Can You Put A Box Spring On Top Of The Slats?

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The correct setup for your mattress will guarantee that you get the best sleeping experience, so it is with the wrong setup it may ruin your sleep.

For example, putting a box spring on top of Slats is common, and many wonder if it can give you a good sleep or a nightmare.

If you’re wondering if it’s okay to put a box spring on top of slats and the benefits or disadvantages, this article has given details of putting a box spring on slats.

Yes, you can put a box spring on top of the slats. It is already in practice and has been around for quite some time. For a practice to go on for years, it must have maintained its usefulness to those who do it.

Can You Put a Box Spring On Top of Wooden Slats?

Can You Put a Box Spring On Top of Slats

Yes, you can put a box spring on top of wooden slats. Box springs are a reinforcement for your bed slats, whether wooden or not.

If you’re unfamiliar with what slats are and how beneficial they can be, you will not understand why they sometimes require some support.

You may have seen some thin pieces of wood placed horizontally across two vertical kinds of wood which are used as suspenders for mattresses in modern homes.

Due to the nature of the materials (wood) used, there’s a limited amount of time these slats can serve. 

And sometimes, all it requires to make it last longer is to put box springs on them, strengthening it and enhancing the looks of your bed. 

Not just in modern homes alone, but putting box springs platforms on wooden slats has been a practice for years. And its many benefits don’t look like they’ll stop anytime soon.

 Instead, people have come up with more innovative ways of combining their comfort and their homes’ beauty.

Can You Put a Box Spring On a Slat Bed?

Yes, you can put a box spring platform on a slat bed which doubles as a support for your mattress and slats.

In earnest, both box springs and slats can work individually and still accomplish the task of weight support; however, combining both does not harm.

If you’re using wooden slats for your mattress, you may consider adding a box springs platform to prolong its usefulness since wood can easily break.

It means metal slats do not need box springs to be effective, but you can combine the two boxes. 

Box springs are an improved version of slats; improved versions may not always be better but always include an extra feature.

Box springs are not just designed to support the bed like slats but also increase the height of the bed.

One of the problems with using wooden slats is how fragile and susceptible to damage from mold and termites the planks are.

Instead of putting your bed on wooden slats directly, putting box springs will reduce the chances of any damage on the slats.

This action will go a long way to saving the cost of frequently replacing broken planks.

Can I Put a Box Spring On Wooden Slats?

Yes, it is okay to put box springs on wooden slats. However, considering how each works, you may realize that wooden slats are likely to be one of the reasons box springs exist. 

Box springs platforms are made of metallic springs to support the weight and increase the height of your mattress, like slats.

However, one (box springs) can outlive the other (wooden slats) and, when used together, will last longer.

 However, you don’t need to put a box spring on your wooden slats if you’re not concerned much about the height of your bed.

Since the height difference is what stands out for bed slats without box springs, you can ignore using box springs if you are comfortable with the height of your bed.

Benefits of Putting Box Springs On Top of Slats

Even though box springs platforms are unnecessary for this age and time, they offer a few benefits when used on slats.

#1. Height

people who enjoy high beds will find box springs beneficial. They may not be easy to transport, but they’re surely worth considering when looking to increase the height of your bed.

#2. To Reinforce Your Slats

 Especially wooden slats, box springs reduce the effects of your body’s weight on the slats, which makes them last longer.

#3. Aesthetics

 Let’s admit it; this generation is a generation of artists. So beyond just the height and weight support, the box springs platform enhances the looks of your bed.

One may consider the benefits of putting box springs on top of slats good enough to purchase one, but to be fair, you have to also look at why putting box springs on top of slats may be unnecessary.

Can You Add Slats On Top of a Box Spring to Strengthen It?

No, you should not add slats on the box springs platform for any reason. While you can set up your mattress however you deem fit, there’s no reason to add slats on top of bed springs.

For strength or height, bed springs come prepared compared to slats and, therefore, do not need slats.

If you want to combine both for reasons best known to you, putting box springs on top of slats is the correct way to use them, not the other way around.

Wooden slats depend on box springs since the type of wood used is usually thin and lightweight; they can break or sag over time.

However, box springs made of metal can last for as long as possible if not misused.

The only damage likely to happen is if it traps moisture and begins to rust, which you can prevent with frequent sun-drying.

They can be used independently as a platform for the mattress.

#1. What Are Slats?

Bed slats serve as a foundation to support the platform of your bed. They’re from wood or metal, with the slats running horizontally, which helps to spread the weight of your mattress and makes it more balanced.

Platform beds are lower than beds with bed frames and, therefore, ideal for slats since it also increases the height of the bed, automatically making it unnecessary for beds with frames.

Slats can be combined with box springs or used independently, as the case may be. As there are different types of mattresses, there are also a variety of slats to support them.

Below are the types of slats to decide from should you be in search of suitable bed slats for your mattress.

#2. Types of Bed Slats

#1. Wooden Bed Slats

These are the bed slats you’ll likely come across these days. Unfortunately, although they’re lightweight and easy to install or replace when need is, they’re not flexible and may break when overused.

#2. Metal Bed Slats

This type lasts longer than wooden Slats since they can’t break. They have been in use for a more extended period than the wooden Slats, but many opt for the former due to how heavy wooden slats are.

Also, when purchasing slats, remember that the size of slats depends on the size of your mattress since all slats do not have equal dimensions.

As indicated below, they are measured in inches to match your mattress size.

#3. Type of Mattress and Dimension

Twin mattress 38 Inches
Twin XL (extra large)38 inches
Full 54 inches
Queen-sized mattress60 inches
King-sized mattress76 inches

#4. Pros and Cons of Slats

Placing side by side the pros and cons of slats throws more light on what to expect when using slats on your platform bed and which is best for you.

They’re less likely to be the most expensive item on your list of things to get for your bed since wooden slats are very affordable.They’re not suitable for all types of mattresses. Mattresses vary in dimensions as well as sizes. While thick mattresses can do with or without slats, thinner mattresses may not have the required weight support from slats as they would with box springs.
Wooden Slats are easy to install and do not need supervision from a pro, and any novice can install slats.They’re not permanent. Wooden Slats may get eaten by termites if not treated or have mold growing on them if wet. And can easily break when it carries a weight above its limit, making it a little less suitable for a permanent choice.
They’re easy to replace. As easy as slats are to install, they are for a replacement since they come in individual pieces; this is the case for wooden slats. In addition, they’re affordable and cheap, and you can replace them at will.They require a DIY (Do It Yourself) assembly, which can be a little less comfortable for some people.
They support the weight of your bed and prevent it from slacking.

Final Thoughts

People have their priorities set whenever they’re setting up their spaces. It includes the outlook of their homes, the type of home materials, and how best to enjoy their sleep.

For example, putting a box springs platform on top of slats is an excellent way of promoting comfortable sleep and engaging the looks of your bedroom.

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