47 Best Alexa Playlists! (Listen & Make Your Day)

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Having the perfect playlists for every mood or event is as important as having a flexible work schedule. 

Alexa has many functions but being a savior when you’re in a musical rut is one of the reasons it’s unique.

Although it is easy to give the right commands to Alexa to play music, finding the best playlist is not as easy.

This article will give you the right pointers on finding the best Alexa playlists for every mood. 

You can find the best Alexa playlists on the default music player, Amazon music. Some of the best Alexa playlists on Amazon music include; country heat, viral hits, pop remixes, and mellow 80s gold. Alexa can play a variety of playlists, but these are some of the top best playlists based on votes by Amazon music users. 

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47 Best Alexa Playlists

Best Alexa Playlists

There are countless playlists on Amazon music that Alexa can play for you with the proper commands.

However, the best 47 Alexa playlists have been handpicked and listed below to help narrow down your options; 

1. Sounds of Summer 2022

If you’ve been searching for the perfect playlist to get your summer going, this playlist has the hottest hits from all your favorite artists. 

2. 2022 CMA Fest

All country music fans know that the CMA fest brings unforgettable country hits. You’ll always have a blast with a playlist that covers all the latest country hits from the four-day festival. 

3. Hard Rock Workout 

Are you lifting weights to get fit? This playlist provides all the motivation you’ll need. You can get through any heavy-weight workout session with the songs on this playlist. 

4. Workout Pulse

You’re sure to enjoy your running and other sports exercises with this unique workout playlist. It has lovely songs to keep your head bobbing. 

5. ‘90s Pop Workout

Pop music has a way of keeping you active and excited during a workout session. So if pop music is one of your favorite genres, you’ll have a great workout session with this playlist.

6. Cheer Workout 

This is the best playlist for anyone getting ready for a competition. This playlist keeps you happy, motivated, and energized as you work out.

7. Breakthrough Pop

This playlist is your best bet when you’re in the mood for some sad pop. This playlist features artists with unique vocals that get you in your feelings.

8. Fresh Jazz

This “fresh jazz” playlist is filled with song choices that calm you in ways you never expected. This jazz playlist helps to stimulate your mind and relax your body. 

9. Fresh Alternative

If alternative music has your insides getting giddy, this playlist will quickly grow on you. It is a playlist curated by Amazon experts, so you’re getting the best alternative music options.

10. Feel-good Alternative

When you’re feeling low and need a serotonin boost, this playlist can help you feel better. You’re sure to be waving your arms and bopping your head happily in no time while listening to this. 

11. Happy Kids

If you’re feeling giddy and want to keep your spirits high, this playlist is great for your inner child. This playlist has songs from legendary animations and top-notch artists to keep you entertained. 

12. Happy 2000s Pop

Pop music made in the early 2000s hits and would give a nostalgic feeling if you enjoyed them first at a younger age.

All the happy and lovely tunes from this playlist will keep you on your toes as you sing along. 

13. Happy Classic Rock

This happy classic rock playlist gives you access to legendary rock songs. These are songs by artists who dared to sing rock music in the 60s and 70s and left a mark in the musical world.

14. Pop Remixes 

If you love pop hits, we can bet everything that the remixes to all your favorite pop songs are on this playlist.

This playlist will keep you singing along happily while enjoying whatever activity you choose to do.

15. Rediscover Micheal Jackson

This playlist has all the legendary songs left behind by Micheal Jackson, the king of pop. It is a nostalgic and delightful playlist. 

16. Iconic ‘80s Party

As the title of this playlist suggests, it is truly iconic. This playlist brings undeniable hits from all the most prominent artists in the 80s. 

17. Mellow ‘80s Gold

If you’re on the lookout for relaxing yet enjoyable songs from the 80s, this playlist will quickly become your best friend. 

18. Solo Classical Piano

Classical music is known to embody a calming effect that keeps its listeners satisfied. With this playlist, you’ll have access to timeless pieces of classical solo piano to keep you relaxed. 

