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Can I Leave My TV On All Night? (Explained)

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Generally, whether or not you should leave your television on at night is one question nobody ever gives the same answer to. 

While the government asks you to save electricity, the engineers will tell you to leave it on some nights.

Sometimes, doctors give their own opinions on the topic as it concerns your health. Now, I’ll be giving you more insight into this topic.

Leaving your Tv on all night is safe for television. However, some health professionals warn against it for patients who lack good sleep as it may disrupt melatonin and keep them awake. If your tv needs an update, you should leave it turned on all night, so it updates without disruption.

I am here to give you all the necessary information on if and why not you should leave your tv turned on all through the night. 

At the end of this article, you should be able to identify if you should or should not leave your television on all night.

Can I Allow My TV to Remain On All Night?

Can I Leave My TV On All Night

When you leave your television on all through the night, it has several advantages to disadvantages.

This may sound too difficult to believe, but you can compare for yourself after I list the several advantages and disadvantages of leaving your tv on at night.

#1. Reasons Why the TV Should Be Left On at Night?

#1. Most Television System Upgrades Happen at Night

Many televisions are programmed to have their system upgraded at night when no one will be disturbed by it—especially smart TVs.

While this is mostly targeted at fixing and updating user experience, it also does other minute things like fixing glitches and bugs in the system.

If you have noticed, TVs are usually faster after system upgrades. Unarguably, television updates are now easier since the arrival of smart TVs that use the internet and have broad-speed system updates. 

However, they are also very expensive to buy; hence, fewer people own one or any. 

If you own a smart TV, you don’t need to be bothered about leaving it on all night for updates.

On the other hand, if you own a Sky box television or TVs in that league, then note that the system updates are essential for the television’s performance and well-being.

#2. You May Throw Away a Perfectly Good Television

If your television continuously misses out on its upgrade sessions, it may develop serious issues.

Sometimes, it becomes so annoying you may need to change the whole television set.

More depressingly, you may call a local TV repairer to look at it, asking you to buy a new one since they cannot identify the problem.

By navigating your television’s settings, you can easily tell whether or not the television needs a system update.

As earlier stated, you can alternatively use the internet or a cable connection to conduct the system upgrade if your television has missed a few.

Nevertheless, if any of that is not the best option for you, download a new update on your computer, and use a cable to connect it to your television while you run your updates. Have these in mind before you shut off your television at night.

#3. Some Televisions Do Not Allow a Complete Power Off

Seeing how much of a habit it has become for people to always turn off their televisions, some manufacturers have completely taken away the ability of people to do that.

This means you can turn off your Tv with the remote, which will power it off. It can still allow for certain important things like system upgrades and recordings. 

In times like this, you are only left with one option: completely disconnect your television from the power source. Avoid making that a habit so you do not spoil your perfectly fine television.

#4. Scheduled Recordings Will Not Occur

If you love a midnight show, then you know how unpleasing it is that you cannot watch new episodes because of the time they air. 

But for most people, the feature to record the show and watch it at a more convenient time saves you the heartbreak of missing your show. 

Your backup plan (recording the show) may fail if you turn the TV off at night. If this differs from other TVs, it differs from the famous Sky Box television.

#2. Reasons Why You Should Turn Off the TV at Night

Below are a few reasons you may want to consider turning off your TV completely at night before going to bed.

#1. It Saves a Meagre Amount of Electricity

If you are on a budget with your electricity and are trying to save power by every means possible, you should turn off your television at night.

However, doing this can only save a small amount of money. That, too, is so small it is almost not worth it. 

The government lied. You cannot save up to $100 a year by simply putting off your television before going to bed at night. 

Unlike old TVs that used valves, heaters, and tunes, modern televisions have been modified enough not to have all these things to draw power.

#2. It May Be a Protective Measure for the Television

If you live in a city where power surges and thunderstorms are regular, turning off your television at night is good. 

This way, you save yourself buying a new television or spending extra cash fixing a broken one.

Does leaving the Tv On All Night Use a Lot of Electricity?

If you leave a modern Television turned on all through the night, you are gaining something significant. 

Moreover, it helps when the TV needs to carry out any special activities when no one is using it.

Nevertheless, in situations where it is not, it is called considered a waste of electricity to leave the television turned on all through the night.

Leaving your TV on at night may cost around 4 to 42 cents in electricity. It averages around 21 cents per month if you sleep with your television.

It has been repeatedly stated and proven that the amount you spend on running a television needs to be more substantial to make any reasonable savings.

How Long Can a Tv Be Left On in a Day?

Simply put, there is no limit to how much screen time your television can provide you. For plasma, life is in a range of between 30,000 to 50,000 hours. And for LCD, you get up to 60,000 hours. 

When to Turn Off Your TV?When to Leave Your TV On?
Turn off your TV when you are not around to monitor the power supply rate.Leave your TV on calm nights when there are no thunderstorms or surges. 
Turn the television off if your manufacturer insists on it.Whenever you notice the TV needs an upgrade.

Does leaving the Tv On Burn the Screen?

Despite being safe for you to have a static picture on the screen for at least two hours, doing it repeatedly for long periods can damage the screen picture and cause a burn.

In the long run, televisions left on for longer periods stand a chance to dimmer.

Your best bet is to put the TV on sleep mode or standby when you are not using it, so you can retain perfect picture quality and use the television for longer.

However, it is extremely rare for QLED, LCD, and LED TVs to have screen burn. Other times when you should  completely unplug your TV include:

  • When traveling for holidays.
  • During thunderstorms.
  • When you repeatedly experience the TV shutting itself down.


#1. What Happens If I Leave My TV On for Too Long?

If you are in the habit of leaving on your televisions at all times, then note that you are ruining the picture quality and, most probably, the control panel.

#2. How Long Should I Leave TV On?

Always turn off your television whenever you want to leave the house. This means you should always turn it off unless you need it. If you need a specific time frame, 16 hours a day is perfect.

#3. Should I Disconnect My Smart TV When Not in Use?

Disconnecting your smart TV when not in use is a bit extreme. Unless you leave the house entirely, you can always just put the tv on standby or sleep mode. 


In summary, leaving your TV on at night does not affect you unless you:

  • Have difficulty sleeping and need a tranquil environment before you can get some sleep.
  • Have used the TV seriously all through the day and need it to cool down a bit.

Asides from the situations mentioned above, there is no side effect to leaving your television on at night. On the contrary, it even helps the TV with system updates and fixing bugs and glitches.

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