Can I Vacuum My Garage? (Read This First)

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The garage has to be one of the busiest parts of the house; it is where most of the dirty work goes on.

For some people, it is a play area for their kids, and for others, it is their mini junkyard.

For whatever purposes, the garage doesn’t get as much attention during cleaning as the rest of the house, which leaves it needing thorough cleaning possible with a vacuum cleaner.

You can Vacuum your garage to clean up the dust particles that a broom couldn’t sweep properly. But not just any vacuuming will do; a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner is what you need to clean up the dust on your garage floor properly. A heavy-duty vacuum does better suctioning the fine dust particles than a regular room vacuum.

Should You Vacuum Your Garage?

Can I Vacuum My Garage

Yes, you can vacuum your garage quite alright, but you can’t just use any vacuum cleaner to vacuum your garage because of the texture of the concrete.

Many household vacuum cleaners are designed to clean only smooth surfaces and do not have enough suction power to clean rough concrete floors, which are familiar with garage floors.

Many garage floors are made with rough concrete to fit the type of rough work that goes on in the garage.

People use it as a service room for their vehicles; there is always a lot of stuff cluttering around. In addition, they tend to trap dirt in hidden areas, which need to be moved before vacuuming. 

Therefore, vacuuming your garage is quite different from your standard room and may require more techniques than regular cleaning.

To get a better result, try to move some things out of the way to expose the hidden dirt and do a quiet sweep before using the heavy-duty vacuum cleaner because it may not be able to go into the hidden corners to suction the dust in those areas.

 Also, manually sweeping your garage will prevent you from pushing heavy-duty around the garage to clean up the dust and hidden debris.

The results are always satisfying because you’re sure you cleaned up all the areas your vacuum cleaner couldn’t reach.

Can I Use a Shop Vacuum For My Garage?

You can use a shop vacuum cleaner for your garage because they’re specifically made to clean up rough concrete and can even be used in construction and woodwork to clean up the areas which aren’t smooth.

In addition, they’re made with attachments to scrub and suck up dirty water from the floor they cleaned, which perfectly suits the cleaning a typical garage requires.

A shop vacuum cleaner is a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner that is closer to the floor and has a higher suction power to suck up any dust left after sweeping your garage.

While you can Vacuum your garage, you can’t do it with just any type of vacuum cleaner because some have low suction power and do not use water when cleaning the floor. 

In addition, due to the type of dirty work you do in your garage, you may need more than sweeping to tidy it up.

For example, in most homes, the garage serves as a store room, a mechanic shop, and a woodwork arena. And because of this, you don’t sweep it thoroughly enough.

You can identify a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner from a domestic vacuum with some unique features that are only peculiar to shop vacuum cleaners.

#1. Shop Vacuum Cleaners Vs. Domestic Vacuum Cleaners

Shop Vacuum CleanersDomestic Vacuum Cleaners
They’re versatile and can be used for fine dust and large debris.They can only clean up dust particles and sizeable debris.
They’re sturdy and weigh moreThey’re lightweight and portable.
Most shop vacuum cleaners are wet-dry;They’re usually dry-debris-only

The 5 Best Vacuum Cleaners For Garage

The vacuum cleaners you use can guarantee a smooth ride or deal with broken vacuum parts since not all vacuums are suitable for cleaning a garage.

When choosing which vacuum will best deliver, consider the 5 best Vacuum cleaners for the garage as suggested by satisfied customers.

#1. 14- Gallon Ridgid WD1450 6HP Corded Shop Vac

Ridgid WD1450 14-Gallon 6-Horsepower Wet/Dry Vacuum

This vacuum has tough yet smooth tires that make it easy to navigate through any cluttered area with rough concrete.

It is large and sturdy but narrow enough to pass through narrow doors and has a flexible hose that sprays water on the floor you wish to clean.

It may be heavy when you fill it with water, but it has sturdy handles that make it easier to lift. The best part is that you can also use it to drain a pool.

Although it may not be the most fun activity, the 14-Gallon Ridgid WD1450 6HP Corded Shop Vac works well with draining flooded pools.

