Can You Put A Bath Mat in The Dryer? (Must Know Before Doing)

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Bath mats are typical parts of most bathrooms, though often an afterthought during bathroom cleaning.

Though it does not usually receive the attention it should, it is an essential part of your bathroom. 

However, it attracts more germs, mold, and bacteria than other parts of your bathroom due to the function it serves.

Though washing your bath mats is easy, drying it might be an issue if you do not do it the right way.  

You can put your bath mat in your dryer, though you might have to lower the heat settings. However, you must confirm the material of the mat and the manufacturer’s instructions before putting it in a dryer. Rubber and other natural materials do not work well with high heat, so it is advisable to air dry your bath mat if it consists of natural materials. 

Can I Put My Rubber Backed Mat in the Dryer?      

Can You Put a Bath Mat in the Dryer

You cannot put your rubber-backed mat in a dryer because the heat in the dryer can melt or break the rubber backing.

It is better to air dry your rubber-backed mat in an enclosed space like your laundry room or on a rod or line outside though away from sunlight. 

Before you put your bath mat in your washer, inspect the mat for any manufacturer’s instructions. If none, check the mat package for the washing directions.

Next, take the mat outside and give it a thorough shake or beating to reduce the amount of dirt on the mat. 

In a gentle cold water cycle, you can wash most bath mats with cotton and synthetic material in a washing machine.

However, you can damage your rubber-backed mat if you throw it into a dryer. The backing will break from heat due to the nature of the material.

If it is the last resort to washing in case of rainy weather, dry the bath mat in a low heat dryer setting for a short time.

It would help if you also washed the mat only when necessary because a weekly wash and dry routine can damage the rubber backing in the mat. 

Mat with rubber and cotton material last longer when you air-dry them. Like cotton fabrics, a cotton bath mat can shrink when constantly exposing it to heat in a dryer.

Microfiber is also a delicate bath mat material. It is popular due to its soft feel and quick drying feature. However, you can easily wash a microfiber bath mat in a cold and mild wash cycle.

However, avoid using dryers to dry the bath mat to avoid damaging the mat fibers. The best drying method for this material is air drying.

\For drying to occur, you must wash the at unless you want to dry your wet bath mat. Rubber Backed bath mat can easily damage if you wash and dry it wrongly.

Though it is not advisable to dry your rubber-backed bath mat in a dryer, you can dry it with a dryer if there is no other way to dry it.

However, it would be best if you did it correctly to avoid breaking or melting the rubber part of the bath mat.

Take the steps below to wash and dry your rubber-backed bath mat:

#1. Step 1: Check the Bath Mat Label for Wash Directions

If you are washing your bathroom rubber-backed mat for the first time or are careful, check the mat’s label.

If there is no label, wash the bath mats separately from your clothes in a mild or cold wash cycle. Before washing the bath mat, take it outside and shake off the dust and dirt in the bath mat.

#2. Step 2: Wash the Bath Mat

If the bath mat has a label with wash instructions, it is advisable to follow the manufacturer’s direction to wash the bath mat.

Put the bath mat in the washer, add your detergent and wash the mat in a gentle, cold water wash cycle. 

You must use a cold water washer setting to wash your bath mat. Using this setting will preserve your bath mat and protect your washer from damage.

If you need to remove any stains on the bath mat, pour some washing soda into the washing machine before you fill it with water.

#3. Step 3: Dry the Bath Mat

Tumble dry the bath mat at a low mode setting, or better still, dry it out in the open, though not directly under sunlight.

For 10 to 15 minutes, use a low heat dryer temperature settings to dry the bath mat.

A high setting will melt or crack the rubber backing, which could damage both your dryer and the bath mat. Remove the mat from the dryer immediately after it dries.

How Do You Dry a Bath Mat After Shower? 

You can dry your bath mat out in the open after a shower. This method will help you get rid of any odors or dirt. You can also hang the bath mat on a cloth drying rack in your laundry room.

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Though this method is the safest method to dry your bath mat after a shower, you can use a dryer if the weather is not conducive to drying the mat.

However, you must follow the instructions on the label of the bath mat. Check the bath mat for directions, and take note of the instructions while drying the bath mat.

Do not dry it in high heat, as it will permanently damage your bath mat. If your bath rug is a memory foam material, you should also stick to air drying if you want to maintain the quality of the bath mat. 

Hang dry the bath mat in your laundry room on a shower rod or a drying rack. You can also dry the mat outside on a drying rack or a clothesline.

However, do not spread the bath mat directly under the sun to avoid shrinkage or discoloration. Once the mat is completely dry, take it back to the bathroom.          

Can I Tumble Dry My Bath Mat?  

You can tumble dry your bath mat at the lowest heat, between 10 to 15 minutes. Before tumble drying your bath mat, check the manufacturer’s instructions.

If it says “Do not tumble dry” on the product label, you can dry the bath mat on a clothesline outside or a cloth drying rack inside your laundry room.

Tumble drying your mat speeds up the drying cycle, but if you let the bath mat stay in the dryer for longer than necessary, it might damage your bath mat and dryer.

Before washing the bath mat, shake it vigorously to eliminate debris and hair particles. These particles can get stuck in your washing and clog the drainage and filter system.

If the bath mat has a material that is sensitive to heat, like rubber, wash the drying process to avoid damaging your machine and mat.

You can also vacuum the bath mat to get rid of dirt and other particles to keep the mat surface clean.    

Difference Between Air Drying and Dryer Methods of Drying Bath Mat

What Is the Best Way to Dry Your Bath Mat?

The best and safest way to dry your bath mat is by air drying it. This drying method ensures that your mat does not damage from exposure to excess heat and gets rid of foul odors.

You can air dry your bath mat outdoors or indoors if the weather is not conducive. The main downside of this drying method is that the process takes longer. 

Other options include drying it in a washing machine using the “Air Only” cycle and drying it at low heat temperature in a dryer.

Though it might damage the bath mat, it is a faster way to dry your bath mat. It can also melt or shrink if you leave it in the dryer for too long. 

The air drying method is direct, especially cotton or memory foam mats with rubber backing.

To use this method, you only need to dry the bath mats on a clothesline or in a cloth drying rack in your laundry room.

If drying outside, keep it in a cool and dry area, away from sunlight, to maintain the bath mat quality.

However, a dryer is faster, especially if you want to dry the mat after a shower. However, not all bath mats can handle the heat from your dryer.

In addition, drying bath mats with materials like cotton, wool, polyester, or rubber with your dryer can ruin the bath mat and damage your dryer.


Though you can put your bath mat in the dryer, it is better to air dry because dryers weaken the mat material or damage its fibers with constant washing and drying.

However, before washing or drying your bath mat, check the manufacturer’s wash directions on the tag or label attached to the bath mat.

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