Can You Put Traeger in An Outdoor Kitchen? (Must Read)

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Traeger is an exceptional grill that you can use to make delicious barbecue meals effortlessly. It gives your food a unique smoky food taste that almost everyone loves to devour.

Traegers use pellets instead of charcoal for grilling. You may be wondering if you can put Traeger in your outdoor kitchen.

Yes, you can put a Traeger in your outdoor kitchen as it can help to boost the aesthetic appearance of your kitchen. Although, it comes with special requirements to maintain superior functionality. However, the requirement to keep it going well is simple for you to follow.

Can Traeger Be Built into An Outdoor Kitchen?

Can You Put Traeger in An Outdoor Kitchen

It is affirmative that you can build a Traeger into your outdoor kitchen without any hassle.

Building a Traeger into your outdoor kitchen enables you to make mouthwatering barbecued meals effortlessly in the open area.

Also, it’s the perfect grilling appliance in your outdoor kitchen, especially if you enjoy cooking in the open. 

Having a Traeger in your outdoor kitchen is also highly beneficial if you enjoy cooking in different weather.

It enables you to grill during cold, windy, or even snowy weather. First, however, you must be aware of how to use a Traeger in an outdoor kitchen effectively.

Additionally, you must ensure enough room for the Traeger before building it in your outdoor kitchen.

Having enough space to contain your Traeger grill is the first thing to consider before building it in your kitchen. Also, you need to provide enough ventilation for the Traeger to release its smoke. 

A sound ventilation system is essential to prevent the accumulation of smoke in your environment. After that, you must make the outdoor kitchen free from inflammable elements.

Also, you shouldn’t at any point place the Traeger grill close to the material that catches fire quickly.

Therefore, once you can fulfill all these requirements, you can build a Traeger into your outdoor kitchen. Consequently, you can easily prepare delicious grills and barbecue meals in the open.

Hence, you can build a Traeger into your outdoor kitchen and operate it with minimal stress.

Pros and Cons Of Building Traeger into An Outdoor Kitchen

Provides easy access to grillingRequires a lot of space
Improves the aesthetic look of the outdoor kitchenIt doesn’t have complete weather protection
Enables good ventilation that Traeger requiresLow security
Allows you to grill while discussing with loved ones

Are Traeger Grills Weatherproof?

Traeger grills are weatherproof as they work in the rain, heat, snow, or during windy weather.

However, some experts don’t perceive them to have adequate strength to withstand all weather conditions.

Therefore, you shouldn’t handle or leave it carelessly in all weather. Also, It means that you should protect your Traeger grills judiciously in all weathers, even if it’s safe to use.

You should prevent moisture or water from directly entering the Traeger pellet hopper to prevent damaging it. Also, do not allow your Traeger grill to thoroughly drench in water or moisture. 

#1. Weather Effects On Traeger Grill

Weather TypeEffect On Traeger Grill
Hot weather Traeger temperature becomes hotter(higher internal temperature) than the average set temperature. 
Cold/snowy weatherIt becomes colder than the set temperature, thus needing more pellets to regulate its temperature. 
Rainy weather and HumidityResults in making Traeger grill ignition slower
Windy weatherIncreases temperature a little bit 

#2. How to Protect Traeger Grill From Getting Wet

It would help if you endeavored to prevent water from getting into your grill as it isn’t waterproof to prevent potential damage or product satisfaction.

Therefore, ensure that the environment you operate your Traeger in is arid. Also, at most times, only use devices that will keep it dry always.

Here are some ways you can use to keep your Traeger grill dry all the time:

  • Purchase weather-resistant overhead 
  • Make use of quality overhead coverings
  • Employ the use of an extension cord that’s suitable for outside use
  • Keep your Traeger indoor after use

#1. Purchase a Weather-resistant Overhead 

Because you can use a Traeger to grill and make barbecue meals in any weather, you should get an excellent cover.

This cover should be suitable for rainy, snowy, windy, and sunny weather. Also, you should get an insulated blanket if you enjoy barbecuing during cold weather.

An insulated blanket will protect your Traeger when it’s raining or during snow/ winter to make its internal temperature constant.

#2. Make Use of Quality Overhead Coverings

Quality overhead coverings such as gazebos, canopies, pavilion, etc., protect your trader grills from getting wet when it’s raining.

It is temporary housing for the Traeger, which works great in keeping you dry when cooking outside.

Also, it prevents you and your grill from getting hit by direct sunlight on high sunny days. Therefore, only grill under quality overhead coverings when cooking with your Traeger in the open.

