Does Bounty Make Toilet Paper? (Official Answer)

Bounty is a big manufacturing brand that makes a lot of things. It’s a company that prioritizes quality all the time.

You may want just the bounty products in your home because of their amazing quality. Getting a brand that offers you the quality you desire is extremely satisfying.

You’d want everything from that brand because you trust the brand. Seeing how good Bounty is with their products, it’s not surprising you want to know if they make toilet paper.

Bounty is a household name for paper towels. Unfortunately, Bounty does not make toilet paper. Rather, it makes paper towels. The bounty paper towels and toilet paper are products of the same company, Procter and Gamble. Although from different subunits. So Bounty doesn’t come as toilet paper, but you can find it as a toilet towel.

Does Bounty Produce Toilet Paper?

Does Bounty Make Toilet Paper

Bounty is not involved in the production of toilet paper. Bounty makes paper towels, which are very popular for their strength and absorbency.

You can’t find toilet paper from the Bounty brand unless you want paper towels. Bounty makes one of the best paper towels around.

So just in case you want paper towels, that’s the brand to go to considerably. They’re a lot of brands that make toilet paper, and a bounty is not on the list. 

If you’re looking for a brand that makes toilet paper, a good suggestion will be Charmin.

Bounty and Charmin are both brands of the same company. Though their products are different, the quality is the same, amazing.

Charmin has the largest market in the toilet paper industry because of its amazing quality.

If you like Bounty so much, you’d feel the same for Charmin once you begin to use its products. These are brands that always prioritize quality. 

Charmin’s toilet paper is quite affordable and so popular that you can find it in any store around your home.

So access to it is not a problem for sure. With its 100% absorbency and strength, you’d make it your regular toilet paper after its first use. 

If Charmin is not the brand you may want, many other brands offer great quality too. So if you decide to go for something else, here are a few brand recommendations.

  • Quilted Northern 
  • Silk’n soft
  • Cottonelle Ultra
  • Angel Soft
  • Scott

You may want to try something different from Charmin. These are great brands too. So the list may be helpful.

However, the list does not contain all the brands in the United States. So you may also choose other options outside the list if it works for you.

Bounty is a brand that is exclusive in manufacturing paper towels. However, it does not produce toilet paper.

Are Bounty and Charmin the Same Company?

Bounty and Charmin are brand subunits of the same company. The head company of both brands is Procter and Gamble, also known as P&G.

While Bounty focuses exclusively on paper towel production, Charmin focuses on making toilet paper. 

These two brands stem from a large company with very popular and excellent household brands.

Charmin is the leading brand in the toilet paper industry. At the same time, Bounty is the leading brand in the paper towel industry. 

These two brands can get confusing since they have similar products. They make household products, toilet paper, and paper towels, respectively. They also belong to the same mother company. 

But the differences between both brands are just as evident. You only need to remember that Charmin makes toilet paper while Bounty makes Paper towels.

Also, they are not companies on their own but individual brands of Procter and Gamble.

Which Brand of Toilet Paper Is the Cheapest?

A lot of brands produce and sell toilet paper at very cheap rates. But no brand is as cheap as Quilted Northern.

This brand, amongst others, is the cheapest worldwide for toilet rolls. Her prices are very much affordable wherever you may be.

Regardless of the amazing quality Quilted Northern offers, it remains the cheapest brand. 

Of course, other toilet paper brands are also quite cheap. Some even cost the same amount as the Quilted Northern.

Others are a cent more or less. But what places Quilted Northern on top of the list is its popularity yet cheap rate. 

So if you’re looking for the cheapest option or great quality for a low price, then you may go for the Quilted Northern.

It presently is the best brand in the toilet paper market. It has great quality, proven by lab tests and consumer use. Going for Quilted Northern puts you on two great sides, then.

Great quality and low price, what could beat that? It is also very popular, so finding it shouldn’t be difficult. A nearby store or supermarket would surely have it. 

Although this brand is in the United States, it has many outlets covering over 150 countries. It is a widely known brand, hence the massive order for its product.

What’s the Best Toilet Paper To Use?

There are many good options for toilet paper to pick from for your use. Picking just one may be hard. These toilet papers are excellent in absorbance and strength.

No toilet paper is as exceptional as the Cottonelle ultra comfort and the quilted northern ultra plush based on texture and absorbance.

Quilted Northern Ultra Plush® Toilet Paper, 18 Mega Rolls = 72 Regular Rolls, 3-Ply Bath Tissue
  • Designed with more fiber in every sheet to create...
  • Each Mega Roll has 284 3-ply sheets and is equal...
  • 3X thicker and 3X more absorbent than the leading...
  • Pamper yourself with 3 cushiony-soft layers in...

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Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Toilet Paper with Cushiony CleaningRipples Texture, 24 Family Mega Rolls...
  • 24 FAMILY MEGA ROLLS: Cottonelle Ultra Comfort...
  • ABSORBENT TOILET TISSUE: Super soft, quality 2-ply...

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They come very highly recommended. Not to mention how affordable the brands’ toilet papers are.

Quilted Northern, in particular, is the cheapest toilet paper brand, even as it offers exceptional quality. Great quality for a fair price? Nothing beats that, for sure. 

Cottonelle Ultra is just as good as the Quilted Northern, although it costs a penny more.

It is a little bit more expensive but can graciously stand out as one of the brands in the industry that offers the cheapest toilet paper.

Remember, this brand gives a 10/10 score in strength and absorbency. If you have trouble picking between the two, remember that both brands are excellent.

So picking one should not be a difficult choice to make. Either of the two is a perfect choice. You won’t regret it. 

Although these two brands top the list, it’s no news that a few other brands offer great quality too.

So just in case you can’t find the Quilted Northern or the Cottonelle Ultra, here is a list of other great brands you can try out.

  • Silk’n Soft

These two brands are just as amazing too. Although they cost more, they are very good brands, and you can easily find them wherever you may be. They’re quite very popular. 

Also, they may not give a 10/10 score when it comes to strength, but they’re pretty strong. Stronger than a lot of other brands.

So let’s say they stand roughly on an 8.5/10 mark which is quite impressive too.

Who Manufactures Toilet Paper In the United States?

There are many companies in the Toilet Paper industry. But these three companies dominate in the United States.

These companies include;

  • The Procter and Gamble Company
  • Georgia Pacific Company
  • Kimberly Clark Company

Other companies in the United States manufacture toilet paper, but these three are at the top of the list.

They make up 80% of the entire industry, and other smaller companies make up the remaining 20%.

All three companies are excellent manufacturers and are very popular for what they do.

The table below gives an exquisite outline of each company’s work and quality.


Bounty is an individual brand from the company Procter and Gamble. It is primarily concerned with producing paper towels and does not make toilet paper.

Charmin, on the other hand, although a different brand, shares the same company name as Bounty.

Charmin is a leading brand of toilet paper. It is very popular and has great quality, just like Bounty.

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