It is considered the best vacuum cleaner for a garage, but you may consider getting a more portable vacuum for your house and reserve this one just for the garage and workshop because of how heavy it is to pull around.

  • It has a blower that can blow dust, leaves, and debris from woodwork and other activities.
  • It has a mighty suction power and is close to the floor enough to clean up the dust you cannot sweep with a broom.
  • It has a reusable filter that can be removed whenever it gets blocked with dirt.
  • It lasts for a long time.
  • It is large and heavy.
  • Considering how powerful it is, the filter gets blocked easily.
  • The pressure of the hose is low for the type of machine.

Ridgid WD1450 14-Gallon 6-Horsepower Wet/Dry Vacuum
  • 6 peak HP motor with noise-reduction technology...
  • Fine-dust filter for picking up dry materials and...
  • 20 ft. cord wraps under the pull handle for...
  • Pull handle and casters provide maneuverability...

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#2. Bissell Garage Pro 18P03 Wall Mounted Vac

BISSELL Garage Pro Wall-Mounted Wet Dry Car Vacuum/Blower With Auto Tool Kit, 18P03

When you think about space management, the Bissell Garage Pro Vac is the ideal vacuum for you. With wall brackets, you can have this vacuum mounted on your garage wall without much space.

In addition, it had 7 attachments like the crevice tool, making it stand out from others. With the crevice tool, you can clean up tight corners without twisting your arm.

Other features that make this vacuum a top 5 include an extension wand that cleans up cobwebs and other car features to suck up debris from tight areas in car seats.

    • It gives a fair performance.
    • It has a long and flexible hose to reach far areas from where it is mounted.
    • It also has a leaf blower.
    • It is powerful enough to suck up dirty water from the floor.
    • You can use it for both dry and wet floors.
    • It makes a lot of noise.
    • The 7 extra attachments make it a little cumbersome and bulky.
    • These could be longer for a broader coverage.
    • Removing the filter can be difficult.

BISSELL Garage Pro Wall-Mounted Wet Dry Car Vacuum/Blower With Auto Tool Kit, 18P03, Stealth...
  • Every Bissell purchase helps save pets. Bissell...
  • 12 Amp Wet/Dry Vacuum: Picks up both wet and dry...
  • Converts to blower - Cleaning System: Helix...
  • Includes 7 Versatile attachments and accessory bag...

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#3. VacuMaid GV30PRO Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum 

VacuMaid GV30PRO Wall Mounted Garage and Car Vacuum with 30 ft. Hose and Tools.

This is a more powerful version of the VacuMaid Cleaner than the VacuMaid GV30, and although it is not a wet-dry vacuum, it is powerful enough to clean up dry areas.

Unfortunately, it is pretty expensive for its services but not necessarily the best. Its high cost could be due to the make since it is a US product, but it serves.

One massive advantage of using this vacuum is that it offers almost all the features you’ll need to clean your home, except for cleaning wet floors.

It has a 30″ and 50″ hose, a wand, crevice, car tools, a blower, and a floor brush, making it suitable for many purposes.

    • It has excellent suction for dry dirt.
    • It is easy to mount.
    • It is noiseless.
    • It has an attachment bag that dumps dirt without.
    • It is limited yet expensive.
    • You cannot use it for wet floors.

VacuMaid GV30PRO Wall Mounted Garage and Car Vacuum with 30 ft. Hose and Tools.
  • Includes 30' hose, hanger, caddy, wands, dusting...
  • Galvannealed steel and powder-coated for...
  • Big 5.7" Ametek Lamb motor, up to 75% more life...
  • Sealed HEPA-style bag - No messy cans to empty or...

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#4. VacMaster. VWM510 Remote Control Garage Vacuum

Vacmaster VWM510 5-Gallon 5 Peak HP Remote Control Wall Mount Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum , Blue

It has an excellent 41″ hose that comprises two separate hoses; a 10-foot 1 7/ 8″ and an 11-foot 7/ 8″ with fair enough power for its price.

Moreover, you can extend its long and flexible hose to a three-car garage from the point it has been mounted. 

The VacMaster. VWM510 is not heavy yet offers many features like a car nozzle, a crevice, a floor, a dust brush, and a wand, and all work effectively.

