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Remodeling your bathroom can be a costly project. Removing and replacing your bathtub, shower, and other bathroom fixtures may be more expensive than many other home projects.

This process also requires different people to be involved in good work. Therefore, you will want to consider Bath Fitter when remodeling your bathrooms.

Many people looking forward to remodeling their bathrooms turn out to consider Bath Fitter.

And this is because Bath Fitter is a unique method of remodeling bathrooms, so they admire their workability.

However, considering the high cost of bath fitters, you may wonder if they are worth the money if you want to hire a bath fitter.

When you give thought to the cost of Bath Fitter installation and the final result, you will realize that bath fitter is worth the money. The cost might be scary, but when you calculate the cost of hiring a contractor to replace your bathtub or shower, you will discover that the cost is even higher than the bath fitter.

Is Bath Fitter Worth the Money?

Is Bath Fitter Worth It

Bath fitter installation is worth the money. Though the cost might be high, considering the advantages and quality of work you will agree that it is worth spending.

Here are a few advantages of bath fitters.

#1. Fast Installation

When renovating your bathroom, you become anxious because it will not be functional for a long time.

With the bath fitter’s fast installation process, it takes just one day for installation and your bathroom to become functional in less than 48hrs.

The process is very convenient and does not require too much time for installation. You will be impressed with the one-day process and the difference it makes in a concise duration.

#2. No Demolition

When remodeling your bathrooms, demolition can create more mess than anticipated, especially if you have to rip off your wall and remove old bathtubs.

This process can cause dust and dirt all over the house.

However, with Bath Fitter, you do not have to remove your old bathtub or other bathroom fixtures; bath fitters liners are placed over your existing walls, bathtub, and shower, reducing such mess.

#3. Easy to Clean

Bath fitter materials hardly collect soap foam or mold and have no grout, making them very easy to clean and maintain.

As a result, you won’t have to waste much time cleaning, and it is maintenance-free.

#4. Custom Made

You do not need to remove and replace your bathtub or shower because bath fitter liners are custom-made in any size or color to fit your shower and bathtub and are installed right on your existing wall, bathtub, and shower.

#5. Safety Conscious

Bath fitters prevent most home injuries resulting from a fall in the bathtub or shower.

However, slippery floors are dangerous for people, so Bath Fitter installs hand-held shower heads and grabs bars, making getting in and out of the shower quite simple.

#6. Durability

Bath Fitter products are very durable and have a lifetime warranty. Though you may need to resurface the installation, the process is quick and not as costly as the initial project.

Resurfacing or repainting is usually done within two to five years.

Which Is Better, Re-Bath Or Bath Fitter?

Re-bath and Bath Fitter both companies provide outstanding solutions to bathroom renovation.

Re-bath and Bath Fitter are good options when remodeling your bathroom, though it depends on the type of work you want between quick installation and a complete bathroom renovation.

Re-bath is a good option for complete bathroom renovation. Re-bath provides numerous bathroom services such as installation of cabinetries sinks, toilets, a walk-in tub, accessibility upgrades, and complete bathroom remodels.

In addition, re-bath entirely redesigns your bathroom and offers bathtub replacement and other ADA solutions for accessibility and aging. 

Re-bath contractors assist you through the process of choosing a design for lighting, lavatory, cabinets, and hardware to fit your needs.

It also offers its customers a five years warranty. Therefore, if you are considering complete bathroom remodeling, it will be best for you to choose Re-bath.

Bath Fitter is a good option for fast bathroom remodeling. Bath Fitter provides shower and bathtub upgrades with safety features such as grab bars and shower seats.

They also provide costume designs in any size or color to fit your needs. The bath fitter’s installation is swift and usually takes just 24hrs to complete the process. 

Bath Fitter installations have no grout and hardly collect soap foam or mold, so they are easy to clean and maintain.

In addition, bath Fitter gives a lifetime warranty. Therefore, it will be best for you to choose Bath Fitter when considering a quick bathroom remodel.

Why Is Bath Fitter So Expensive?

Bath Fitter provides a fast and considerable alternative to bathroom renovation. However, using custom-made acrylic bath liners to cover your existing walls, bathtub, and shower can be very expensive.

