Can You Put A Mirror in The Shower? (Do it This Way)

Showers are one of the most important parts of your daily hygiene routine, and they can be enjoyable if you have the right setup.

A mirror can be a great addition to your setup to ensure that you take care of yourself properly and give yourself the best spa-like experience possible! The burning question, however, is if you can put a mirror in the shower.

You can install a mirror in the shower if you want to, but whether you can depend on how you set up your bathroom and whether your state permits it. If it permits, you must adhere to particular rules and restrictions.

Is It Okay To Put a Mirror In the Shower?

Can You Put a Mirror In the Shower

Putting a mirror in the shower is okay if you install it safely and it is out of the reach of children and pets.

The mirror can fall off the wall and shatter if given a little nudge by you or even children who try to play with it in their usual playful nature, especially when it is not fixed or held tight to the wall.

It would be best to avoid large, long mirrors in the bathroom as they are unsafe. They can easily fall off even with the slightest touch and can cause serious injuries to anyone.

Your mirror should be placed high on the wall so children or pets cannot easily knock it over.

It would help if you also fixed the mirror tightly on the wall using hooks to prevent it from falling even with the slightest touch. You can choose which mirror to install from several types available.

It would be best if you chose the mirror you believe will not pose any harm to yourself or any other person while it also serves the purpose for which you install it.

The benefits of installing a mirror in the shower are numerous. It also has a lot of drawbacks.

The table below states a bathroom mirror’s pros and cons.

It gives an added appeal to your bathroom.It can easily break and cause harm.
It helps you see if you are taking proper care of yourself.It can easily become misty, which makes cleaning it become an inconvenience.

Why Do People Put Mirrors In the Shower?

People put mirrors in their showers for many reasons. Some people want to admire themselves and use it during their cleanup, and some keep it for reasons beyond utilization.

These reasons include the following.

#1. For Personal Grooming

Mirrors come in handy when you use them for personal grooming. You will need a mirror to get a good view while shaving or waxing, so you don’t miss a spot.

You also need a mirror to check if you have gotten shampoo out of your hair so that you do not leave any residue.

A mirror in your bathroom is also very important when making yourself up and getting ready for the day. That way, you can make adjustments to appear in the best way possible.

Whichever way you look at it, mirrors play an important role in personal grooming, and it is not surprising that this is the most important reason why people keep mirrors in their bathrooms.

#2. To Give the Appearance of Extra Room

A bathroom appears larger when you place a mirror, thanks to optical illusion and light refraction.

People who use mirrors to make their bathroom seem larger position them above a sink to give the room depth or put it on the wall opposite the window in the bathroom.

#3. To Make the Shower Look Stylish

People use mirrors to make a style statement by including a mirror inside their bathroom. Mirrors come in various designs, including conventional, modern, and vintage.

They select the one that perfectly suits the bathroom’s visual identity and creates this stylish look.

#4. To Brighten Corners

A mirror that can reflect more light and add visual interest can be hung in a bathroom corner to add interest.

People use mirrors to make that tiny corner where your toilet is hidden or that tiny wall next to the shower appear far brighter.

#5. To Conceal a Storage Area

People usually choose a mirror with a cabinet to fit into their small bathroom. This piece of furniture not only looks good, but it also has a large storage area for your toiletries.

What Happens To The Mirror When You Shower?

The mirror turns hazy or foggy when you have a shower. The haze or fog is due to a vapor cloud produced by steam and water droplets.

After a shower, the haze rapidly fades away, but the mirror remains damp for some time. The dampness distorts the picture you see in the mirror.

How Do You Keep Your Mirror From Fogging Up In The shower?

Your hygiene and your bathroom’s aesthetics depend on keeping your mirror free of fog.

Here are some guidelines to keep your mirror clear of fog.

#1. Using Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is a perfect two-in-one item in the bathroom. It works wonders to keep mirrors from becoming hazy.

All you need to do is soap up the mirror and use a clean towel to wipe it down, and just like that, you have a fog-free mirror that can stay that way for weeks.

#2. Mixing Vinegar and Water In Solution

Mixing vinegar and water in a split solution keeps your mirror from fogging. You can use this cleaner rather than purchasing a mirror cleanser with many chemicals.

Fill a spray bottle with one cup of water and vinegar each, add dishwashing soap with a few drops, and then spray it on the mirror. The mirror should stay fog-proof for a few days if you wipe it with a towel.

#3. Using Old Car Wax

You can also use old car wax or a window defogger to clear your bathroom mirror. Apply and wipe the same way you clean your car windows, and your mirror should become squeaky clean.

#4. Using Dish Soap

Dishwashing liquid lightly brushed on the mirror also works. Add water after adding a few drops of soap to your palm.

Use your soapy hand to wipe the mirror’s surface, and then dry it off with a paper towel. After a day or two, the mirror should be clear. You can do it again at that point.

#5. Using a Blow Dryer

You may easily remove the fog from your mirrors with a blow dryer you use for your hair if you do not feel like applying anything to the glass.

How Do You Fog Proof a Shower Mirror?

You can use the methods below to make your shower mirror fog proof. 

#1. Install a Heated Towel Rail 

Installing a heated towel rail in the shower, which will warm the steam from the water, is an ideal solution. It will prevent water from evaporating and leaving droplets on the mirror.

If you don’t have a heated towel rail, you can purchase a heat lamp and put it right above the mirror, which will cause the water droplets to evaporate as they form due to the lamp’s warmth.

#2. Get a Humidifier

Another option is to put a humidifier to maintain a high humidity level and stop water from condensing.

However, the inability to maintain a steady temperature and humidity in the room renders this method ineffective.

#3. Purchase an Anti-Fog Spray 

You could prevent the mirror from fogging up with an anti-fog spray if you cannot install heating or humidifying equipment.

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This solution will work, although it will be inconvenient and stressful to use the anti-fog spray after every shower.

#4. Get a Clear Plastic Sheet

Placing a clear plastic sheet over the mirror is the best way to fog-proof your shower mirror. It will give you a clear view of the shower while preventing fog from accumulating on the mirror.

You should select the plastic sheet that best matches your demands, as many types and levels of transparency are available. 


The benefit of having a mirror in your bathroom is that the mirror not only aids in getting you ready for the day but also raises your self-esteem!

Many people say encouraging things to themselves as they look in the mirror before getting ready for the day and, frequently, just before bed.

So, if using a bathroom mirror is permitted by state law, go for it and enjoy your bathroom experience.

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