Can Poop Go Down The Sink? (This Happens If You Do It)

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Pooping in your sink can be an accident, but can the poop go down the sink without causing problems? Can the sink accommodate poop?

Will poop clog the sink’s drain, or will it move freely down the pipes? This article will cover the problems it would cause and how to deal with them if it ever happens.

Poop cannot go down the sink. Sinks cannot handle poop going through them. The drain of a sink is for liquid waste only. The poop can cause a blockage in the pipes. Due to their small diameter, the sinks do not have the pressure and volume of water to move feces through the pipes. 

Can Poop Go Down The Sink?

Can Poop Go Down the Sink

Do not allow poop to go down your sink. Feces can clog the sink’s drain resulting in a blockage, and this blockage causes plumbing problems.

The sink drain is not for solid waste disposal but for liquid waste. Therefore, the sink will not get rid of the poop completely.

The poop will get stuck in your pipes and block the pipes because the pressure of the water is not enough to flush it.

Sewer pipes have fewer bands than sink drains. There is a higher chance of blockage in a sink drain because of the many bends and junctions.

If this blockage occurs, the sink will emit a foul odor, and there will be drainage problems as the sink cannot dispose of solid waste appropriately.

If you accidentally poop in the sink, you must plug it in. Use your toilet to pass out feces because it can tolerate the pressure you need to flush solid waste.

If you pooped in the sink, the drain could clog. You will spread germs and other microorganisms to those around you. When the drain becomes clogged, you will have to unclog it manually. 

If poop accidentally goes down the sink, get vinegar to wash the poop away and a disinfectant to get rid of microorganisms.

Then, use baking soda to clean the poop. To unclog it manually, you must plunge it to move any obstruction or material build-up. You will need a cup plunger to carry out this process.

Block the drain using the plunger and flush it. Repeat this process till you unclog the pipe completely. If this process is unsuccessful, call a professional plumber and clean the sink chemically.

To avoid going through this unclogging process and the cost of hiring a plumber, do not poop in the sink, especially if you have a toilet.

Is It Okay For Poop to Go Down the Sink?

It is not okay for poop to go down the sink for hygienic reasons. The clogging of plumbing pipes is another reason poop should not go down the sink. Sinks are for liquid waste and not solid waste.

Therefore, the water used to flush waste in the sink will not exert enough pressure to move the feces, and the pipes will trap some remnants.

The unpleasant odor from improper flushing poop in the sink will be unbearable. Microorganisms will form from the remnants of this solid waste. These microorganisms cause different airborne diseases and other serious illnesses.

Some diseases exposure to feces causes are:

Other diseases exposure to feces causes are Shigellosis, paratyphoid fever, etc. To avoid these illnesses, do not poop in the sink as they cannot move solid waste. 

What Happens If You Poop in the Sink?

If you decide to pass out faces in the sink regularly, it will lead to plumbing and drainage problems in the future.

No matter how small your feces are, please do not allow them to go down your sink. Sink pipes cannot accommodate feces.

If you poop in the sink, it will clog the pipes and not flush the poop appropriately. Asides from this, you will notice the foul odor coming from it. 

Poop contains several bacteria that are harmful and can cause health problems. Pooping in the sink will expose you to risks of disease-causing microorganisms.

If you poop in the sink, get a disposable cup to remove all the waste. Drain and clean the sink.

Get a detergent, apply it to the sink, and wash with a sponge. Rinse it and let the water drain. If there are still remnants, get vinegar and baking soda to get rid of them

The vinegar and baking soda will dissolve the poop. Use warm water to rinse the sink and add the vinegar and baking soda. Could you leave it in the drain?

If poop goes down the sink, it will stick in the P-trap. It will leave an unpleasant odor and take a long time to move the poop.

When the solid matter clogs the pipe, you must perform manual unclogging. You can use a cup plunger to remove any form of obstruction in the pipes.

Remove the sink stopper and put a rag in the hole to prevent spillage. Add water to the sink to create a water seal.

Put the plunger over the drain and pump for 20 seconds. Check if it is draining, and repeat the process if necessary. 

If the plunger does not work, you can use a utility vacuum. Remove the stopper, cover the drain with a rag, and add water to the drain.

Place the end of the vacuum over the drain and turn the power on. The vacuum will pump and loosen the clog. Sanitize the vacuum and your hands at the end of this process.

Seems like a long procedure for something you can easily avoid by passing out your faces in the toilet.

Is It Normal to Poop in the Sink?

It is not normal to poop in the sink. It is not appropriate to pass out feces in the sink. Faces will remain in the drain for a while, and it will not be pleasant.

A trap filled with water in the sink drain prevents gasses from coming out. This drain is the curve you see underneath most sinks.

The traps have a short radius. So water constantly drains into that trap from the sink with just a little pressure, and it never gets empty.

In toilet traps, the traps are shallow, and they get empty. So if you poop in the sink, there will not be enough pressure for the water to move down the trap into the sewer.

The poop with other material stuff will clog the drain entirely. The feces will remain there for a while, emitting a foul odor that is not hygienic.

Inhaling the air can cause airborne diseases. Poor hygiene causes infectious diseases like cholera, typhoid, hepatitis, dysentery, gastroenteritis, giardiasis, etc. 

If you poop in the sink, get a sizable disposable plastic cup, pack all the faces, throw it in the toilet, and flush it. Drain the sink and disinfect the sink.

Get a disinfectant, apply it to the sink, and clean it with an old sponge. Rinse it properly and if there are some remnants, dissolve them using vinegar and baking soda and rinse again.

If you leave it for a while, the poop will become hard, and getting rid of it will be difficult.

After cleaning the feces, make sure you wash and sanitize your hands. Failure to do so may put you at risk of contracting infectious diseases.


In conclusion, passing out feces in your sink is not okay and is not normal behavior. Poop is the perfect breeding ground for microorganisms, and it can make you sick.

It can also affect other members of your household. If you accidentally poop in your sink, you can unclog the pipes yourself or have a professional plumber do this.

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