Can Fabuloso Kill Ants? (Tips, Tricks & More)

Ants appear in the home uninvited and at any moment. Thankfully, home products like Fabuloso can repel ants with some rapid innovation.

In this article, you’ll learn how to use Fabuloso and other home products to eliminate ants.

You can spray Fabuloso on ants to kill them. The chemical is highly toxic and fatal to ants; spraying it on them kills them. When you rub the chemical on surfaces, ants will avoid such surfaces. 

Does Fabuloso Kill Ants?

Can Fabuloso Kill Ants

Fabuloso kills ants and is one of the best ant repellents around. Fabuloso is very effective, and its best attribute is that it isn’t harmful to humans. 

You can also spray this chemical on any surface without fear of stain. Furniture, steel, hardwood floors, tiles, and other surfaces do not react adversely to Fabuloso.

Fabuloso causes plant shoots to get brown and lose water, eventually dying off.

You can therefore spray Fabuloso on ants crawling on any surface. However, it’s not advisable to spray Fabuloso on ants crawling on potted plants.

A little amount of Fabuloso is enough to eradicate ants. A good way to keep them away is by wiping your surfaces with the chemical.

If you don’t have Fabuloso in a spray container, you can turn some of it into a spray container. 

Pour ¼ cup of the chemical into four liters of water, spray it on surfaces and wipe. You can also mop your floors with Fabuloso; the smell will keep the ants away.

How Do I Quickly Get Rid Of Ants?

You can easily get rid of ants by spraying them with insecticides to eliminate them. Cutting off food sources is another great way of keeping them at bay. 

Honey, cornmeal, and sugar are some food that attracts ants. If you can seal sweet foods, the ants won’t come out.

Other ways to eliminate ants include;

#1. Peppermint

Peppermint is one of the essential oils that can repel ants when mixed with water. Add between eleven to twenty drops of peppermint oil into two cups of water.

Pour the mixture into a spray container and spray it on windows, baseboards, and corners of the house. 

The mixture will kill ants and keep them away. Be careful because peppermint is toxic to pets and can cause illness.

#2. Cinnamon Leaf Oil

This essential oil also keeps away ants. The cinnamon leaf contains trans-cinnamaldehyde, the primary compound that kills all kinds of ants.

You can use this oil against ants by soaking up the undiluted oil using cotton rolls. Drop these cotton rolls in places where you see ants in your home.

You can replace the rolls every week with freshly soaked ones till the ants are no more.

#3. Cornstarch

You can use cornstarch to eliminate ants by scattering them on an ant trail. Leave the cornstarch there and observe when the ants gather around it.

Once the ants are out in full numbers, get a spray container, fill it with water and spray on the ants. 

The water and cornstarch create a cement-like blend to trap the ants. After the mixture dries, you can vacuum or sweep it up.

#4. Lemon Oil

The oil harvested from lemon eucalyptus also repels ants. The oil has some citronella used for candles to fend off insects.

You can dip cotton rolls into the lemon eucalyptus oil and drop them where you sight these ants. Replace the cotton balls weekly with newly soaked balls to keep the ants away.

#5. Oil from Tea Tree

When mixed with water, this oil is also effective in warding off ants. Pour about five to ten drops of this essential oil into two cups of water. Transfer the mixture into a spray can and spray it on ants to kill them. 

You can also douse cotton balls inside this oil and drop them at ant locations. You can add more water or peppermint oil if the oil’s odor is too potent. 

#6. Black Pepper 

Black pepper contains capsaicin which irritates ants but has no effect on pets.

You can sprinkle this pepper on ants or mix half a spoon of it in water for a deadly solution. Shower the mixture on ants to kill and repel them.

#7. Neem Oil

This oil comes from the neem tree and is a good ant deterrent. Azadirachtin is a chemical in neem oil that is fatal to ants when ingested.

It stops the ant from eating, laying eggs, and growth progression. Some foliar sprays are neem-based; once you spray it on ants, it kills them.

#8. Citrus Blend

Fruits like oranges, grapefruit, and lemons can also deal with ants. The fruit peels are important, do not throw them away after consuming the fruits.

Gather the peels, blend them and add some water. You can then pour this mixture into ant holes or spray them on ants to get rid of them.

#9. Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth consists of silica that contains fossilized residues of aquatic life forms referred to as diatoms.

Diatomaceous earth works by squeezing out the oils in ants’ skeletons to dry them out. Sprinkle this earth on areas you find ants to kill them.

What Cleaning Products Kill Ants?

Cleaning products like water, vinegar, dish soap, and boric acid are ant killers. Let’s take a look at them below.

#1. Water and Vinegar

You can mix equal portions of water and vinegar to form a deadly concoction.

Use the concoction to wipe surfaces where ants crawl to keep them away. The ants can still perceive the vinegar smell even after the water dries. 

You can also pour it into a spray can and spray directly on ants and access points like windows, crevices, and doors.

Water and vinegar are cheap to procure.This solution is temporary. 
The concoction is safe for inhalation.If overused, vinegar can leave a strong corrosive odor.
You can use clear vinegar as a cleaning agent.Some vinegar solutions will leave stains on surfaces you’ve sprayed.

#2. Dish Detergent

Dish soap doesn’t only eliminate ants; it also washes off their scent trail. Mixing water with dish soap will help in getting rid of ants. 

Mix equal amounts of water and dish detergent and turn it into a spray container. Spray the liquid on any ants you see to suffocate the ants with soapy water.

Dish detergent is non-toxic to humans.It needs direct contact with ants to work.
It is cheap and simple in application.Dish detergent is a short-term solution for ants.

#3. Boric Acid

Some detergents at home have boric acid; the acid eats into the ant’s shell or exterior to kill them.

The acid is mixed with water and sugar to use against ants. Make sure to wear safety gloves before making the solution. 

Pour one spoon of the acid and eight sugar cubes into a glass of mild water. Stir the mixture to dissolve the boric acid and sugar.

Soak cotton rolls into the mixture and place them where you see ants. Also, you can mix the boric powder with sweet food like sugar or corn meal.

Pour the mixture on a one-use surface like a sheet of paper and drop it where you find ants. They can take this food back to the colony to feed their young, killing them. 

The acid works effectively against all kinds of ants.This acid can be poisonous when ingested by pets.
Fairly easy to procure and produce.It is toxic and irritating to the skin. 

What Is Fabuloso Used For?

Fabuloso is an all-purpose cleaner used to wipe surfaces and can act as an ant repellent. Pour ¼ cup of the chemical into four liters of warm water to wipe stains from surfaces.

The following are some things Fabuloso helps achieve.

#1. Serves as Ant Repellent

This chemical is a powerful insecticide for ants. Spraying Fabuloso on ants kills them instantly in large numbers.

You can pour this chemical into a spray container and spray them on any ants you see in your home.

#2. Clean Blemishes from Cloth

Fabuloso has a product called Fabuloso Oxy; this stain-removing chemical contains hydrogen peroxide.

This compound is a strong stain removal that wipes off stains from fabrics. Spray this chemical on your stains to wipe them off using a damp cloth.

#3. Clean the Toilet

Fabuloso is great for cleaning toilets and a good alternative to bleach. Pour three to five cups of this chemical into the toilet bowl and brush it to wipe stains. In the end, you’ll have a spotless toilet bowl.


Cleaning products like Fabuloso, water, vinegar, dish soap, and boric acid can kill ants. Fabuloso is an all-purpose cleaner that also repels and kills ants; they die once you spray the chemical on them.

You can quickly deal with ants using cinnamon oil, citrus blend, peppermint, and lemon oil.

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