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Can You Replace Garage Door Window Inserts? ( Must Read)

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Windows are common in every room in a house. These windows bring natural light, adding a beautiful shine to your home; likewise, they’re essential in garages.

This is why many garage doors come with window inserts to provide light to light up your dim garage.

However, regardless of the durability of these glass window inserts, they may break at any moment. Can you replace the inserts when they do?

You can replace your garage window inserts, depending on what insert type you use. Some garage door windows are easy to change, and following a DIY process will work out well for you, while other times, you require a professional to handle it as it may need additional effort and skills.

Are Garage Door Window Inserts Replaceable? 

Can You Replace Garage Door Window Inserts

Your garage door inserts are replaceable regardless of your reason for choosing to change them.

Below are the tools you’ll need for this process and the steps to replace your window inserts.

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Most of these tools will be handy if you replace your entire window since it involves more work than just changing the insert window glass.

Installing an entire window is complicated and may not be as easy as a DIY process, so have an expert do it. But if you wish to do it yourself, here are instructions to guide you.

However, replacing just the window’s insert glass is something you can handle yourself, and below are steps to do it.

  • Replacing a broken window insert leaves you vulnerable to broken glass or other blunt edges. Hence, always don gloves to protect yourself from injuries.
  • Ask someone for help; he can hold the window’s frame while standing outside to allow you to work from inside the garage.
  • If your garage window insert has a trim, you’ll need a pry bar to separate the trim from the frame without chipping it.
  • Use a screwdriver to remove the screws and bolts holding the window frame in place and remove the retainer. If your glasses are broken, wear gloves while removing those pieces to avoid hurting yourself.
  • Install the new glass pane and while someone holds the window frame outside, screw the frame from the inside.
  • Don’t forget to add caulk to the window frame if some of it was removed earlier. Use a utility knife to trim the caulk to help it align well with the window frame.

Can Garage Door Window Inserts Be Removed? 

It is possible to remove your garage door window inserts using similar tools to the ones for replacing them.

To do this:

  • You’ll need a utility or putty knife to eliminate the caulk attached to the window frame. 
  • Find any screws or bolts holding your window frames and remove them with a screwdriver.
  • Use the pry bar or any other trim picking tool to separate the trim from the window’s frame. Remember only to detach two sides of the trim as it’s easy to slide out the insert through that space. 
  • Slide the inserts out, and you’re all done. However, please note that if you’re removing your window inserts because they’re broken, you should be extra careful. Don’t forget to wear protective gloves to ensure you don’t hurt yourself.

How Do I Clean My Garage Door Window Inserts? 

Regular cleaning and maintenance help to keep your garage door window insert looking good, and here are the dos to follow while cleaning.

#1. Clean Windows Frequently

Both internal and external window insert frames are exposed to dust and dirt, making them look fogged.

Use a soft material while cleaning to avoid scratching the insert, and consider removing the insert to ensure you clean everywhere thoroughly.

#2. Use Delicate Cleaning Agents Or Detergents

Prioritize using mild soft soaps regardless of which type you opt for. Use manufacturer-recommended detergents or dishwashing soaps mixed with tepid water because abrasive soaps can damage the window, especially if it’s polycarbonate.

The point is to avoid anything that can harm your garage window.

#3. Use a Soft Cloth

Ensure to use only soft materials when cleaning these window inserts, not brushes, as they could scratch the insert.

You only have to mix the mild detergent in warm water and mix it well, then soak the cleaning cloth in that water mixture.

After that, clean the window from top to bottom and rinse it properly. Below are some things you must avoid when cleaning. 

#4. Avoid Mixing Bleach and Detergents

Don’t mix bleach with detergents to clean your window; it gives off a harmful smell which makes the atmosphere inconvenient for breathing.

Clean with the detergents first; if there’s any stubborn stain on the window frame, you can apply bleach and wash it off. It is advisable to use them on a surface differently and not combined. 

#5. Don’t Use a Pressure Washer

Avoid using a pressure washer to clean; it is best for bricks and hard surfaces, not garage door windows or the door itself. It would be better to use a garden hose that uses mild pressure. 

#6. Don’t Use Harsh Detergents

Harsh detergents or mixtures like ammonia, vinegar, or bleach are harmful to your garage door and window and could remove the weather stripping on your windows. 

These harsh materials may cause subtle scratches on your windows, becoming advanced issues later.

If your window frame has rust, only use vinegar and baking soda, nothing else. This is a much safer option and won’t cause more damage.

#7. Do Not Wash Garage Door Windows In Hot Periods

One mistake you shouldn’t make is washing your garage door window in direct sunlight as it could damage the doors and windows.

It usually leads to your window sustaining a chalky remnant after cleaning, which could result in spots and dirt on it because the sun dries the components of your detergent on the window afterward. 

Your garage door may not be a priority because you have other essential things to care for in your home, but they affect your house’s appeal. So don’t forget to make cleaning it a frequent activity. 

What Can I Use To Cover My Garage Door Windows? 

There are several options if you wish to make your garage more private or protect your vehicles and furniture from too much sunlight.

Here are a few alternatives.

#1. Frosted Glasses

These frosted glasses can be used to replace your previous garage door window insert panel.

It gives your garage window a fogged look outside, but it doesn’t restrict your visibility from the inside.

Moreover, they don’t obstruct sunlight, so you still have your natural shine to dim your work area.

#2. Blinds

Adding these blinds to your garage window is a fine choice as it doesn’t only offer you privacy but beautifies your garage and regulates the amount of shine entering your garage.

Its only drawback is that it can get dirty or dusty over time, so it requires frequent cleaning to keep it looking clean.

#3. Tinted Windows

Just like car windows, you can tint your garage door window to make it look dark outside while offering anyone inside a clear view.

Also, this tinting minimizes heat and sunlight entering your room, which protects the stuff you have in your garage.

#4. Mirror Window Film

These mirror films are dark and show the reflection of objects outside instead of exposing your garage to plain sight.

Buying this mirror film is advantageous as it’s removable, affordable, and blocks heat in summer while retaining it in winter.

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Like most other items today, you can replace your garage door window inserts but only use ones suitable for your garage door to avoid voiding warranties.

If you choose a DIY process, don’t forget to take the necessary preventive measures; if it seems a bit complicated, call for professional assistance. And most importantly, don’t forget to clean it often.

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