The Bed Is Too High With A Box Spring? (Must Know This)

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The Height of one’s bed is essential to how well we sleep. Box springs are a great choice when looking for a taller bed.

However, taller isn’t always better as some people might prefer a much lower bed. In addition, the standard box spring height is taller, so you might opt for a low-profile box spring. 

If the bed is too high for you, opting for a low-profile bid spring or platform bed is a better option. A good box spring should be set to a comfortable height for the user. Many box mattress box springs can fit into whoever’s preferences. These include metal box springs, box springs with wood slats, assembling box springs, and the upholstered box spring. 

Why is The Bed Too High With a Box Spring?

The Bed Is Too High With a Box Spring

You probably use the high or standard profile box spring if your bed is too high with a box spring.

The standard profile box spring height is usually nine inches tall, consisting of grids and springs. Sometimes, it could be the Height of the mattress. 

For example, a thick mattress ranges between 8-14 inches—another reason for your bed could be the plywood across the edges of the bed frame.

The tallness of the box spring bed enables easy mobility for users. Box spring height solely depends on preference or, often, medical conditions. 

So, depending on your preferences, you could always pick a bed with a box spring that fits your needs.

Here, there are three types of box springs to pick from:

Box Spring TypeHeight
Ultra-low profileTwo to three inches
Low profileFour to five inches
Standard profileSeven to nine inches

How Do You Lower a Bed That Is Too High?

The bed is most likely the most relaxable area in a house. If that changes, then it can affect the sleeping condition.

If your bed is too tall, worry less. You can correct it. It would be best if you first determined how low you want the bed to be.

There are various ways to lower a bed.

#1. Get a Low-Profile Box Spring

A low-profile box spring is an excellent choice if you do not want your best away from the floor.

Low-profile box springs are thin compared to the heights of a standard box spring, about 8 inches. They range from 2-5 inches tall.

They are excellent for short people who prefer a traditional bed set and box spring style. 

#2. Get a Thinner Mattress

On some occasions, thicker mattresses have been attributed to taller beds. The best solution is to replace the thicker mattress with a thinner one. 

#3. Get a Different Bed Frame

To attain a lower bed height, an option that You should consider is displacing a new bed frame. 

A high bed is not favorable for everyone. The best bed height allows you to sit toward the edge of the bed with your feet firmly on the floor with your knees and legs at a 90-degree angle.

On the other hand, lowering the bed of a small room can be great because it makes it feel spacious. 

However, age is also an essential factor when choosing the bed height. Getting in and out of bed might be more complicated if you are aged.

So choosing a bed height suitable for your body size or height matters. If you have younger ones, kids younger than seven, higher beds might not be appropriate because there is a higher risk of falling out of bed. 

If the child needs to sleep on a high bed, the distance between the ceiling and floor should not be more than 30 inches to avoid unforeseen situations. 

Do Box Springs Make Your Bed Higher?

Box springs elevate the bed. They add to the inches of the bed base and mattress, making it higher.

A high-profile box spring is a better option if you have a smaller mattress and you’re aiming for more Height. 

A taller bed is an advantage when raising the bed further from the floor.

What’s great about this is the height benefit is it helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew growth outside the mattress caused by dirt, grime, and all that nasty stuff that can come in contact with it, keeping the mattress clean. 

It similarly acts as storage space underneath the bed and simultaneously cuts down the stability of the overall bed.

Finally, box springs increase the Height of the bed, making it easier to get in and out of bed if the bed is lower than your preferred Height.

Is Height not good enough for you? Well, here are some tips for raising the box spring. 

Firstly, you’ll have to find out what Height works best for you. Then, you’ll have to add slats to your bed frame.

This will add a few inches to the bed height. Similarly, custom plywood is another superb option to choose when increasing bed height. 

Is a  Too-High Bed Better With a Box Spring?

A good option would be to settle for a low-profile box spring since the bed is already too high.

The Height of a bed, however, does not impact the quality of one’s sleep. Some aspects require consideration when choosing bed heights.

Here are some tips for choosing the right bed height:

  • First, it is essential to choose your bed height based on your Height. 
  • Your age also plays a vital role in bed height choices. 
  • Another factor is the mattress size and Height.
  • Finally, a vital factor to also consider should be room size.

Do I Need a Box Spring For My Mattress?

Whether or not a box spring is needed can depend on the bed frame. A box spring is a bed base to support your mattress.

There can be situations where a box spring can come in handy. Depending on the type of condition the mattress is in, the box spring helps extend the mattress’s longevity. 

It also helps absorb the impact caused by movement across the mattress. Still, box springs are not entirely out of date. Dependent on your aesthetics, you could have one.

Box springs provide more stability to the mattress. Firmness is also an option to look out for when getting a box spring for your mattress.

Without them, mattresses can sag depending on the type of foundation, but if you have them on a sturdy box spring, it’ll reduce the sagging.

Getting a box spring is an excellent bed choice selection if you’re also looking for Height. It’ll also save your mattress from wearing out. 

In some cases, not all mattresses require a box spring. The foam or innerspring could curtail the durability.

Instead of a box spring, platform beds or a bunkie are more suitable. It is advisable to purchase mattresses from the box spring or bed base manufacturers

Someone with a collapsible metal bed frame with few or no slats should get a box spring. It’ll help with the support and durability. 

Some of the downsides of opting for a box spring would be

  • It can be expensive to purchase a box spring. 
  • It doesn’t fit so well with other mattresses, which can frustrate many people who already have the mattress.
  • Springs can weaken over time and become squeaky and annoyingly loud. 
  • It doesn’t encourage enough room for storage. 


How tall and short you want your bed height to depend on preference. Other aspects include medical conditions, room size, and others. Having a box spring mattress can be of many benefits.

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