Can Rat Poison Kill Roaches? (Things You Should Know)

Rats and cockroaches are pests that’d multiply very fast if you let them into your home knowingly or unknowingly.

When that happens, the only remedy you’ll have is to find ways to chase or kill them fast.

However, this article will show you some chemicals and natural means of removing roaches and rats from your home.

Rat poison would certainly kill the cockroaches in your home, but you must understand that the rate would be lower. That’s because several species can react to a lethal substance differently, and cockroaches aren’t an exception. However, all you need to do is to place the poison at locations where the rats and roaches can access them.

Does Rat Poison Kill Roaches?

Can Rat Poison Kill Roaches

It’s not out of place to wonder if rat poison can kill roaches because these two pests can make your home unpleasant.

Most rat poison comes in tablets containing powder that you can apply to grains that rats consume.

When cockroaches get in contact and ingest this poison, they gradually weaken and eventually die.

Rat poison contains an active ingredient, an anticoagulant, and this substance is what forms the basis of death for rats and roaches.

Strychnine is an active substance that can kill rats and roaches instantly when it gets into their alimentary canal.

However, you must ensure that you place the poison strategically where the rats can find them.

You must understand that the high potency of rat bait accounts for the reason why it can kill other crawlers like cockroaches.

Keep your children away from these sites when applying the poison because a little dose is lethal to man. 

Also, you must ensure to store these baits at locations accessible to only the people you trust in your home. That’s mainly to avoid the case of human poisoning from rat bait.

What Poison Kills Roaches Instantly?

Before we instantly identify what can kill cockroaches, you’ll need to identify the type of roaches you have in your home.

That’s important because you’ll tell what poison is specific for the cockroaches.

Also, understanding the characteristics of these irritating creatures will help you decide on the control measure you need. 

Some poisons can kill cockroaches instantly when you spray them, but some would need a couple of hours before doing their job.

The poisons that take longer to kill the cockroaches are more effective because they’d spread to other colony members.

This table illustrates some of the products that serve as poisons to kill roaches in your home.

What Is the Fastest Way to Get Rid of Rats and Roaches?

The ability to successfully eliminate roaches and rats from your home gives a sense of joy because these little creatures contaminate everything.

You can’t leave your food on the table to pick something up quickly without coming to see roaches or rats picking on it.

Cockroaches can even infiltrate your wardrobe and make your clothes smell horrible. 

Speaking from personal experience, rats in your home will scare you from entering your kitchen at night.

That’s particularly worse when you turn off the kitchen light and then go back and turn it on after a little while.

In that instance, you’d see them all around your kitchen cabinet and slabs. There are different products in the market with effects non-specific to cockroaches.

These poisons come with potency to either kill only cockroaches or in combination with killing rats and mice.

Some of the poisons that can eliminate rats and roaches from your home include;

  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Boric acid
  • Abamectin
  • Brodifacoum
  • Borax
  • Gel bait

However, here are simple home remedies if you have little children in the house and feel skeptical about using chemicals. 

We all know prevention is better than cure. It’s easier to avoid the presence of roaches and rats than to eradicate them.

So, here are a few tips on preventing the entrance of rats and roaches into your home.

#1. Home Inspection

Inspect your home for potential access points to rodents and cockroaches. Please pay attention to drains, vents, and trash sites and keep them clean. 

#2. Close Up Holes

Check for holes and gaps in walls and seal them with caulk, cement, or wire wool. One thing about rats is that they can squeeze through the smallest of holes. 

#3. Keep a Clean Home

Clean up spaces where rats and roaches can hide. Ensure to store your food in airtight containers and store your trash in bins that have lids.

#4. Traps

Traps are another way to eliminate rats and roaches from your home without using chemicals.

However, you must ensure that they’re far from the reach of your babies. Place the traps at strategic points where these rats disturb the most.

How Long Does Rat Poison Last?

Rat poison can stay as long as a year as long as you keep the rat baits in an airtight container. If you remove a single bait and keep it on the exterior, it won’t last long.

That’s because, after one to three months, it loses its potency and would require a replacement.

When you leave bait out for rats, they’d be active initially, but after some weeks, they begin to deteriorate.

Most rat bait contains an anticoagulant solely responsible for killing rats. This content loses potency after staying out a long time, resulting in rats losing attraction to the bait.

Like everything we have available today, rat poison doesn’t last forever. The potency of rat poison and how long it can stay depends on the type of rat poison.

Some rat poison can last a long time, while some would only stay a few days or weeks. 

However, although rat poison can expire after a while, it can still be lethal to humans. So, you’ll need caution when trying to discard the poison. 

Do not make direct contact with it when it expires. If you mistakenly do, wash your hands thoroughly.

From my research, it’s possible to keep rat poison from getting inactive before the actual expiry date.

All you have to do is ensure that the poison is in an airtight container in a dark place like a shelf.

However, you must ensure to keep your children away from the storage site, only allowing a few people to access it.

Does Rat Poison Kill Bugs?

Yes, rat poison kills almost everything that crawls, including bugs. That happens mainly because rat poison is toxic to the environment and dangerous to all living things.

So, when you apply rat poison to kill rats, you’re not just targeting them but bugs as well. 

You’ll notice that when you apply rat poison, you don’t just smell dead rats the next time you survey there.

You’ll also find dead bugs and roaches lying in their carcasses. Also, rat poison is highly lethal to humans, so you must put it in safe places where your children won’t have access. 


When you have roaches and rats in your home, you’ll have issues with everything, from the invasion of food to clothes.

Rats would go as far as scaring your children, biting you when you’re asleep, and making annoying noises in your basement.

So, finding the right ways to eliminate these pests would give you relief, but you must do that with caution.

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