19. Scores for Reading  

Reading your books does not have to be a quiet session; you can make it more enjoyable. Put on this playlist and have a calming experience while you study.

20. Classical for Reading

The act of playing music while studying is simply therapeutic. You can enjoy the songs from this playlist and have a productive study session. 

21. Viral Classics 

Classical music never stops making it to the top charts. This “viral classics” playlist brings you all the trending classical hits you’ll love. 

22. Viral Hits

Any tune you’ve enjoyed on the internet as they became trends is included in this playlist. If you’re familiar with current hits, you’ll quickly get addicted to this playlist. 

23. Internet sensations 

This great playlist presents all the fantastic artists and songs that have shaken up every social media app. 

24. I’m Sad

This playlist allows you to embrace your feelings and let your sorrows go as you get engrossed in each song. 

25. Feeling Blue

This playlist is a perfect option if you’re feeling blue and need to let some tears out to feel better. 

26. ‘90s R&B for Date Night

You can put on this playlist while setting up the scene for date night to spice things up. You’ll have a splendid time with your partner dancing to the soulful tunes in this playlist. 

27. Dance Hits

Dancing never fails to keep your serotonin levels high; this playlist will keep you dancing happily. 

28. Soft Rock Love Songs

This playlist is perfect if you’re having a movie date night or a sleepover with your loved ones. With the “soft rock love songs” playlist, you can keep love in the air. 

29. Greatest Love Songs 

There’s no way you could go wrong with this playlist. It is packed with the best love songs of all time. You can share this playlist with your partner to set a romantic mood. 

30. Instrumental Love Songs

Enjoying this playlist can spice up moments with your significant other or your loved ones. 

31. Country Heat

Country music will always light a fire in your bosom as you nod to every beat. You’ll fall in love with this Country heat playlist because it houses the best country music hits. 

32. Yoga Flow 

If you need to be in tune with your Yoga session, music is a fantastic way to make that happen. The Yoga flow playlist keeps you relaxed so that you can meditate properly. 

33. All-time Greatest Hits

This playlist brings you the all-time greatest hits of a rock and pop king, Neil Diamond. These songs keep your mind and body stimulated and excited as you enjoy the tunes. 

34. Party Hits

Whether you’re having a small or big celebration, this playlist will have everyone pumped up as every song plays. 

35. Best of EDM Trap

This playlist combines electronic dance music from the past and presents you with an exhilarating choice of songs.

If you love trap music and you’re one always to move a foot or an arm in excitement, you’ll love this playlist.

36. Christain Hits

You don’t have to go on a wild goose chase for current Christian hits as long you have this playlist. This playlist brings all the current and past Christain hits to you for your pleasure. 

37. Fresh Christain

This playlist has carefully handpicked fresh Christain songs to keep you excited about your faith. The artists and the vocals on this playlist are exceptional and beautiful to bask in. 

38. Divine Sound

When you’re feeling grateful, hopeful, and energized, you’ll need songs to match your mood. This playlist is your best bet to keep your faith alive as a Christian. 

39. Relaxing Smooth Jazz

Smooth jazz music speaks to your soul, and this playlist does that continuously with each song that plays. With this playlist, you can keep your soul uplifted and your body calm.

40. Best of 2021: Afrobeats

Whenever you feel like dancing, Afrobeats will have you bringing your best moves out to play. But, of course, there’s no way you’ll stay in your seat as the songs in this playlist keep playing. 

41. Amapiano Now

Since many people have enjoyed the Amapiano sounds on Tiktok, this is a great dance playlist. This playlist will have you dancing to your heart’s content. 

42. Highly Favored

All the songs by remarkable southern gospel artists are brought together under this playlist to help you keep your faith alive. 

43. Positive Pop

You can always count on this playlist if you need a sprinkle of positivity to get you past anything. 

44. Virtual Hug

This playlist is what you need to pick you up when you’re having an uneventful day. It has songs that make you feel like you’re not alone and you’re being hugged virtually.

