Is Benchcraft Furniture Made In The USA? (Explained)

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Are you moving to the United States and wondering what states have Ashley Furniture for your new home? Do you live in the US and plan to change your home decor but don’t know where to find a Benchcraft furniture store?

As much as those questions seem, this article will clear any lingering confusion and accentuate the states in the USA with Benchcraft stores.

Benchcraft furniture is a decor company that makes all types of furniture in the United States of America. Apart from the USA, other countries such as The Republic of China and Vietnam produce and distribute Ashley furniture. The reason is that it ensures optimum reach and satisfaction for customers globally.

Is Benchcraft Furniture Manufactured in the USA?

Is Benchcraft Furniture Made in the USA

Some states in America manufacture the Benchcraft furniture and also distribute them to countries worldwide.

Those states include Florida, California, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Mississippi.

Also, apart from having stores in those states, Ashley sends its products to countries such as China and Vietnam.

That distribution of Benchcraft furniture within and outside the United States ensures good customer coverage.

It also adds to the growing popularity of Ashley furniture and patronage increase.  Consequently, you can be in a country like Vietnam or China and still get to use Benchcraft furniture.

One interesting part about shopping for Benchcraft furniture in the United States is that you’d get free shipping on every order.

However, if you reside outside the USA, you’ll need to pay for shipping on all orders you make. 

If you’re buying a two-seat or a four-seat Benchcraft sofa in or outside the US, you will get it for $900 to $1300.

You can also get an Ashley chaise couch at $600 to $1200. The Ashley furniture also keeps their Ottomans at a low price of less than $500 to make them easy to purchase.

However, despite this low price, the Benchcraft furniture doesn’t fail in terms of quality.

Who Manufactures Benchcraft Furniture?

Initially, Benchcraft owned the production of their furniture, but that changed when another company called Ashley bought them.

Hence, since 2010, Ashley has been authorized to manufacture and distribute Benchcraft furniture.

However, despite Benchcraft no longer owning the decor company, it still gets to keep the name.

Ashley produces Benchcraft furniture with stores spread across some strategic states in the United States of America.

Some of these states include Wisconsin and Mississippi, not sparing California. Aside from making and distributing these sets of chattels in the USA, Ashley does the same in countries like China and Vietnam.

The best thing about Benchcraft furniture is that it uses good and durable materials to make its products. So, you can buy furniture at an Ashley store and have it stay a long time without wear.

However, just like every other thing, Ashley isn’t 100% perfect because it’d still be possible to get substandard Benchcraft furniture.

That gives Ashley furniture a shady review on its websites due to poor consistency in furniture quality. 

Does Benchcraft Make Good Furniture?

Benchcraft makes excellent furniture and doesn’t disappoint in delivering what you order for when you do.

Ashley furniture brings out unimaginable designs with appealing patterns that’ll wow you when you see them. However, you can have a particular design at heart, which this furniture brand will deliver.

Benchcraft specializes more in making beautiful furniture to make your home beautiful. You can get ottomans, tables,  couches, and chairs for your living rooms, movie rooms, and dining rooms.

Also, if you’re looking to decorate your bedroom with whatever design you want, Ashley can come in handy.

Benchcraft furniture makes other home possessions such as recliners, love seats, sofas, chaise lounges, chairs, and sectionals.

Also, this furniture company gives designs in appealing colors amongst their sets to give you ideal home decor.

Another fact about Ashley furniture is that they make their products to suit different personalities.

Benchcraft has become popular worldwide over time, and it maintains that due to the budget-friendliness of its products.

However, its moderate price tags don’t affect the quality of its products. So with the little money you have, you can still find a beautiful sofa with moderate durability from Ashley. 

Also, Benchcraft isn’t particular to a single niche but has a vast array of designs so you can have plenty of options.

It’s also possible to pre-order a particular design from the numerous options available.

Hence, if you’re searching for the best place to shop for furniture for that little corner in your home, Ashley’s got you.

Is Ashley a Benchcraft?

You’re not the only one wondering if Ashley is the same as Benchcraft; however, I’ll tell you that they are the same when you’re in the furniture world.

Also, you’d find me using the two words throughout this article. Originally, Benchcraft was in charge of producing all their furniture and distribution within and outside the USA.

However, in 2010, Ashley bought Benchcraft furniture and took over its production. But, that still didn’t change the name from the original, Benchcraft.

Also, Ashley furniture has become popular within the United States and outside, finding use in offices, homes, schools, and other public places.

#1. Why has Ashley Furniture Become so Popular?

This table will illustrate why Ashley furniture has become so popular, especially in the USA. It’d interest you to know that plenty of states in the United States use furniture from Benchcraft as their key decor.

Other countries like The Republic of China that have Ashley furniture make it one of their key decor patronage sites.

AffordabilityIf you’re looking for a cheap and good-quality piece, then the Ashley furniture is your go-to. You can get two-seater and three-seater sectional sofas as low as $500. However, their love seats and benches aren’t so cheap, costing around $1000.   
Different CollectionsBenchcraft furniture has a wide collection of different furniture materials ranging from upholstery coverage to faux leatherings. The faux leathers serve as a second option for original leather. Also, you’ll find a sofa or a couch with leather covering that’d last many years without tearing or cracking.
Good Warranty OffersAshley furniture has a good warranty system that enables you to swap products as long as they’re within one year of purchase. Also, the Benchcraft cushioning gets a one-year warranty, the springs get five years, and the frames get it for a lifetime. So if you’re buying Benchcraft furniture, it’s certain that you’ll get a warranty on all of its products.
Styles and Comfort Benchcraft produces different furniture types to meet the demand of your room space. So, if you find a space in your home not fit for a couch, you’ll have a sofa to try. 
Beauty All the furniture that Ashley makes comes with a special sense of beauty. It’s impossible to walk into an Ashley furniture store and not find something that attracts you. Most often, if you’re not careful, you’ll end up spending more than the original plan budget.

Benchcraft Furniture Customer Review

I’ve understood the pain of getting a product from Benchcraft with poor consistency from extensive research.

Many of the cries you’ll hear about Benchcraft is how poor they are in keeping up with furniture quality and style.

So, even at the low rate of furniture prices, you’d still want to go home with Benchcraft furniture that has quality.

From a personal experience, buying furniture from Ashley was fun for me because, aside from the affordable price, quality was also sure.

However, that might differ in your case, so the only way you’d know is to get yourself Benchcraft furniture.

You’ll also find a lot of reviews about how the Benchcraft product quality doesn’t meet up to standard.

Some customers complain that rather than buying substandard furniture from Ashley, it’s better to get an expensive one that’d last.

Also, as a patronizer of Ashley furniture, it’d seem annoying and unpleasant when you get furniture whose quality is inconsistent.

A typical example is when you order a Benchcraft couch a second time but don’t find the same standard as the first one.

Others state that Benchcraft has good customer friendliness and that there weren’t issues purchasing furniture there.

Also, Ashley’s good warranty system on their goods gives them customers umbrella protection, which adds to their reviews.


Benchcraft furniture has branches both in the United States of America and in other countries such as Vietnam and China.

However, Ashley has a problem maintaining their products‘ quality standard, which doesn’t go well with their customers.

So, I advise you to keep an open mind when shopping for furniture from Benchcraft.

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