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In this present age, some gadgets are highly essential. One of such gadgets is the refrigerator. Gone are when owning a refrigerator was considered a luxury rather than a necessity.

But, with the surge in the number of processed foods and beverages came an increased need for adequate refrigeration. 

Now, the choice of the most suitable refrigerator for a family is mainly dependent on the size of the family.

Therefore, factors such as the capacity of cubic feet and the total cubic capacity are crucial for making good family hub refrigerators.

The best refrigerator for a family is the one that adequately meets the refrigerating needs of the family. The basis for choosing the most appropriate refrigerator for a family includes the size of the family concerned, the size of the space dedicated to the fridge, the estimated storage space required by the family, and the brand/product’s reliability.

Best Size Refrigerator For a Family of Two?

Unless the family is that of a newly wedded couple, the individual refrigeration needs of the individuals can be summed up and taken as a base value for procuring an adequately sized refrigerator. 

A refrigerator with a total cubic capacity of 4 to 13 cubic feet is best for a family of fewer than two persons.

However, if the couple or two persons cook very well and need to refrigerate their food, they might need up to 18 cubic feet of refrigerator space for adequate storage.

However, for a newly wedded couple who plan to have children, the total cubic capacity of the refrigerator to be purchased can be slightly higher than that recommended here.

In addition, of course, children will arrive in a few years, and they will also need refrigerated materials.

Best Refrigerator for a Family of Four?

There are many options to select when deciding which type of refrigerator to purchase.

Such choices include French door freezers, bottom freezers, top freezers, and side-by-side refrigerators.

However, from various evaluations of the satisfaction each of these types enjoyed. French door and side-by-side refrigerators are ideal for refrigerators within small family sizes.

Because they typically start around the mid-size capacity range. Hence, they tend to conveniently handle all refrigeration needs of most families of this size. 

The Smart; Wi-Fi enabled Counter Depth, French door refrigerator LG 22.5 Cu. Ft. (LRMVC2306D and LRMVC2306S) is the most ideal.

It has glowing testimonies of excellent performance going over and beyond expectations.

Best Refrigerator For a Family of Five?

The Samsung Inverter Frost-free side-by-side refrigerator with a 700L capacity is suitable for this family size.

Since each family member would exhibit variations in their diet, provisions to adequately accommodate the refrigeration needs of every family member is essential.

The inverter technology adjusts the compressor function within seven operating levels. 

The shift in the functional level of the condenser is based on the amount of stuff to be refrigerated.

Hence, you have an intelligent refrigerator that would save you some amounts on gas and electricity fees! 

Other ones you could consider are: 

  • The LG frost free double door refrigerator (420 L capacity)
  • The Haier Inverter frost-free side-by-side refrigerator (565 L capacity)
  • LG frost-free side-by-side refrigerator (679 L capacity)

Best Size Refrigerator For a Family of Six?

As the family size increases, so also would the demands increase. Therefore, for a family of 6, it is advisable to get the most extensive and roomiest refrigerator you can purchase within your budget.

It will ensure you get the most value for money, as every family member would have reasonable access to store food and other consumables conveniently. 

A family of this size should get a refrigerator or top freezer not less than 32 cubic feet in total cubic capacity. 

Best Size Refrigerator For a Family of Eight?

As a rule of thumb, families of this size should get refrigerators with a total cubic capacity of not less than 32 cubic ft.

On a baseline level, about 4 to 6 cubic feet of storage space is for each adult in a family. 

To adequately take care of all the family member’s needs, put your best into getting the most spacious, durable, reliable, and trusted refrigerator brand.

These factors must be vital distinctive features of the refrigerator you eventually purchase. 

It all boils down to the fact that the workload on your refrigerator would be quite much.

Hence you need to budget adequately to purchase the correct size refrigerator with adequate reliability and durability.

Best Refrigerator For a Family of Ten?

The bigger the storage space in the refrigerator you purchase, the better and easier it is for you to adequately store and preserve your food materials, beverages, and other consumables you would love to keep fresh.

Endeavor to purchase a family hub refrigerator with a total cubic capacity not less than 32 cubic feet for this family size.

How do I Choose the Right Size Refrigerator?

As we earlier pointed out, the size of your refrigerator plays a crucial role in the absolute sense of satisfaction you derive from using the product.

More often than not, a high sense of pride comes from being able to cater to all the family member’s refrigeration needs all at once!