Here are a few factors that affect the cost of Bath Fitters, making them very expensive.

  • Bath Fitters are made from many materials such as acrylic, PVC vinyl liners, fiberglass, and marble. These are reliable materials that can work as bathtub liners. PVC vinyl and acrylic liners are the cheapest, while marble and fiberglass are the finest. However, the finer the material, the more expensive it is to install.
  • Bath Fitters are custom-made in any style or size to cover your bathtub, shower, sink, and toilets. Therefore the design and size of the tub, whether big or small, will also affect the price of bath fitters’ installation.
  • The one-day installation process is another factor that affects the cost of Bath Fitter bathroom remodeling.
  • The skill level of the Bath Fitter doing the job also determines the pay rate of the Bath Fitter and affects the installation cost; this is because a professional will charge higher than someone less experienced.
  • Additional accessories and plumbing will also drive the cost of bath fitter installation. The more time-consuming the bath fitter, the higher the cost of installation.

How Long Does a Bath Fitter Last?

Bath Fitter products are durable, last for as long as you own your home, and are guaranteed for life; if anything goes wrong, they will make it right. However, this is subject to some limitations.

For example, installation of third-party accessories, using cleaning solutions not approved by Bath Fitter, aerosol spray, fire accidents, and other home accidents or natural disasters may void the warranty.

Although bath fitter liners are built to last a lifetime and can stand the taste of time, you may need to resurface the installation; this is a short-term option that is usually a quick process and not as expensive as the initial project. 

Repainting or resurfacing is mainly done once within two to five years. Therefore, a bath fitter acrylic bathtub and shower liners are guaranteed to last a lifetime if properly maintained.

What Are the Pros And Cons of Bath Fitters?

Bath Fitter company offers durable and high-quality acrylic shower and bathtub liners for remodeling.

However, as much as Bath Fitter offers a great solution to bathroom renovation and is the best option with many advantages, it also has some pros and cons.

Here is a table showing the pros and cons of bath fitters.

Pros Of Bath FitterCons Of Bath Fitter
Bath fitters liners are durable, and they offer a lifetime guarantee Does not offer sink, toilet, and flooring remodel services 
Offers fast and convenient bathroom renovation solutions in less than 48hrs Water can get between the bath fitter liners and the bathtub or shower if not perfectly installed
No need to remove or replace your existing wall, bathtub, and shower because bath fitter liners are installed over your existing wall, bathtub, and shower Its one-piece wall comes in limited colors and designs
Bath fitters cost only a third of the actual price of a complete bathroom renovation
Bath Fitter liners do not collect soap foam or mold, which makes them easy to clean and maintenance-free. 
Bath Fitter installs hand-held shower heads and grabs bars which make them safe.

Bath Fitter Customer Reviews

Bath Fitter’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating and customer reviews vary across locations in the US.

It has an average consumer rating of 4.5 stars from about 227 reviews on BBB. Though most of its customer reviews are positive, even the world’s best companies may get some negative reviews.

Here are some BBB customer reviews to help you know customers’ opinions about the services of Bath Fitter. Here is what customers say about Bath Fitter:

“The whole process was excellent from the first phone call to sales to install. They were very attentive to our masking requirement and very polite and professional.

When the floors were installed, [they] were covered and protected. I’d buy from them again and recommend them to friends and family …” — Donald S. via BBB.

“We had both a basement shower and the main floor bath redone. Basement: Incorrect measurements, had to finish weeks later. Looks good, but factory issues with the door.

Still waiting on the door after a couple of months, but at least we can use it.” — Josh S. via BBB

According to professionals, bath Fitters are preferable for the quick bathroom remodeling. Alternatively, Re-bath is suitable for a complete bathroom renovation.

Though bath fitter offers a great solution to bathroom renovation with significant advantages, it also has pros and cons.


Bath Fitter offers a fast, safe, and long-lasting solution to bathroom renovation. They use acrylic and vinyl liners to cover your already existing walls, bathtub, and shower for the bathroom remodeling.

When you consider the cost of installing bath fitter liners and the quality of work you get, you will realize that they are worth the money.

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