Additionally, ensure that this coverage doesn’t entirely cover you to access the cross ventilation that the grill requires.

#3. Employ the Use Extension Cords That Are Suitable for External Use

Always use an extension cord suitable for outside to prevent any possible form of electrocution when grilling with a Traeger grill.

In addition, the cord should be long enough to keep your grill covered and in a safe area when raining.

#4. Keep Your Traeger Indoor After Use

If possible, keep your Traeger indoors after usage, as this is the best method to keep it safe from getting wet.

Also, this will protect it from other unfavorable weather conditions when you’re not using it.

#3. Tips For Using Traeger Grill

It is vital to ensure that your Traeger grill’s internal temperature is always consistent. Furthermore, it’s crucial to protect the Traeger in all weather and keep it dry.

Thus, below are the tips for using your Traeger grill effectively:

  • Do not grill under direct sunlight and grill only when the ambient temperature has reduced
  • Adjust the rate at which the grill feeds pellets into the fire pot if you’re using a non-wire grill with p-setting
  • Store grill in a cool, dry place where it’s safe from environmental hazards

Can Traeger Grills Be Left Outside?

Yes, Traeger grills can be left outside. But, we don’t recommend you to do that as the best thing to do to increase its lifespan is to store it indoors.

Moreover, storing it indoors will protect it from getting wet when it’s raining and from moisture.

Also, keeping it indoors prevents its sensitive electronics and metals from corrosion and quick spoilage.

However, if you want to leave it outside, ensure to completely cover it and keep it in a place where it’s dry constantly.

So, wrap it in an insulation blanket if the weather is around 35°F or colder. Also, never leave the Traeger lid open when it’s raining or in wet places.

Thus, although you can leave the Traeger grill outside, ensure to keep it away from moisture and cover an insulated blanket.

Can Traeger Grills Be Built In?

Yes, Traeger grills can be built-in, although it’s mostly not manufactured to be a built-in grill.

A built-in grill is a grill that’s more suitable for an outdoor kitchen and supports the easy installation. Also, it makes room for proper ventilation and low smoke when grilling.

Meanwhile, as most Traeger grills don’t come in a built-in form, you can turn your non-in-built Traeger grill into an inbuilt one.

To do this, remove the legs from your grill to turn it into an inbuilt grill. After that, you can create a stand for the grill by using a wooden kitchen frame or RTF kitchen kit.

What Is The Best Countertop for An Outdoor Kitchen?

It is crucial to choose a good countertop that can resist heat and water and is suitable for all weather conditions.

So, when choosing a countertop for your outdoor kitchen, you should focus on picking a solid material.

After that, you can look into picking a beautiful material to justify your money investment for buying the countertop.

In other words, the best countertop to choose from for your outdoor kitchen is natural stones, concrete, or tiles. Choosing one with a good color that doesn’t change when exposed to the sun is crucial. 

#1. Stones

Stones are one of the best countertops for an outdoor kitchen, but not all stones are suitable and durable enough.

Stones like marbles, limestone, and other similar types look good but leave greasy as time passes.

Therefore, among the stones available, the best type to consider using are the likes of granite, soapstone, etc.

Granite is the best type of stone for outdoor kitchen countertops as it contains durable elements. Also, unlike other stone types, it dramatically absorbs the stain and odor.

Thus, you should choose one with light color as the darker one tends to absorb heat and become hot fast.

Hotness from the heat that dark stones absorb is dangerous as it can lead to skin burns and other havoc.

Also, another best stone type to use for your outdoor kitchen is soapstone which resists bacteria, unlike granite.

Asides from having all the characteristics granite possess, soapstone doesn’t need you to seal it constantly.

However, it only comes in shades of gray to black hues but considers picking lighter gray shades.

#2. Concrete

Although concrete surfaces may get damaged when you install them correctly, it’s still a good option when the installation is done by a professional.

They have different types of color shades which you can pick from but remember to stick to lighter colors. Also, ensure to install and seal it correctly from the beginning to make it last longer.

#3. Tile

Tile has various designs and colors, and it’s pretty economical. However, choose darker tiles and allow an expert to install them instead of installing them yourself.

But do not use tiles on your kitchen countertop to avoid cracks if you reside in a cold climate. 


You can put a Traeger grill in an outdoor kitchen as it helps improve the aesthetic look of your kitchen.

However, you should cover the Traeger with an insulated blanket when you leave it outside, as it’s not entirely weatherproof.

Also, you should use granite as your outdoor kitchen countertop and let a professional take care of your installation and repairs.

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