Can Bathroom Windows Be Clear? (Must Know This, Tips & More)

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It’s no secret that you want to keep your bathing area as private as possible because most people do.

One way to do so is by installing windows with glasses that obscure other people’s views of your bathroom. Bathroom windows with frosted glass are great, but can they be clear?

Your bathroom windows can be clear if certain conditions permit it. Putting aside the privacy concern, clear bathroom windows are very advantageous to use. However, if your privacy tops your list of priorities regarding your bathing area, you should stick to frosted windows.

Can You Use Clear Glass for Your Bathroom Windows?

Can Bathroom Windows Be Clear

Clear bathroom windows are common sights, and that goes to say that you can use clear glass for yours.

This choice, however, depends greatly on your privacy concerns and the kind of neighbors you have.

Your bathroom’s condition is another factor you should consider if you want clear glass for its windows.

Bathrooms are private places, and no one will enjoy unsolicited views of this area. Hence, people use obscured glass to limit what they see in their bathroom windows.

However, the situation is not hopeless with clear glass windows, as there are ways to achieve privacy.

Some bathroom windows are small and positioned higher up the wall. These types of windows ensure maximum privacy even if you choose to leave them bare.

If you have such, you can use clear window glass without worrying about anyone seeing through your window. 

Blinds and curtains are also great for obscuring your bathroom views. You can put them over your windows for privacy if you fancy the idea of clear bathroom window glass.

Slide them on and off to switch between private and clear mode. There are regulations for the type of bathroom windows you should have in some places.

If these rulings support clear window glass, you can use it. Otherwise, it would be best to stick to glazed glass windows to avoid infringements.

Your preferences are the major determinants of your choice of bathroom windows. You can use a clear glass if your options support it.

Additionally, there are pros and cons to using a clear bathroom window glass which you’ll see in the table below:

Can You See Through Frosted Bathroom Windows?

Frosted bathroom windows are products of partially obscured glass; therefore, you can see through them.

However, the images you will see on the other side of the window will be distorted or blurry.

Some frosted window glass only allows light to pass through it, and you can’t see images on the other side.

The distorting properties of frosted windows make them good options for bathrooms and other private areas in a house.

They provide privacy without the need for add-ons like curtains and blinds. Furthermore, they improve the aesthetics of bathrooms with their beautiful designs.

Which Window Is Best for a Bathroom?

The best window for a bathroom lets in light and ventilation while simultaneously ensuring privacy.

A great bathroom window has special designs and glass that keeps humidity away from the bathing area. The following are some of the bathroom windows that have these qualities:

#1. Awning Windows 

Awning windows are the best windows for bathrooms. These windows possess hinges at the top that hold the sash to the frame and allow the window to open upwards.

This simple design of awning windows makes them greatly suited for use in bathrooms. An awning window has a compression seal that minimizes heat loss when you close the window.

Opening up and outward, awning windows allow adequate light and ventilation into bathrooms. These windows won’t allow rain into the room even when open.

With the right kind of glass, awning windows will block the view of your bathroom from outside even while open.

Ensuring privacy while open is perhaps the major advantage of these windows over other types of bathroom windows.

#2. Casement Windows

Casement windows are also crank windows and open on hinges like awning windows.

The major difference between the two is their opening positions. While awning windows open upwards, casement windows open vertically sideward.

They possess the other features of awning windows, like compression seals, which make them airtight.

However, they are less effective in ensuring privacy. Unlike awning windows, they give a clear view of bathrooms when they are open.

#3. Sliding windows

As the name implies, sliding windows have sashes that slide on rails to open instead of hinges like crank windows.

These windows are less effective in the major purposes of bathroom windows than their awning and casement counterparts.

However, they are less expensive and can still provide the privacy you need with the right type of glass.

No matter what type of window you choose, you can increase the privacy it offers with privacy glass.

These types of glass include frosted, lacquered, and stained glass. If you must use clear glass, you can install window coverings like curtains and blinds to minimize external views.

Do You Need a Special Window for a Bathroom?

Bathrooms are exclusive house areas and require much more privacy than other rooms.

Therefore you need a special window that will obscure this place from people’s views. Bathrooms also need windows that will let in light and ventilation.

Bathroom windows should have strategic features and positions to perform their functions effectively. Hence, it is common to see such windows higher up the wall and with a special type of glass.

If you want more privacy, your bathroom window should have frosted glass or any other type of obscure glass.

Clear glass is also not out of the question, but you will need curtains or blinds to keep out external views. Tempered glass is also necessary for windows in the bathroom.

The humidity level in bathrooms is much compared to other areas in the house as they are usually wet.

Hence, inadequate lighting will lead to a bloom of mold and bacteria, which thrive in wet places. This development can be detrimental to the health of the people who use such bathrooms.

Therefore, you should have a bathroom window that ensures the bathing area gets enough light and ventilation.

Smaller windows higher up the wall also limit the view of your bathroom from the outside. An in-roof window is another excellent idea for a special bathroom window.

These windows beef up your privacy and afford your bathrooms with the most light available. 

All these entail the common features of windows best suited for bathrooms. Your bathroom will feel more convenient with a window designed for utmost privacy and lighting.

Why Do Bathroom Windows Need To Be Tempered?

Bathrooms are usually wet and slippery, and the tendency to slip and fall is quite high.

Falls in the bathroom can be particularly dangerous and life-threatening when you smash the window while going down.

For this reason, bathroom windows need tempered glass to reduce the damage associated with broken glass considerably.

You will better appreciate the need for tempered glass for a bathroom window if you understand how it works. Here’s a brief overview of tempered glass.

Tempered glass is strengthened by heating to a very high temperature and rapid cooling.

This kind of glass is five times stronger than normal glass. They don’t break easily; when they do, they break into pellets rather than splinters.

Bathroom windows made with ordinary glass pose a high risk of injury when they break.

If you accidentally fall and smash one, it can cut through your flesh and even your bones. The tempered glass might not even break if you slip and hit.

Your bathroom window will require tempered glass if you live in an area prone to vibrations, like airport surroundings.

Some vibrations can cause the glass to break, and your bathroom window will stand a chance with tempered glass.

A bathroom window also needs tempered glass if it meets the National Glass Association requirements for tempered glass.

These standards include the following:

  • The glass should be a minimum of 36 inches from where people walk.
  • The window top is 36 or fewer inches from the floor.
  • The foot of the glass is not more than 18 inches above the floor.
  • The size of the bathroom window is more than nine square feet.

Using tempered glass windows in the bathroom is a safety measure. The injury rate resulting from broken glass in bathrooms will reduce if you use this kind of glass.


The type of glass you use for your bathroom window depends more on your preferences. Clear glass is not bad, but frosted glass will give you more edge in terms of privacy.

You can use an awning window with frosted, tempered glass for optimal privacy, ventilation, and safety.

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