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Let’s assume you want to fix your old kitchen or work on your deck, and you can’t think of the best place to purchase your 2×4 studs.

As there are a lot of stores to get them, you may as well not want to make a selection that would be bad for your work. 

This article will guide you and show you the most excellent and cheapest places to go to when you want to get your desired stud.

Although some people choose local lumber yards for their studs or what is called sticks, Lowes is one of the best to-go places for your 2×4 studs. Moreover, you can not disregard their quality customer service and others.

Cheapest Place to Buy 2×4 Studs

Best Place to Buy 2x4 Studs

Do It Yourself (DIY) season involves:

  • Sorting out the carport.
  • Take care of your abandoned kitchen.
  • Assembling a deck.
  • Painting that stained room.

You often go through this cause of searching for a perfect stud or stick when you have decided to do the work yourself.

Of course, a professional knows how best and where best to make his purchase, but that is not the case with you.

However, anything that the task you intend to fix might be, the expectation is you will look at the contributions of a home improvement giant like Home Depot or Lowe’s to make the most out of your work.

Cheapism examined some stores that deal with actual lumber yards and other home improvement stuff to see which gives the better costs and worth for your restricted remodel dollars.

It was close, particularly on the subject of which is less expensive, Lowe’s or Home Depot. 

Be that as it may, the client’s care and the general shopping experience are essential factors.

Therefore, Lowe’s is the best spot to search for your home improvement projects. In addition, customer service plays a significant role in a store’s sales.

It is funny how most people buy from a place not because they got the best standard for their product but because they were treated with reverence.

So even though you pretend not to care, you care about it deep down. And would readily visit that store again so that you hear the welcoming or goodbye pleasantries coming from the customer’s representatives.

At Lowes, the cost of a 2×4 stud is considered affordable compared to some other stores, not to mention their friendly gestures and manners. 

#1. Lowes’ And Home Depot’s 2×4 Stud Prices

Products Lowes’ PriceHome Depot’s Price
2″ x 4″ 8′ #2 Pressure-Treated Lumber$5.31$5.47

How Much Is A 2×4 Stud At Lowes?

At Lowes, the cost of a 2×4 stud is $5.31. At the same time, its everyday price is $5.60.

However, Lowes is one of the best places to think of patronizing. You may wonder why, and I will tell you the reason. 

Considering the role and efficacy of customer service, Lowes represents an archetype of top-rated services.

So naturally, you would wish to return to a shop you visited and receive optimum services in gestures, communication, and so on. 

That is the case with Lowes. Their customer representative portrays friendliness at its peak.

Wouldn’t you choose to visit a store with good customer treatment and a low price? Well, I know what your answer would be. But, it is the same for everybody.

How Much Is A 2×4 Stud At Home Depot?

Home Depot is a few good places to access local lumber yards. However, their 2×4 stud costs $5.47.

And if you are a reasonable observer, you’ll notice that it’s much more than the amount sold at Lowes.

Though, some 2×4 studs are usually 8 feet long. And 92 ⅝” long permits accountability for the density of the boards that run along the top and bottom of the wall.

Still, this size variation doesn’t affect the cost of 2×4 studs at some stores. Again, you can take Lowes as an example.

Extensively, two-by-two lumber at home is made from either Pine, Spruce, or Fir trees, depending on which type of wood the supplier has.

However, you may choose to make your choice after going through this article. So keep reading for more light.

How Much Does a 2×4 Stud Cost?

Following the everyday low price of a 2×4 stud, it goes for $5.60. Meanwhile, you can get your stick from Lowes at a more affordable rate, $5.31 precisely.

Rarely, any short months prior, were rising at about $1,500 per 1,000 square feet. 

The numbers have undoubtedly dropped, with a 1,000 square foot of timber coming in at $500, as per the most recent numbers from NASDAQ. 

An expansion in supply and timber yards gradually getting back to typical tasks will probably have caused a decrease in cost.

While the cost is not at its pre-pandemic level, the change is as yet huge and offers mortgage holders a chance to do redesigning or home improvement projects before fall.

“Without precedent for months, we see a 30 to half cost decrease for a wide range of wood, including designed (e.g., situated strand board or CDX pressed wood) and layered (for example, 2×4, 2×6, and so forth) blunder.

According to Michael DiMartino, senior VP of establishments at outside rebuilding organization Power Home Remodeling, “the material has been popular, with 1/2” pressed wood and 1/2″ situated strand board (OSB) unavailable at home improvement stores due to the recently discounted costs.”

While the costs have descended, it isn’t easy to express out loud whatever will occur before long — particularly with COVID-19 cases rising again.

So peruse to figure out how to exploit low timber costs while they last.

How Many 2×4 Studs Are In a Bundle?

There are around 294 2x4s in a pack. You will find this in light of a pack size of 1,568-footboard measures.

One 2x4x8 is equivalent to 5.33-footboard measures. Footboard measure is determined by increasing the thickness (inch thick), width, and length of a board before separating it by 12.

Pack size is adapted to the pre-cut studs or board length, so you’ll get a similar number of 2x4s in a 2x4x8 group as in a 2x4x9 pack. 

Footboard measure is essentially a computation of the number of sheets of a specific size to construct a 12-by-12-inch square block (fabricate a board one-foot square), so the standard length takes on a more massive job in working out pack than width and thickness. 

More so, about a complete unit 294, including 2×4 studs in a group. This depends on a heap of the wood size of 1,568-footboard measures.

One 2x4x8 is equivalent to 5.33-footboard measures. Therefore, a complete unit including 294 studs in an all-out unit count will be found.

Other than this, you’ll track down the various amounts here:

  • 2×12’s come in units of 84
  • 4×4’s come in units of 60.


With Lowes, you could always get an excellent quality 2×4 stud. However, Lowes is rated highly for its low prices, customers’ reviews, and many others.

In a nutshell, you can get your best stud at Lowes or a local lumber yard.

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