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Can Oregano Grow In Shade? (Must Know Before Planting)

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Last updated on September 23rd, 2022 at 02:54 pm

Sunlight is essential in the growth of oregano as it gives it nutrients that water fails to provide, so can your oregano flourish under the shade?

Or will it fade with time? You don’t want to handle your oregano carelessly. So subsequently, we will address the issue of growing oregano in the shade.

Can Oregano Grow In Shade? This species of herb plants can grow and flourish under the shade. It does not need all that extreme sunlight. The shade only shows courtesy to your oregano plant as it enhances its flavor and its sweet scent. You can grow your oregano under the shade with no worries, only to ensure proper ventilation.

Do Oregano Do Better In Sun Or Shade?

There seems to be a little mayhem about growing oregano in the shade or the sun, but it’s no surprise we ask these questions because we want what’s best for our oregano, and we want to give it all that love it deserves.

Oregano would rather have that sunbath, making itself comfortable under the sweet, warm light of the sun. No doubt, oregano enjoys the sun, but notwithstanding in the far south or zone 7, your oregano will appreciate some shade from the scorching sun.

The question about whether it would do better in the sun or the shade should not be an issue of concern as this plant is in a harmonious relationship with the sun.

So at any given time, if it has the choice to choose between the sun and the shade, it would pick the sun. This goes to imply that oregano does better under the sun.

Now here is what to note: whether your oregano will grow better under the shade or in the sun is a subtle matter. Therefore it is better to disseminate the love to both the sun and the shade.

You can settle for fifty-fifty. But, as the day goes by, you want to take your oregano away from the sun to the shade. It is without argument that too much of something turns out bad.

Most types of oregano would fry if left under the sun for an extended period. Therefore, it is not advisable to let your oregano receive so much love from the sun; save some for tomorrow.

How Much Sunlight Do Oregano Need?

As you know, growing oregano doesn’t require a whole lot of attention, meaning it does not take a lot of hassle to grow into the plant you reasonably desire. However, we do want to take caution, right?

A six to eight hours of sunlight is just about a full day of sunlight. Remember we said fifty-fifty, so allowing your oregano half of 6 to 8 hours of daylight is just enough

And as mentioned in previous paragraphs, in zone 7 or far south, where the sun might be too much, you can move your oregano into a shade or a room that allows for the penetration of sunlight.

Open your windows and let the rays travel through and rest on your oregano. Opening your windows for the sunlight to pass should also be done with discretion.

The location of your oregano should be 5 to 6 inches and should not exceed it or 13 to 15 centimeters, not less than 38 centimeters.

Can I Grow Oregano In Shade?

As a matter of fact, you can indeed grow oregano in the shade. However, embarking on this journey means understanding what partial shade or partial is.

Partial shade is growing your plant where it gets from 2 to 6 hours of sunlight, rather than completely isolating your plant from the sun.

If you want to grow your oregano in the shade, that is completely fine as oregano is shade hardy, and as a plant that can quickly be grown, even a reflection of sunlight can assist in growth.

However, taking the full shade route might not be the best. Your oregano might cut back and look malnourished, and we don’t want that.

Full shade implies the complete absence of sun, and your plant does not receive sunlight in the slightest.  I strongly advise against this.

The above goes to say that if you decide to grow your oregano in the shade, you can push through with it. In zones where the climate is hotter than normal, the shade will go to lengths in helping your oregano blossom in good condition.

When planting your oregano in the shade, there are a few life hacks to bringing that reflective light to your plant, especially in areas with dense shade. Below are a few.

1. This is one of the easiest: planting your oregano in pots that can be carried easily or planting them in a planter with moveable wheels. This will help you move your oregano quickly for sunlight.

2. The roots of your oregano need the light more so as your leaves bloom and spread, you want to remove all that excess leave (prune) once in a while to let the sunlight reach the depths of your oregano.

The perks of this are that it enhances healthier growth.

3. If your oregano is planted directly to the soil, you can consider planting in areas with easy reflective surfaces like walls with light colors.

4. You can bring in the reflective light to the next step by using car reflectors—these work just fine in distributing light to your plant.

5. Avoid using or keeping plastic materials around your oregano. Plastics contain chemicals that might threaten your plant if they are released into the soil your oregano is planted on.

6. Planting your oregano in the shade means planting in soil with good pH conditions and ensuring adequate watering to supplement the lack of sufficient lighting.

Where the light is meager, your oregano will grow in height rather than spreading all to catch a glimpse of sunlight. In this case, you can trim them back, which will help them spread. 

Can Oregano Tolerate Full Sun?

There are a few ways you can plant oregano. Either as seedlings or as cuttings from already established plants.

Planting oregano as seedlings requires full sun to grow well and in a short time too. So when planting seeds, don’t plant them deep in the soil.

As a matter of fact, scattering them over the surface of the soil is enough. Next, just pour a little soil over it to hold it in place. This is because your oregano seed needs as much sun as it can get.

Established oregano can also tolerate full sun. Its flavors become intense at receiving full sunlight but do not overdo this activity of always allowing your plant to receive full sun.

What is most paramount is that your oregano gets a handful of heat and sunlight.


Your journey of growing your oregano plant just became a lot easier. Now you know how easy it is to grow your oregano.

Do you want to go shade planting or sun planting? Then, you have all the information you need at the tips of your fingers.

With this, you can now make several decisions that will ultimately result in your oregano growing in the best condition.


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