45. Martin Luther King Jr.

Sometimes you need some inspiration to get you going. This playlist has songs inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. that can give you the much-needed boost to keep going.

46. All-American Vibes

Whenever you’re feeling patriotic as an American, this playlist will keep you excited as you bask in that feeling. 

47. Classical for Meditation 

This playlist is perfect for anyone trying to catch a break and breathe. As you meditate, these songs curated by experts will keep you focused and relaxed.

What Playlist Should I Ask Alexa to Play? 

The playlists you’re likely to ask Alexa to play largely depend on the mood you’re in at the moment. Luckily, the best playlists on Alexa can cater to every mood you find yourself in.

So all you need to do is choose the best playlist that matches your mood. Some playlists help you escape a certain mood and get into a better one.

Some playlists allow you to enjoy the good mood you want to maintain.

Below are the perfect playlists you can ask Alexa to play for every mood:

#1. Best Alexa Playlists for Working Out 

We all know that playing the right songs is one of the best ways to stay motivated while working out.

Alexa can help spice up your workout sessions by providing the best playlists to keep you in the mood.

According to the International Journal of Physiology, Pathophysiology, and Pharmacology, music increases performance by slowing fatigue or improving work endurance.

The best playlists Alexa can offer for workouts include; “cheer  workout, Yoga flow, 2000s hard rock workout, workout pulse, and 90s pop workout.

These playlists are sure to get you pumped up, refreshed, motivated and excited to pull through any workout routine.

#2. Best Alexa Playlists for Reading 

Some people enjoy reading with music as a companion, while others may find it distracting; it is relaxing and stimulating.

With Alexa, you can find the perfect playlists to help you read while you stay relaxed and focused.

The best playlists on Alexa for reading include; “classical for reading, solo classical piano, nature focus, and scores to study to.”

Based on the ratings by Amazon music users, the above playlists are pacifying and provide a motivating reading environment.

#3. Best Alexa Playlists for Inspiration 

On some days, you might need an extra nudge to help you focus on your daily tasks. Other days, you’re stuck on a task and need some inspiration to get past the creative block you’re experiencing.

Luckily, some playlists can help you stay focused on those tasks. There are Alexa playlists curated specially to inspire you and keep you going.

The best Alexa playlists for inspiration include; “mellow 80s gold, all-time greatest hits, Martin Luther King Jr., and happy classic rock.”

#4. Best Alexa Playlists for Date Night 

Spending time with your significant other can be as juicy as you please when you set the right mood with music.

Of course, pouring yourselves a drink is a great mood starter. However, the right date night playlists will keep that mood on for the rest of the night.

The best Alexa playlists for the perfect date night include; “’90s R&B for date night, soft rock love songs, and instrumental love songs.”

R&B songs never fail to put you and your significant other in a lovestruck mode as you enjoy your night. 

#5. Best Alexa Playlists for Sad Moods

We all know that it’s therapeutic to feel your emotions to be able to get past them. So, when you’re in a sad mood and need the right songs to allow you to feel them, Alexa’s got you.

The best Alexa playlists for sad moods include; “I’m sad, divine sound, a virtual hug, and country heat.”

Prepare to shed a tear or more while listening to these playlists, but it’s definitely what you need when feeling down.

How Do You Get Alexa to Play Good Music?

We all want to enjoy good music, but not everyone knows how to get a hold of the best option. Also, not everyone knows which Alexa playlists have the genres they prefer.

With Alexa, the best way to get good music blasting through your speakers is to know the best playlists and your preferred genre.

It isn’t easy to navigate through Amazon music to find the perfect playlists that suit your taste. 

