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When choosing a house, a lot of things are considered; comfort is one of them. Bungalows are a very common type of house style, and now, they’re being refurbished in many ways to suit taste. 

Yes, bungalows can have built-in stairs. It seems impossible to some people, but many people are building bungalows with stairs. Some people also tend to renovate their bungalows to look like those with stairs, but this can only be possible if there is enough space to create stairs. 

What Is A Bungalow

Bungalow Have Stairs

A bungalow is a type of house characterized by verandas, open planning for floors, and the presence of large windows at the front of the house.

Also, there is a large porch at the front for relaxation and other activities outside the house, sloped roofs, and basements. But not all bungalows have basements. 

Bungalows often have trees or shrubs planted around them to block the view of neighbors. Sometimes, a fence is built around them to serve the purpose of trees and shrubs.

They are primarily found in urban areas or outskirts of towns or cities; bungalows are rarely seen in rural areas because of the expensive nature of building or getting them. 

This type of building is suitable for people with disabilities and even aged people who have difficulties climbing stairs. Parents with children having difficulty with stairs will also find this house conducive. 

Can A Bungalow Have Upstairs? 

Many people are wondering if a bungalow can have stairs. Most modern-day bungalows have stairs that give them an additional fantastic look.

Having a bungalow with stairs is an excellent decision, especially if extra rooms or space is needed on the house floor. 

Some bungalows have a half-story on-the-floor bungalow single story, usually built into the roof of the house.

Most don’t have stairs but a ladder-like channel to the upper room, while some have other means of the house owner’s choice. 

Some bungalows have two or more stories. However, Bungalows that contain two or more stories need stairs to be able to have access to the upper stories.

Without stairs, the upper stories will be inaccessible, and even if some other channels are created for the upper stories, it would be not easy and not as easy as using stairs. 

Can You Build An Upstairs On A Bungalow? 

Building a staircase in a bungalow is not as difficult as it seems.

When you feel your bungalow is outdated or needs a new look for reasons like lack of space, extra rooms, and some others, you need a change, and with the modernized world, achieving this would be easy. 

But before making an upstairs in a bungalow, some things need to be considered. 

#1. The Effect Of The Stairs On Other Properties 

Before going for an upstairs or even locating a perfect area for situating your stairs, you have to consider if it won’t affect any of your properties in the house now or in the future.

For example, suppose it will locate another place or go for another bungalow style house. 

#2. The Amount Of Living Space

You can’t build an upstairs in a bungalow with little living space because if you do, the lower floor will become too small and unconducive for living.

Even if a different story is added with some extra space or rooms, the lower floor becomes too tight and cannot hold the normal day-to-day activities, and it would become a challenge. 

#3. The Cost Of Building An Upstairs 

The cost of creating upstairs sometimes stops people from building one in their bungalow. So after making a budget for building an upstairs, you’ll have to make sure you can afford to have one before making one. 

However, you can decide to make a long-term saving plan for building the bungalow. This might not be a safe option for people who earn little. If you earn little, it would be best to opt for smaller houses. 

#4. Amount Of Space Or Rooms Needed 

Making a plan for your upstairs will be very important as this can also help in positioning your stairs.

You and the architect should determine the amount of space or rooms needed, and The architect should make a perfect architectural plan before creating one. 

Failure to create an excellent architectural plan might result in problems in the future. Problems like cracked walls and fallen buildings after building stairs in bungalows result from poor architectural designs. 

Other things to be considered include the presence of a disabled person, the aged, or even little children to avoid accidents. 

What Is A Bungalow With Stairs Called? 

A bungalow with stairs is called a chalet bungalow. A chalet is a bungalow where half or more stories are added to the single-story house, and stairs are created to access the upper stories.

Recently, many people have tended to go for this type of bungalow. 

What Qualifies A House As A Bungalow? 

Not all houses are bungalows; some features identify a house as a bungalow. Some of the features of a bungalow:

#1. Low pitched sloped roofs 

Bungalows have a low-lying ceiling with a sloped roof that contains a mini apartment built into the roof. Buildings without sloped and low-pitched roofs are not considered bungalows. 

#2. Large Front Porch

A typical bungalow possesses a large porch in front of the house for outdoor activities. They are also used as relaxation or an extra space in the house for some special activities.

Houses with small porches are not typical bungalows and, unless they possess the features of a bungalow, cannot be referred to as a bungalow-style house. 

#3. Verandas 

The presence of large verandas in front of the house, and sometimes, the verandas are found on all sides of the house. These verandas are also an excellent feature of a typical bungalow. 

#4. Squarish Structure 

Apart from having a broad veranda, many bungalows are built in a rectangular form that appears more squarish. 

#5. Open floor planning 

The bungalow-style house has an open floor plan, providing considerable living space.

This open floor planning and the squarish nature of bungalows give the bungalow enough space and contribute to the classic looks. 

#6. Privacy 

When there is no privacy in a bungalow, we do not call it a typical bungalow-style house.

Instead, trees or shrubs or a combination of the both are planted around the house for covering to avoid neighbors having an idea of what’s happening in the house.

Sometimes a fence is built around them for the same purpose. Either way, the bungalow must have a means of ensuring privacy due to its low and large windows. 

Other features are; large windows, land footprints, and cozy, overhanging roofs. 

What Are The Different Types Of Bungalows? 

Bungalows are differentiated based on the style of the building, materials used in building them, or even their location. 

#1. The Airplane Bungalow 

This usually has a half story and many windows on all sides to allow easy access to cool air. 

#2. American CraftsMan

Large verandas characterize this type of bungalow under the extension of the roof, overhanging roofs, and low-pitched roofs. 

#3. Bungalow Colony 

Bungalow colonies are small portable bungalows built closely together. They are primarily many look-alike bungalows built together sometimes in a row, more of an estate of bungalows. 

#4. The Chicago Bungalow 

This type is built with bricks, a one, and a half story, and has a basement. This was primarily seen in areas in Chicago but has spread out over the world. 

#5. Michigan Bungalow 

These types are made using local materials. 

#6. Overwater Bungalows

These were mainly made for tourists visiting areas where houses are built on water. 

This bungalow is built on water but raised high away from the water. 

#7. Raised Bungalows 

These are bungalows that have their basements partially above the ground. The garage is usually located in the basement of this type of house.

More light enters the basement of this type of bungalow as the window is raised above the ground. 

#8. Chalet Bungalows 

These are bungalows with one and a half or more stories other than a single-story house. These bungalows have stairs for easy accessibility. 

Other types of bungalows exist, but these are the most common types of bungalows worldwide.

You can discuss with experts in the field to measure your land size and decide which of the bungalows will suit you best. Do not forget to put your family into consideration.


A lot of people all over the world are evolving and building bungalows with stairs rather than single-story houses. It seems more modernized and space-efficient for the family to live conducive.

So, getting a bungalow with stairs or building stairs in your bungalow is a good idea, and choosing the perfect style for your house too. Your house says a lot about you.

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