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Can You Propagate Oregano In Water? (Explained)

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Last updated on September 23rd, 2022 at 02:53 pm

Propagating plants is a very delicate process. Because it’s a very critical period for plants, water typically serves as an excellent medium to do it.

Nevertheless, not all plants can survive this process, and if you want to propagate oregano, you may wonder if using water is suitable for it.

 So, can you propagate oregano in water? Yes! You can propagate oregano in the water if you take appropriate precautions. To do so take the 2 bare stems of the oregano plant that are fully submerged and place them in the glass of water, keeping them in a sheltered area with good lighting. It will take 3-4 weeks for the oregano roots to start sprouting.

How Long Does It Take For An Oregano Plant To Root In Water?

It takes about two to four weeks for your oregano to root in water. So, it would be best to be patient and provide your oregano with the care it needs in this period.

Furthermore, the process of rooting an oregano plant in water is affected by some critical factors.

The major factors include the following.

1. Sunlight:

When transplanting oregano, sunlight is essential. Nevertheless, it would be best not to expose the cuttings to direct sunlight. If you mistakenly do this, it could ruin the process.

2. Condition of the water:

It would be best to avoid letting the temperature of the water rise above 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures above this could lead to the death of your plant.

Also, the pH of the water medium where you propagate your plant is equally important. It would be best to maintain a steady pH between 7 and 8.5.

Furthermore, another affecting factor is ensuring that your propagating water is changed regularly. Considering this will enable your oregano plant to root ahead of the usual time frame.

Changing your propagating water daily will prevent algae and bacteria growth, which will affect the plant.

So, typically if these conditions for oregano’s propagations are available, it will start developing a few roots after ten days or even less.

As a tip, avoid cutting actively flowering herbs, as that will shift the plant’s energy to flowering instead of rooting.

Also, sterilizing your gardening knife isn’t a bad idea because bacterias are prone to be anywhere.

However, to obtain effective rooting in your water-propagated oregano, it would be best if you were conscious of these factors.

Should I Propagate Oregano In Water?

Propagating oregano in water is one of the best and safest ways to reproduce the plant.

Especially when the autumn frost signals the end to the garden for the year, because fresh herbs could get expensive sometimes, propagating them from their cuttings, you can save money and turn one plant into a variety of new ones.

Furthermore, you could also save time and space.

Nevertheless, as much as propagating oregano In water could be beneficial, I suggest that this be done and transplanted to the soil afterward quickly.  Always make sure that the soil you transplant your oregano into is moderately moist.

Propagation in water for plants like oregano is possible since they’ve evolved in an environment that allows them to do so. For this reason, oregano propagates in water too.

However, they’re still land plants and will do best if planted In the soil to gain thick roots.

Although you may think that propagating oregano in water gives you minimal chances of your roots rotting because the water you use contains few bacteria, this is partly true.

Before you introduced your stem into the water, there may have been no bacteria in it. But afterward, lots of them can grow in it. Besides, airborne bacteria can settle on the water and thrive there.

In addition, other factors could make your oregano die quickly. For example, your oregano can soak in excess water and begin to wilt when you leave it for too long.

So, even though this method of propagating oregano is an excellent way to start planting, it would be best to re-grow it with the soil quickly if you want a long-lasting herb.

How Do I Propagate Oregano In Water?

Propagating oregano in water is a process. Nevertheless, without adequate information about this process, it can be a scary experience.

Moving on, the best time to propagate your oregano is in late winter and early spring.

To carry out this process, they’re certain materials you’ll need, they include;
1. Oregano stem cuttings.
2. A clean glass jar
3. Water (preferably at room temperature and free from bacteria)
4. Alcohol or sterilizer
5. Sharp Gardening shear or knife.

So, to carry out the propagation process, it would be best to take the following steps.

1. Firstly, you’ll need to get your oregano stems from a healthy and disease-free oregano plant or buy from a grocery store. Also, avoid making cuttings when the plant is actively forming flowers as nutrients will focus on the flowering Instead of the rooting.

2. After that, sterilize the shears or knife for a clean cut. You’ll then sniff off a few oregano cuttings just below the leaf node. The stem cuttings should be four to six inches in length. I’d advise you to grow more cuttings than you need as some may die in the process of propagation.

3. The next stage is preparing the stem cutting for propagation in water. Here, you’ll need to get rid of the leaf sets on the lower part of the cuttings and leave the topmost leaves.

You should also remove the leaves from the lower two-thirds of the stem to avoid submerging in the water.

4. You’re already halfway gone. Thirdly, put the cuttings in water. Put clean water at room temperature in a jar four to six inches wide. Next, fill the water to more than half of the glass.

Then, ensure that no leaves are submerged in water. Finally, make sure that at least half of the stem is submerged.

5. The last stage entails you providing the plant with the necessary care it needs. It would be best to place your glass jar in a well-aerated, warm, and lit place, away from direct sunlight.

You should also change the propagating water regularly, don’t wait until it’s cloudy before you change it.

Not changing the water every day could expose the stem cuttings to bacteria growth or algae, which could affect the development of the oregano plant.

If you notice algae growth despite changing the water regularly, consider moving the plant.

Transfer the oregano plant to a dark glass jar or vessel because algae grow slowly in opaque glasses.

Using and following the above-listed procedures will help you quickly propagate oregano in water and even enhance rooting.


Propagating oregano in water is indeed a great idea since not all plants can be water-propagated. Not just that, it also saves time and money. To this, most experienced gardeners like me can testify.

Nevertheless, it would be best to provide all the necessary conditions for your oregano to develop well in water. One crucial thing is to do this propagation process at the right time — preferably early spring.

You should also ensure that you take the appropriate measures I have provided in this article. Following them like a manual, propagating your oregano should be as easy as ABC.

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