Can You Put Nobull Shoes In The Washing Machine?

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Nobull shoes come in a variety of shoe models made with different materials. Understanding the correct way to clean them is essential to preserving and prolonging their life span.

The urge to dump your Trainers or Runners into the washing machine after a long workout is very tempting. 

However, you may not be aware of the damage washing machines can have on Nobull shoes. This article elaborates on how to clean and maintain your Nobull shoes properly.

It would be best if you didn’t put your Nobull shoes in a washing machine or dryer. They become waterlogged, causing damage to the midsole. Drying them in a dryer will deteriorate the glue and polyurethanes in the shoe. Spot cleaning using warm water, mild soap, a wet rag, and a soft brush is the preferable way to clean Nobull shoes.

Can you put Nobull Shoes in the Washing Machine?

Can you put Nobull Shoes in the Washing Machine

It is not advisable to put Nobull shoes, either Nobull Trainers or Nobull Runners, in the washing machine.

Using a washing machine has serious adverse effects on Nobull shoes. It damages the midsole and many other shoe components over time. 

Washing machines make the shoe waterlogged; this, in turn, seeps into the shoe’s upper and midsole, damaging both components.

Wrapping your Nobull shoes in a wash bag or a pillow case will not protect your shoes from waterlogging.

They can only protect your shoes from the wash drum. The problem with using a washing machine is not that it can’t clean the shoes; it can. 

The problem is the damage it can do over time to the shoes. Washing machines also use harsh detergents that may damage the shoe over time with continuous use.

Refraining from washing your Nobull shoes with a washing machine will ensure the quality remains intact and the shoes last longer. 

Another bad practice that can cause serious damage to Nobull shoes is using a dryer to dry them.

It can seem like an easy and effective method of drying your shoes, but it can cause massive damage to the midsoles and upper. 

Aggressively drying your Nobull shoes in a dryer after washing them in a washing machine tends to deteriorate different components used in making the shoe.

The glues and polyurethanes in the midsoles and uppers are mostly affected. It seriously reduces the durability and lifespan of the shoe. 

Also, the midsoles on Nobull Trainers are prone to changing densities when excessively waterlogged. It will affect their balance when in use.

Avoid washing your Nobull shoes with a washing machine will make them last longer and maintain the quality of the shoes.

Nobull shoes are an investment; they should be treated and maintained with proper care and handling. 

How do you Clean Nobull Runners?

The upper on Nobull Runners feature knit, Mesh and Ripstop. These materials make the shoe super comfortable, durable, and flexible.

The light, comfortable upper is prone to dust and debris due to its fabric. Hence, Nobull Runners especially require thorough and delicate cleaning.

To do this, you will need a few cleaning materials that include:

  • Warm water
  • Mild soap or detergent
  • A soft brush
  • A wet cotton cloth or sponge

You can use cold water if warm water is not available But do not compromise on the mildness of the soap or detergent. Harsh detergents can cause severe damage to your Nobull shoes.

Below are the few steps to follow when cleaning your Nobull Runners.

#1. Cleaning Dirt on the Surface

First, clean dust and dirt off the shoe’s surface and mud stains underneath the sole and sides. You can make use of the soft brush for this.

Gently scrub away dirt and tough stains from the upper and the sole. If you encounter stubborn spots, use a wet cloth or sponge to remove them.

#2. Washing the Surface

After cleaning all the dirt and debris from the shoe’s surface, you can wash it. Washing doesn’t entail soaking the shoe in the water and scrubbing with soap and a brush.

Instead, mix the mild soap or detergent with the warm water, dip the cloth or sponge in the solution and gently scrub the surface of the Nobull Runners. Pay careful attention to the spots with tougher stains.

#3. Rinsing

The next step is to rinse the shoe and dry them properly. Do not rinse the shoe by soaking it in clean water, even if you intend to squeeze out the water after soaking it.

It will still cause waterlogging in the shoe’s sole. Instead, use a cloth or sponge soaked in clean, non-soapy water to gently wipe and massage the shoe’s surface.

Pay extra attention to areas with soap or detergent residue. 

#4. Drying

Allow your Nobull Runners to dry in an airy space, preferably outside. Do not air it directly facing the sun, air in a cool, dry shade.

This way, your shoes can dry faster without direct heat affecting the glue or polyurethane in the shoe.

Below is a table explaining a few do’s and don’ts when cleaning your Nobull Runners.

Do not use extremely hot or cold water to clean Nobull Runners.Extremely hot water will damage the upper fabric when used consecutively over time. Cold water does not dissolve dirt and debris as well as warm water. 
Avoid using a hard brush instead of a soft brush.Hard brushes can damage the uppers when scrubbed with excessive force 
Do not use harsh detergents or soapThis precaution is very important. Harsh detergents or soaps can deteriorate the shoe’s material over time.

Are Nobull Shoes Waterproof?

The upper on Nobull Trainers is a unique, light fabric called SuperFabric. SuperFabric is a seamless fabric that covers the entire vamp.

SuperFabric is incredibly durable and can withstand tough workouts and road or weather conditions. 

The fact that it is seamless makes it harder to develop holes or rip out. SuperFabric is slightly water resistant. Water droplets can easily fall off coming in contact with the fabric.

SuperFabric materials are amongst the most durable and resistant fabrics in the world. 

They are used in the manufacture of combat boots and motorcycle gear. SuperFabric comprises nylon, polyester, crepe, etc.

These materials add up to form SuperFabrics’ slightly water-resistant layer. Although Nobull Trainers are slightly water resistant, it is wiser not to expose them to constant rainfall or use them for water sports activities. 

They are only slightly water resistant. Nobull shoes should be kept from the rain or away from water as much as possible to avoid waterlogging in the shoe’s soles. 

Are Nobull Shoes Good for Everyday?

All Nobull shoes are great shoes that can wear out continuously. However, Nobull Trainers are best suited to those who engage in CrossFit and weight lifting activities.

The brand’s designs gear toward more “exercise-oriented” activities. They usually do not look stylish enough for everyday wear. 

However, the Nobull Trainer+ blends both CrossFit and everyday designs perfectly.

The shoe features similarities with the normal Nobull Trainers with a few added perks that make them look much more stylish and recreational. 

The Nobull Trainer+ features thicker midsoles, adding volume to the shoe’s overall comfort. The shoe is wider, with more forefoot and midfoot volume.

The shoe can accommodate a wider range of feet anatomy compared to ordinary Nobull Trainers. 

The brand redesigned the shoe soles to add a touch of style, making the Nobull Trainer+ more suitable for outdoor, everyday activities.

The Nobull Trainer+ retains the standard quality and comfort evident in normal Nobull Trainer models. 

Nobull shoes were not specifically designed for everyday outdoor use, but slowly with the new improvements in design and build, the brand is steadily producing more stylish recreational shoes.

In terms of quality or durability, Nobull shoes can perform or even outperform other regular everyday shoes. 

The major concern remains its exterior design and lack of style. Still, if you want to purchase Nobull shoes for everyday use, then the Nobull Trainer+ is a great asset you can invest in. 


Do not wash Nobull shoes in washing machines; the soles can damage from being waterlogged.

Remember to use only mild soap and detergent when cleaning Nobull shoes and avoid using hard brushes on the shoe’s surface.

Wrapping your Nobull shoes in a wash bag or a pillowcase would not stop water from soaking the shoe either.

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