Considering how cheap it costs, the features are a lot, making it affordable and effective.

    • It is affordable.
    • You can use it as a blower.
    • It has a noise diffuser.
    • You can easily mount and take it down.
    • It has a washable filter.
    • Joining the separate hoses to form a single secure hose can be tricky.
    • The joint hoses limit the length of the secure hose.
    • Its multiple tools make it bulky.

Vacmaster VWM510 5-Gallon 5 Peak HP Remote Control Wall Mount Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum , Blue
  • 2-Stage Motor for Powerful Suction and Quiet...
  • Complete Vac Organization with On-Board Hose, Cord...
  • 20-Foot Cord with Cord Storage
  • 41-Foot Cleaning Reach with Hoses and Power Cord

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#5. GarageVac GH120 -E Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum

GarageVac GH120-E Black Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum with Accessory

This dry-debris-only vacuum is suitable for cleaning up dry floors in workshops, garages, and other rooms with a collection of dry dirt. It includes an adjustable crevice, a dashboard brush, and a metal wand.

    • It has a built-in hose rack that stores the rack well.
    • It is very portable and lightweight.
    • It is less noisy than the typical garage vacuum cleaner.
    • It is easy to install and remove.
    • It is not sturdy.
    • It doesn’t clean wet floors.
    • It costs more than it is worth.
    • The suction is not so effective.
    • The dust bag is relatively small.

GarageVac GH120-E Black Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum with Accessory
  • HYPO ALLERGENIC FILTRATION - Patented design of...
  • COMPACT - Saves valuable garage space. Sleek,...
  • STEEL ONE-PIECE WAND - Adjustable to various...
  • PORTABLE - Use it many ways. In your boat, RV,...

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How Do I Clean Dust In My Garage?

Cleaning dust in your garage has been made relatively easy with different types of heavy-duty vacuum cleaners on the market.

These heavy-duty Vacs are made with high suction power, and many are wet-dry Vacs that scrub and suck up dirty water from the floor.

Some also have a blower that blows grit and dust hidden in tight corners that your broom cannot reach.

However, you cannot just go on to vacuum your garage without first doing some manual preparations.

Because of how different stuff clutters the garage, there will be a lot of dirt trapped and dust particles that your vacuum will not suck up.

So you’ll have to first move stuff out of the way and sweep the garage with a broom. Then, using the heavy-duty vacuum cleaner, you can clean up the fine dust particles with the wet-dry feature.

One noticeable thing about garages and any area with rough concrete is that it begins to give off fine dust as it ages because of its rough activities.

So, when cleaning your garage, always work from top to bottom; this means cleaning from the top and pushing down the dust to the lower part of the garage, like the floor and other lowered surfaces.

 This will help gather all the dust in a particular area and reduce the work you’re supposed to do.

When sweeping with your broom, a lot of dust will settle on many surfaces above ground level, where you can’t vacuum.

Instead, you have to push the dust with a towel before going on to vacuum the floor.

How Do I Make My Garage Floor Dust Free?

The best way to keep your garage tidy is to prevent it from getting messy in the first place.

In reality, it is impossible to prevent your concrete from disintegrating, which is the cause of the fine dust in your garage.

But you can prevent having this dust on everything in your garage with some tips below;

#1. Keep Your Garage More Organized

When your garage is scattered with different stuff, it’s more likely to hide the fine dust particles that will keep spreading out over time.

On the other hand, a more organized garage creates more space and exposes all the dirt particles that make it look dirty.

#2. Seal All Openings In the Garage

Although the fine dust in your garage results from the disintegrating concrete, not all the dust particles are from the floor.

A significant percentage of the dust comes from outside through all the open entrances. Sealing these entrances reduces it to only the dust that comes from the concrete.

#3. Create a Routine

Another effective way of ensuring that your garage is always dust free is by creating a routine of vacuuming your garage.

A monthly routine with thorough cleaning will keep the dust on your floor less.


With technological advancement, home maintenance has been made easier for those with rooms that require powerful Vacs.

While it may not be possible to use regular vacuum cleaners in your garage, heavy-duty vacuum cleaners are sturdy enough to move smoothly on rough concrete.

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