However, Amazon music listeners’ votes prove that these are the best playlists (with their genres) you can play on your Alexa device:

Alexa PlaylistMusic Genre
Country heatCountry
Sounds of summer 2022Rock, pop, hip hop, electronic, soul, dance, pop rock, e.t.c
Happy classic rock Classical and rock
Mellow ‘80s goldSoul, disco, college rock, and romantic
Pop remixes Hip hop and pop
Instrumental love songs Instrumental
Soft rock love songs Classic rock
Christain hits Religious 
I’m sad Pop, R & B, and soul
Party hitsHip hop, pop, dance, and alternative 
Relaxing smooth jazzBlues, ragtime, folk, and spiritual
Viral hits Hip pop, dance, alternative, rock, R & B, pop, electronic, e.t.c
Positive popPop
Best of EDM trapElectronic, dance, and trap
Feel good alternativeSoul, pop, alternative, electronic, hip hop, disco e.t.c

What are Some Alexa Music Stations?

Alexa is home to several music stations you can rely on for the best music at any time of the day.

Alexa can play any music station that you love. You have to give the right command, and Alexa will find an internet version of the station.

Some music stations available on Alexa include; the wiz, the roots FM, radio paradise, deep house, and classic mix radio.

All of these music stations provide you with amazing songs from various music genres.

Music stations are an alternative to playlists, you never know what song comes next, but you will certainly enjoy good music. 

Below is a list of some of the best music stations that Alexa offers in case you need recommendations; 

  • Hard rock hell radio
  • My tuner radio
  • Deep house 
  • Radio paradise 
  • Classic mix radio
  • Radio fun time
  • Radio anchor 
  • Radio D-day
  • The wiz
  • Gimme metal
  • Hit music 90s
  • D Park radio
  • Sounds of broadway 
  • Simple radio

What Music is Free on Alexa?

If you’re not subscribed to any music service that allows you to enjoy all the benefits, Alexa’s got you.

With Alexa, you can listen to music for free on Amazon Music, Spotify, and music stations.

Below are the ways to get access to free music on Alexa; 

#1. Free Music on Alexa by Amazon Music 

You can easily access Amazon music’s free music service on Alexa by simply creating an account.

This is because Amazon Music is the default music player for Alexa devices. You can listen to 2 million songs for free on Amazon music using Alexa, but you are limited to playlists. 

You cannot listen to specific songs using Amazon’s free music service; you must choose a playlist. 

#2. Free Music on Alexa by Spotify 

You can also enjoy free music on Alexa using Spotify. All you need to do is to link your Spotify to your Amazon account on the Alexa app.

If you have previously created any playlists on Spotify, you can ask Alexa to play them. You can enjoy other Spotify playlists anytime by giving Alexa the right commands.

The Discover Weekly playlist will also be available to you; this allows you to enjoy music based on your preferred genres.

However, just like Amazon music, you cannot request specific songs; you can only listen to playlists. 

#3. Free Music on Alexa by Music Stations

You can listen to free music on Alexa by tuning into different music stations. As long as the music station has an internet version, Alexa will play it for you.

You do not always need an account to enjoy music from music stations on Alexa. As long as you know the name of the music station, all you have to do is give Alexa a command.

Since you do not need subscriptions for music stations, you can enjoy unlimited music for as long as possible. 

Can Alexa Make a Playlist of Songs?

Yes, Alexa can make a playlist of songs for you whenever you like. All you need to do is give Alexa the right commands, and you’ll have a playlist curated just for you. 

Below are the steps to follow to create a playlist using Alexa: 

  • Give Alexa a command to create a playlist. For example, “Alexa, create a ‘Good Mood’ playlist.”
  • Next, give Alexa commands to add songs to this new playlist. For example, “Alexa, add Happy by Pharrell Williams to my Good Mood playlist.”
  • You can also add a song to the playlist while listening to any song on Amazon Music. For example, “Alexa, add this song to my Good Mood playlist.”


Alexa can play amazing music, but you must give the right commands once you know the best playlists and music stations that suit your favorite genres.

Ask Alexa to play you a playlist or music station by saying, “Alexa, play me mellow ’90s gold.” The best Alexa playlists have also been provided above.

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