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Can I Connect Alexa To My Toshiba TV? (Read This First)

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The new range of Toshiba TVs is popular for its effective functioning system. In addition, the brand’s collaboration with Amazon features in the new range of TVs.

Since the Toshiba brand now collaborates with Amazon, you might want to know if you can connect your TV to Amazon devices like Alexa.

You can connect Alexa to your Toshiba TV. You only need to install the Toshiba Smart Home App and connect both devices. However, you must ensure your TV and Alexa are on the same wireless network. The app converts your smartphone and Alexa into a remote control for your Toshiba TV.    

Can I Connect Alexa to My Toshiba TV?

Can I Connect Alexa to My Toshiba TV

Yes, you can connect Alexa to your Toshiba TV. However, only Smart TVs from the brand can perform this function.

Any TV that can connect to the internet is a Smart TV. For example, the Toshiba Smart TV can connect to your home’s WiFi network.

Alexa uses a WiFi network to connect to any device. Therefore, your TV can connect to Alexa.

Connecting Alexa to your Toshiba TV allows you to control the TV without a remote. In addition, you will need to download an app to establish the connection between both devices.

Once you install the app, you only need to pair the devices and start using your Alexa. After that, you should be able to connect Alexa to your Toshiba TV if you have all the requirements.

How Do I Connect My Alexa to My Toshiba Tv?

The requirements for connecting your Alexa to your Toshiba TV include a Toshiba Smart Home App, an Alexa app, and your Smartphone.

Firstly, you must connect your Alexa device, smartphone, and Toshiba TV to the same WiFI network. The procedure needs a stable connection to work effectively.

Then, you can proceed to launch the Toshiba Smart Home App and Alexa app on your phone.

Follow the instructions below to launch and connect the two apps.

  • Open the Toshiba Smart Home App, 
  • Then create an account on the app.
  • Log in to your account on the app.
  • Open the settings function.
  • Select Alexa Skills Setup. A pairing code would appear on the screen. 
  • Then, copy or write down the code. The code is essential to establish the connection between the devices.
  • Next, open your Alexa app.
  • Log in to your account on the app.
  • Search for the Toshiba Smart Home app.
  • After locating the option, click on the link to enable it.
  • The action would take you to an Account Linking page.
  • Enter or paste the Skills Pairing code you copied.
  • Select Approve Enabling The Skills to establish the connection.
  • Your Toshiba TV and Alexa will connect successfully.
  • Test the connection by controlling the TV with a few voice commands.

Why Won’t My Toshiba Smart TV Connect to Alexa?

Several reasons your Toshiba Smart TV and Alexa device are not connecting. Some reasons are easy to fix, while you need professional help for other complex reasons.

The reasons for the two devices not connecting are below.

#1. Poor WiFi Connection

It would help to establish a stable wireless internet connection between your TV and Alexa for them to connect. But first, you must ensure they are both on the same WiFi network.

It is best to check the connection from the router to the devices. There should be no interference between the devices and your router.

You must also ensure your router has enough bandwidth for multiple smart home devices. Again, it would help to contact your internet service provider to be sure.

#2. Software Issues 

An issue with the app’s functioning systems would affect the connection. As a result, the apps would be unable to establish a successful connection.

Cross-check the apps on your app store for available updates. You can also contact the app developers for help.

#3. Skills Not Enabled

You should check the Alexa app and Toshiba Smart Home App to know if the skills are enabled. Also, you need to cross-check if you have the correct codes for the connection.

#4. Unsupported Device

You must ensure your TV and Alexa device support the connection. It is best to certify that the Toshiba Smart Home App supports the Alexa device.

#5. Incorrect Connection

Having multiple devices on your Toshiba Smart Home App could affect the connectivity. Therefore, make sure you are trying to connect to the right Alexa device.

#6. Faulty Device

Your Smart TV won’t connect to your Alexa if the device is faulty. So you need to make sure your Alexa device has no issue that could affect its connectivity.

Does Toshiba TV Come With an Alexa Microphone?    

