg, Tennessee, United States.

ICP is into designing, manufacturing, and sales of central air conditioning (HVAC) and furnace (gas and oil) heat pumps for residential and commercial purposes.

Furthermore, ICP, alongside brands like  KeepRite, ComfortMaker, Arcoaire, Lincoln, Tempstar, and Day & Night, is under the control of Carrier Global Corporation.

Initially, ICP was Inter-City-Products, but in 1999, ICP became a subordinate of the United Technologies Corporation. However, UTC is now known as Raytheon Technologies.

ArcoAire Customer Reviews

Lots of people who have purchased the products have been giving their remarks. Some say the A.C. has been the best they’ve ever bought.

On the other hand, some have been expressing their disappointment. Check out some of the reviews below;

#1. Positive Reviews 

According to an unidentified Customer at the time of this review, he has been using Arcoaire for 20 years.

But, the only problem he had was the capacitor, which cost him $58 for replacement. Ever since then, he has been enjoying this Arcoaire product.

Another customer said He has been using their A.C. for 23 years. The maintenance didn’t cost him much, and he cooled the house properly during summer. 

Another Customer who has been using the furnace said that he has never had any problem with their furnace.

All he has been doing to keep his furnace in good condition is to clean the condenser after using it for a long time. He also changes the filters monthly.

A man said he has been using the Arcoaire central air conditioner (series 10) for 12 years without any problem and maintenance. The only time he touched his A.C. was when he wanted to clean the condenser.

A first-time User said he had used many A.C. brands, but Arcoaire has been the best of all. His Arcoaire is approaching its fifth year of use and has had no cause for repair.

Another first-time user said he installed the A.C. a decade ago. He said that it was amazing and needed no repair at all.

However, those having a good time using Arcoaire products said other Customers should beware of incapable Installers.

These Installers are the reason behind the disappointment in nearly all Arcoaire products.

#2. Negative Reviews

A user of Arcoaire air conditioning has expressed his disappointment. It’s been electrical inflow issues due to compressor problems.

It took him three weeks to repair the compressor, and it still broke down again. A disappointed user since the unit didn’t cool the house until he bought fans.

In addition, the A.C. operates noisily. One day, the freon gauge showed that it was 75% filled; meanwhile, it was 15%, so he filled the Freon again.

One user complained of the poor service of the Installer. He consulted the dealer who installed the A.C. for a repair since the A.C. couldn’t cool as expected.

They showed up and said they would have to order the parts; since then, he hasn’t heard from them.

An owner of a three-year A.C. said his unit breaks down consecutively. The last repair he did was on the capacitor, which still hasn’t worked.

He complained further about the poor design of the units because we have replaced the sun model’s price in half a decade.

One user said his A.C. worked well but didn’t switch off. He called the Arcoaire conditioner service team to come to help him out. They came to his home and charged him $239 without repairing anything.

What Are The Prices of Arcoaire Products?

Arcoaire produces central air conditioning units, heat pumps, and gas and oil furnaces.

They’ve grouped their product into different series based on the products, determining the price and specification. Below, check out the price list across all Acroaire’s products;

#1. System Gas Furnace (Ion™ Series)

S/NModelDetails Price
1F97CMN 98 Variable-speed modulating Gas Furnace $7000-$8000
2F80CTL80 Variable-speed Gas Furnace $3000-$4000
3F96CTN96 Variable-speed Gas Furnace $6,200-$7000
4F80CSU80 Ultra Low NOx Gas Furnace $5,400-$6000

#2. Central Air Conditioner; Performance Series

S/NModel Details Price 
1N4A313 Central Air Conditioner $4600-$4700
2N4A514 Central Air Conditioner $23,000-$23,200
3NH4A14 Compact Central Air Conditioner $7,200-$9,900
4N4A715 Central Air Conditioner $4,100-$6,850
5N4A616 Central Air Conditioner $23,000-$23,150

#3. Heat Pump; Performance Series

1N4H416-Heat Pump$8 360-$9,600
2NXH515 Heat Pump$3,020-$6,968
3NXH616-Heat Pump$3,710-$8,480
4NX4H14-Compact Heat Pump$6,550-$11,120

#4. Fan Coils; Performance Series 

S/NModel Details Price 
1FEM4XCompact Fan Coil$1,950-$2,825
2FMU4X Ceiling Fan Coil $1,190-$1,298
3FMA4PMulti-family Home Fan Coil $652-$1,133

Final Thoughts

Like every other brand producing heating and cooling machines, Acroaire’s products are bound to have problems. However, most of the problems are the fault of the incompetent Installer.  

While some Customers express their disappointment in the brand, some have given the brand thumbs up. Hence, get a good Installer to install your HVAC units.

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