 Hence, pay attention to getting a refrigerator of adequate size. Various factors are crucial when choosing the fridge. Chief of all the elements is the size of the refrigerator to be bought.

The size depends to a large extent on: 

  • The space in your home reserved for a refrigerator
  • Your family size
  • Amount of material to be stored

In short, choosing the right size of the refrigerator is highly dependent on your understanding of the refrigerating needs peculiar to you and your family. 

Now, you must get it right at this stage of procuring a refrigerator. Undoubtedly, purchasing an oversized refrigerator, not a top freezer, would be a burden economically and a waste of space.

Since you know about the best refrigerator sizes for each family size, you must know how to calculate the total cubic capacity in cubic feet.

To estimate the full cubic capacity of the refrigerator on display, check the user manual specifications or ask for the fridge’s length, height, and width or freezer from the salesperson or technician attending to you.

Multiply the values provided, then divide by 1728. That would give you the total cubic capacity of the refrigerator in cubic feet.

Once you have gotten the figure in cubic feet, compare the value you have contracted with the recommended total cubic capacity for your family size.

Again, ensure you follow the guide adequately.

Furthermore, you will find a list of the best top freezers and refrigerators with their average sizes.

This step could go a long way in easing your final decision to buy which size or type of refrigerator.

#1. Top freezers and refrigerators

Freezers and refrigerators in this category include what we know conventional refrigerators and freezers to be.

They usually sport a refrigeration section occupying about two-thirds of the cubic capacity, while the remaining one-third is to the freezer compartment.

They are usually more compact and have wide shelves than other freezers and refrigerators you can find around.

Their dimensions are usually around: Width: 28 ¾– 32 ¾ / Height: 61 ¾– 66 ¼

#2. Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

These are usually energy-efficient and highly economical to use. The design is a flip version of the top freezer refrigerator.

They have the freezer compartment on the downward part while the refrigeration compartment is at the top of the appliance.

This design will be perfect for you if you prefer the refrigeration compartment to be at eye level.

The freezer compartment works much more efficiently and economically than any other freezer-refrigerator combination.

The average dimensions are: Width: 29 ½– 32 ¾/ Height: 67– 70

#3. The Side-by-side Refrigerators

The refrigerator and the freezer compartment are independent and equal in size. They usually have smaller boxes at the top for mini-storage in both boxes.

Generally, they are much more expansive and roomy than both the top and bottom-freezer models.

Their average dimensions are 32 ¾– 39 ¾/ Height: 65 7/8– 71 ¼

#4. The French door refrigerators

 These usually have a combination of designs from all the refrigerator types listed above. They could sport a wide bottom freezer with the main compartment on top and side-by-side doors.

Although they are usually narrower than the side-by-side refrigerators, they have wider shelves.

Their average dimensions are as follows: Width: 29 ½– 36/ Height: 68 ½– 70 ⅛.

Now, concerning the depth, there are two major types of freezers and refrigerators to be considered.

#1. Counter-depth refrigerators

These fit seamlessly with your kitchen countertop and flush easily.

#2. Standard depth

These go beyond the kitchen countertop and do not flush with the countertop. It has a less appealing and less streamlined look with the kitchen countertop.

Therefore, purchasing either a counter depth or standard depth refrigerator would be based on aesthetics versus the need for storage space.

Take note of the following steps while deciding on the size of refrigerator you would purchase.

#1. Width space measurement

Depending on where you plan to place your refrigerator, diligently measure the width you can spare from countertop to countertop and wall.

Ensure you make an allowance of a 2-inch to 2 ½-inch space if you leave the refrigerator near a border.

This move will provide enough room to swing open and close the refrigerator door freely.

#2. Measure the height of the dedicated space

If there are cabinets fixed on top of the reserved area, measure the available distance and keep it in a note while you shop for your refrigerator.

#3. Depth of countertop measurement

To ensure adequate space between your kitchen countertops, measure the dimensions available and provide a minimum of a ½ inch space around the refrigerator. This action would allow the free flow of air around the fridge.

#4. Measure your doors

Ensure you know the dimensions of all doors the refrigerator would pass through into your house.

The last thing you want to do is get a great refrigerator that cannot fit in your doorway, and this is a critical consideration you should note. 


The very best refrigerator for a family uniquely fits the requirements and satisfies the peculiar needs of that family.

In addition, the product you eventually purchase should be reliable, durable, and have a good track record of satisfactory performance. This way, you would get high value for money!

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