Some Toshiba TVs come with their own Alexa microphone. Such models include the WK3 range of Toshiba TVs, for example, the WK3A63DB TV.

The microphones in these models of Toshiba TVs are usually in the bezels. They ensure you can use your Alexa device to control the TV.

You only need to give the TV some voice commands through an Alexa device. You do not need a remote because of the Alexa microphone feature on the TV.

Additionally, the feature can carry out functions like turning the TV on and off, changing the TV channels, increasing and reducing the volume, and many other functions.

How Do I Turn Off Alexa on My Toshiba Smart TV?     

Turning off Alexa on your Toshiba Smart TV to disable the function is not difficult. You only need to have your smartphone and the Alexa app.

It is best to keep the apps on your phone even after connecting the device to your TV because the apps are essential to disconnect and reconnecting the Alexa device and Smart TV.

You can always turn off the Alexa on your TV and reconnect the device whenever possible. Just make sure to keep your Pairing skill code safe for this purpose.

If you no longer want your Alexa to connect to your Toshiba Smart TV. It is best to follow the steps outlined below.

  • Open the Alexa app on your smartphone.
  • Click on the ‘More’ function and select settings.
  • Choose TV & Video. Then, click on the TV service provider.
  • Click on Disable Skill.
  • The Alexa device function would turn off on your Toshiba Smart TV.

What is the Toshiba Smart Home App?

The Toshiba Smart Home App is software for turning any smartphone or tablet into a remote control for your TV. It is the first IoT product in the world.

The app allows your mobile devices to control your entire TV function. In addition, it allows your Alexa to connect to your TV. 

You only need to download the app to enjoy these functions. The app is compatible with Android and IOS devices, and you can easily get it from your phone’s App store.

There are six major smart home functions that the app performs, including:

#1. Smart Sound Detector

The Toshiba Smart Home App is useful for checking for smoke detectors and loud sounds within your home. Then, it alerts your smartphone if any of these issues are detected.

The sound-detecting function increases the app’s usefulness for safety within the home. So, you don’t have to worry when you are not around; your app will inform you of any problem.

#2. Security Camera

The Home App connects with your Smart TV to act as a viewing device for your security camera. Smart TVs like the Toshiba Symbio offer a wide-angle low-light camera.

The resolution from the TV is a 1080p full HD meaning it gives a clear feed. You can use the app as a child or pet monitor and security camera for your vicinity.

The sound detector, motion detectors, and live HD streaming enhance this app’s function. In addition, you stream your footage from your mobile device when you want.

In addition, you can decide to record the feeds and save them on the cloud. Then, you can watch them later when you want.

#3. IoT device Connector

The Toshiba Smart Home App is responsible for connecting your Toshiba Smart TV and Alexa. Therefore, connecting both devices to the same WiFi network is crucial.

Apart from Alexa, you can also connect your Smart TV to other IoT devices. You must ensure the devices and your TV are on the same internet network.

#4. Voice Control

Since the Home App is responsible for converting your mobile device into a remote control for your TV. It gives you the ability to voice command all your TV functions effortlessly.

#5. Customizable Functions

You can use the Toshiba Smart Home App to customize the zones, modes, and rules on your smart devices, irrespective of your distance to the devices.

#6. Smart Home Hub

The app helps your Smart TV to connect to multiple IoT devices in the same account. In addition, you can easily switch between devices from your smartphone.

In addition to all the basic functions outlined above, you can use the Toshiba Smart Home App to control your lights, music, door locks, and home temperature settings from any location.

It helps to control simple smart devices within your home. You can connect to your home effortlessly, even when you are far away.

Although the Toshiba Smart Home App makes life easy around your home, some disadvantages come with using the app.

The cons of the app include:

Privacy riskIt could leak your privacy to the internet.
Security riskHacking the software reveals your security features.
Software issues Intensive functions cause the TV to freeze sometimes.


In conclusion, now that you know your Toshiba TV and Alexa can connect. You no longer have to worry about losing your remote or accessing your TV remotely.

You can control your Smart TV with voice commands. You can also use the app as a security function for your home.

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