Bosch Dishwasher H01 Error? (Things You Must Know)

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You may get confused the moment your dishwasher displays h01. You’re wondering if it was an error or probably something has gone wrong with your appliance.

As long as the brand is a Bosch dishwasher, this should be the least of your problems. 

Your Bosch dishwasher displays h01 because the appliance has automatically reset to start-mode. However, you can reset your Bosch dishwasher by pressing the reset button or turning off your device and switching it on again. So when you see h01, it means that you’ll wait for an hour for your dishwasher to become available for use.

What Does H01 Mean On Your Bosch Dishwasher?

Bosch dishwashers are unique. The h01 code on your dishwasher’s screen shouldn’t cause an alarm.

Sometimes, it can be h01, h02, h03, and the longest is h24; however, the delay range is within 24 hours. Hence, whenever you see code h01, your appliance will be ready after an hour.

However, this delay mode can be helpful if you have a handful of other things to do.

For example, there could be a basic trap to decide how long the dishwasher will hold up when it starts the cycle.

In case you notice error code h01, the cycle will start in one hour. If it is h02, the process starts in 2 hours. 

As a typical show run, Bosch dishwashers permit deferred begins of up to 24 hours.

So to delay the beginning of the cleaning cycle, you’ll delay it by up to 24 hours in hourly increases.

First, put the gadget in standby mode by closing the entryway and switching on the ON/OFF switch. 

If you ever want to delay the beginning of a program, you ought to discover your dishwasher’s On and Off button, and after that, press and hold it until the display flashes

What Are Error Codes On Your Bosch Dishwasher?

The error codes on your Bosch dishwasher display whenever there’s an issue with the technical and electrical parts of the machine.

That said, some codes need minor adjustments while others require the intervention of an expert. The code often begins with the letter E followed by two digits. 

However, this may be difficult to understand, but rectifying the error codes will be easier if you’re ready to follow the techniques.

Revisit your owner’s manual and research to get helpful information through the internet.

Some of the Bosch dishwasher error codes your machine is likely to display are E-15, E-16, E-17, E-22, E-23, E-25, and E-27.

How Do You Clear The Error Codes On A Dishwasher?

For your Bosch dishwasher to display error codes, it means that the built-in diagnostic system in your machine is working perfectly.

The diagnostics system will notify your dishwasher when an error happens. 

Nonetheless, an error code is a fault. For every code, there is a particular meaning. In addition, when an error code displays on the screen, it will inform you about the part affected.

This system makes it easier to decide if the parts will be rectified and fixed or replaced with a new component of the Bosch dishwasher.

Here is the meaning of a few error codes and how to clear them:

#1. E-15 Error Code

Error code E-15 will display when the dishwasher is leaking. If you check the base of your machine, you may find water.

Bring out your owner’s manual to search for where the water inlet valve is. Check it and turn it off. It’s the part of the machine that supplies hot water for the dishwasher.

Examine the inlet hose, too, as it may have busted. 

#2. E-16 And E-17 Error Codes

These error codes will display whenever there’s no water in the dishwasher. This is because there’s an issue with the water system. 

Since the water inlet valve is responsible for the passage of water, you may need to examine it.

#3. E-22 Error Code

Your appliance will display error code E-22 when the dishwasher filter is clogged. The filter is the machine part where all food components get trapped.

This part of your Bosch dishwasher should be through for the passage of water; else, an error will occur. You’ll find it at the base of your machine.

You may review your owner’s manual to get more clues.

Wash the filter under the water cycle with a soft brush and soap. Ensure it’s free of debris 

#4. E-23 Error Code

E-23 is the bosch error code, which sends a message when it detects that the dishwasher drain pump is blocked. It works with the aid of an impeller to push water into the drain hose.

With the aid of a multimeter, try to fix the motor of the dishwasher’s drain pump.

Scan through your owner’s manual for more information or watch instructional videos.

#5. E-24 Error Code

E-24 will display when the dishwasher isn’t draining. The inlet hose is filled with water.

Assess the inlet hose to confirm its condition. Check the pump cover as it may be slack already.

The pump cover of your bosch dishwasher is beneath the filter. You may also unplug your bosch dishwasher’s drain hose from its disposal point.

#6. E-25 Error Code

Your dishwasher will display E-25 when it observes that your machine’s drain pump cover is absent. Probably, it’s misplaced or loosened.

Find the position of the drain pump to confirm its presence. Also, revisit your owner’s manual to study how to remove the inlet hose and wash it.

Afterward, take the cap of the pump and clear the debris carefully. 

#7. E-27 Error Code

The voltage shortage in the electrical system will make this error code appear when the voltage is under 170v. Where there’s inadequate voltage in the electrical system, E-27 will display.

The voltage shouldn’t be lower than 170v.

This bosch error code isn’t a physical fault. Instead, try to contact a technician or reach out to Bosch customer support. 

How Do You Reset Error Code On Your Bosch Dishwasher?

Having a Bosch dishwasher is a milestone that is worth accolades. But when it starts malfunctioning and displaying error codes, the issues surrounding it can be frustrating.

With this, resetting your dishwasher will help a great deal. So, here are a few steps to reset error codes on your Bosch dishwasher.

  • Ensure the door of your dishwasher is not latched to access more buttons. You should do this with caution to prevent spilling. 
  • You need to hold down the button for a few seconds until the light disappears.
  • The next step is to drain the dishwasher.
  • Immediately the wash cycle has halted, press the start button for the rinse cycle.
  • Lastly, the standard way to reset the Bosch dishwasher is by holding the start switch for 3 seconds. 
  • You may reset the dishwasher manually by disconnecting them from a power source. Afterward, wait for 3 minutes before reconnecting. 

What Does The Red Light On Your Bosch Dishwasher Mean?

The red or info light is not always a bad sign. When a cycle is complete, it turns off. But the steady light means it’s working.

Bosch dishwashers have a unique feature, which is low noise. The light is to ascertain your machine is running.

However, if your dishwasher door is not latched, the red light will be flashing. Therefore, you will need to reset or replace the door.


Owning a Bosch dishwasher is stress-free, especially when the brand is Bosch’s. However, it can be overwhelming when these Bosch dishwasher error codes start displaying.

But then, knowing all the error codes’ meaning is good. It makes it easier to go straight to where the fault is and rectify it. For some codes, you need to reset the Bosch dishwasher.

And contact a technician for others. Of course, your owner’s manual can always be of help.

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