Bosch Fridge Ice Maker And Water Dispenser Locked?

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For owners of Bosch refrigerators, it is one of the essential appliances in their homes.

This device makes life quite easier and allows you to enjoy an unlimited supply of chilled drinking water and ice for your day-to-day activities.

However, what happens when your Bosch refrigerator’s ice maker and water dispenser become locked?

Why does this happen, and how do you unlock these essential components of your fridge?

Your Bosch refrigerator’s ice maker and water dispenser get locked because you might have inadvertently pressed the lock button. On the other hand, issues such as a damaged door switch or a faulty dispenser switch can also cause these features on your fridge to lock.

Why Is My Bosch Fridge Water Dispenser Locked?

Your Bosch refrigerator water dispenser gets locked for several reasons. The foremost reason your Bosch refrigerator experiences this phenomenon is the unintentional punching of the lock button.

However, there are many other reasons why your machine’s water dispenser locks.

#1. Damaged Dispenser Control Board

The control board of your fridge’s water dispenser controls most of its components. So, a fault in this board cripples several crucial functions of your refrigerator’s water dispenser.

However, the manufacturers of these refrigerators admonish that you test other possibilities before coming to this because the control board of your fridge’s water dispenser does not quickly fail.

#2. Faulty Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve sends water to the dispenser when you press the switch.

However, if this valve is damaged and fails to send water to the dispenser at 20 PSI pressure, there’s a chance that it’s caused your water dispenser’s failure.

To confirm the problem, run a continuity test on the inlet valve using a multimeter.

#3. Faulty Door Switch

From the in-built design, once you open the door of your refrigerator, the water dispenser goes off.

So, if your water dispenser sometimes locks for no definite reason, the fridge’s door switch might be faulty. 

For instance, if the faulty door switch indicates that the door is open, the dispenser will perpetually be on lock mode even when you’ve closed it.

So, this is one factor you should take a hard look at when your Bosch refrigerator water dispenser abruptly stops. 

#4. Faulty Dispenser Switch

The switch of your Bosch refrigerator’s water dispenser allows for electricity transmission to the dispenser.

Bosch refrigerators Carey multiple dispenser switches; however, one defective switch prevents the dispenser from working.

To know if the dispenser switch of your fridge is faulty, test for continuity using a multimeter. 

#5. Clogged Water Filter

The water filter is another component to test for defects when the water dispenser of your Bosch refrigerator gets locked.

Just like the name spells out, your fridge’s water filter works to remove certain impurities from your water and improve its quality for your consumption. 

Failure to replace your fridge’s water filter for long will allow dirt to clog it. This situation blocks the water dispenser and prevents it from working correctly.

Why Is My Bosch Fridge Ice Maker Locked?

Your Bosch refrigerator’s ice maker locks for several reasons: for some, you could always fix them yourself while you would need professional help for others.

So, here are a few common reasons why your Bosch fridge’s ice maker locks.

#1. Improper Installation Of The Ice Storage Unit

When the ice storage unit of your Bosch refrigerator isn’t correctly put in place, the entire ice maker locks and refuses to work.

This may seem like a minor issue, but the machine does not detect where to place the ice after production.

So instead, it refuses to make the ice afterward. 

#2. Faulty Ice Maker Module

A faulty icemaker module is another possible reason your Bosch fridge’s ice maker locks.

This component plays a crucial role in ice production; so, a glitch in its functionality indicates that the possibility of ice production has hit zero.

#3. Frozen Water Supply Line

If the water supply line of your fridge’s ice maker becomes frozen, there will be a halt in the water supply to the machine.

Therefore, the ice maker would have to lock because there would not be any available ice to dispense.

Unfortunately, this is quite a common problem with ice makers in most refrigerators.

How Do I Unlock The Ice Maker On My Bosch Fridge?

To unlock your Bosch refrigerator’s ice maker, you should first have a grab of the cause of its inability to dispense ice.

Then, if you’ve unknowingly clicked the lock button, test the unlock button to turn it back on quickly.

However, if other issues cause this phenomenon, these ways should help.

#1. Ensure To Unfreeze The Water Supply Pipe

If the pipe that supplies water to the Icemaker tray freezes, several ice dispenser features will lose their functionality. Well, you can unfreeze the water supply pipe by heating it using a hairdryer. 

On the other hand, note that low water pressure and a damaged water inlet valve can also support the freezing of your ice dispenser’s water supply pipe. 

#2. Inspect The Water Inlet Valve For Blockages

If the water inlet of your Bosch refrigerator is blocked, there would be no available water for your fridge’s ice maker.

Consequently, the machine would not be able to produce ice. So, always inspect these valves to ensure these situations come up.

#3. Check The Temperature Of Your Freezer

For the ice maker of your Bosch refrigerator to work optimally, its temperature should fall between 0° Fahrenheit and 5° Fahrenheit.

So, when the machine fails to attain these temperatures, the icemaker does not function and becomes locked.

#4. Study The Ice Storage Unit

An incorrect installation of your Bosch fridge’s ice storage unit prevents the ice maker from functioning.

So, for you to unlock your fridge’s ice maker, ensure to check this unit and confirm its correct placement. 

#5. Put On The Ice Maker

In a few cases, the ice maker of your Bosch refrigerator may have gone off without your knowledge. This occurrence gets many people worried, at least before they realize it.

Unfortunately, this is quite common on refrigerators with front-door control panels.

Additionally, there are On and Off switches inside the fridges to assist you when this problem persists.

#6. Put Your Fridge Off And Put It Back On

Sometimes, all you need to do is put your fridge off and put it back on. Also, you can set the ice maker off and on using the controls in the refrigerator’s interior.

Waiting for about five minutes before putting your fridge back on is also a great idea.

How To Unlock Bosch Fridge Water Dispenser?

Apart from clicking on the unlock button to unlock your fridge after an inadvertent lockup of the device, there are many other ways to consider when your device’s water dispenser locks. 

#1. Test The Total Water Pressure 

Does your home have a low water pressure? That could be the reason why the water dispenser of your Bosch refrigerator does not dispense water.

Keep in mind that for optimum water dispensing, your water inlet valve requires a pressure of 20 PSI to 120 PSI.

To deal with this issue, shut down the water supply, cut off supply from the inlet valve and suspend the line in a bucket.

Then, turn the water supply back on and observe how the water comes out.

If the water flow isn’t as strong as it should be, there may be an issue with the supply valves; so trace the problems and resolve them.

#2. Inspect The Water Filters

If the water filters on the dispenser of your Bosch refrigerator become clogged, little or no water may come out of the dispenser.

To prevent this occurrence, always change the water filters after six months. Also, test the dispenser for great flow after replacing the filters. 

#3. Ensure That There Isn’t Any Air in The Pipe

This is quite a common problem if you’ve got a new Bosch refrigerator.

A recent installation of a Bosch fridge allows air to build up in the waterline, which prevents the free flow of water to the dispenser.

Drop the water dispenser lever downward for about three minutes to fix this problem.

The water reservoir should fill up completely when you do this; however, if it does not, double-check the water-supply pipe connection.

Also, ensure that the pressure in the system aligns with the needs of your Bosch refrigerator. These requirements are on the user manual of your fridge.


It can get quite frustrating when your Bosch refrigerator’s ice maker or water dispenser locks.

However, carefully troubleshooting your machines to get to the root of the problem should be a priority. Consequently, unlocking these components becomes easier when understanding the cause.

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