Can You Replace A Toilet Tank? (Must Read To Do So)

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Let’s say you have a cracked or leaking toilet. Or worse still, your toilet tank refuses to store or deliver water as it should.

The proper thing to do will be to get it fixed. It would help if you always considered a functioning toilet system for your home.

But what if it’s beyond repair? Or you don’t want future recurrences. Therefore, the question of whether or not you can replace a toilet tank arises. 

You can replace a toilet tank if you have an issue with yours. Always ensure you have the right model which suits your toilet system so that you do not suffer malfunctions in the future. You may also experience difficulty in fixing the toilet tank once it is not the right model. 

Can You Replace a Toilet Tank Without Replacing the Bowl?

Can You Replace a Toilet Tank

You can get a toilet tank from a store where they sell both tanks and bowls separately. However, they’re both sold as a single piece in certain places.

Therefore, you will need to pay close attention and find where to get just the toilet tank separately.

If your toilet bowl doesn’t require a replacement, then there’s no need to buy the bowl alongside the tank. 

Try not to get a similar tank because it has good characteristics. Although replacing just the toilet tank, you must ensure the new tank suits the model of the other parts of your toilet.

Even if the new tank is the latest model with the best characteristics, as long as it doesn’t suit the mode of your system, you’ll be at a loss. 

A different toilet tank model will bring more issues to your toilet. You may suffer leaks and other malfunctions from installing the wrong model.

Always ensure you go for the right model. You can find the manufacturing details of your tank just below the tank.

So, copy and take them along while searching for a replacement. It would be easier to find the right model since you have all the details in hand. 

Should I Replace the Toilet Tank Or the Whole Toilet?

If the issue you have is a water leak or just the toilet tank, why not save money and replace just the tank? Replacing the whole toilet could cost you a lot.

Pay close attention or get a plumber to help determine the main issue. So you know what to do next. 

Some cracks may not be visible, so you may only notice the leaks. It is important to know where the issue is.

You may fix the tank and discover later that the issue was with the bowl, not the tank. That is why it is important to get your toilet properly examined before you make any moves on replacement. 

Remember that getting the right model is as important as getting the tank. If you are getting a toilet tank of the same model and quality as your previous one, it may be challenging.

If you’re patient and determined, then, of course, you’d find one to replace your tank. Although replacing just the toilet tank is a much more economical option.

Nothing beats getting a whole new toilet with the guarantee of no leakages, cracks, or other malfunctions. So if you’re stable enough, why not then? You could go for the whole toilet. 

How Do You Change a Toilet Tank?

Are you considering changing your toilet tank on your own? With the step-by-step guide below, you can carry out the process independently without calling a plumber. 

#1. Disconnect the Toilet’s Water Supply

Check the valve on the wall and switch it off to cut off the water supply so you can work on the cistern.

Loosen the end of the pipe that supplies water to the tank. Loosen only the end that connects to the tank to cut off the water supply completely. 

#2. Empty the Tank

Flush the water in the tank to empty it so you can work easily on the cistern.

#3. Extract the Bolts On the Toilet Tank

Use a pair of locking pliers to hold the nuts while you use a screwdriver to unscrew the bolts inside the tank.

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#4. Detach the Toilet Tank

Gently raise the toilet tank away from its position and place it on a rag on the floor. At this point, the first part is over. So the next part is on how to fix the new tank.

#5. Fix Rubber Washers On the Bolts of the New Tank

Fixing rubber washers on the bolts will help to prevent potential leaks from your tank. You’ll find new bolts and washers in the box your new tank must have come in

#6. Install the New Tank On the Toilet

Raise the new tank and gently place it on the rear of the toilet. Here are a few things to note during this process.

  • Ensure the bolts on the tank line up in the right position.
  • Ensure the tank’s gasket rests on the hole behind the bowl. 

Hold the tank in place and carefully run the bolts from the inner part of the tank through the holes.

Push the bolts out to secure them with rubber washers. Use pliers to tighten the nuts on the bolts to secure the tank.

#7. Reconnect the Water Supply

Connect the pipe to the new tank and turn it on so you can try out your new water tank.

Can You Buy a Toilet Tank Only?

You can walk into a store and buy a toilet tank without having to buy other parts of the whole toilet.

Toilet tanks sell in many stores as single pieces without toilet bowls. Some stores sell the bowl and tank together, but many will be willing to sell just the tank. 

Although buying just the toilet tank will require you to be more critical about the model you’re purchasing.

Your new toilet tank’s model must be from the previous or the whole system you have. Any model contrary to what should be there will only bring more issues for you. 

While buying just the toilet tank, make proper inquiries on the manufacturing details. Check the brand and every other detail to be clear.

Make proper inquiries from the store on what you want to buy and whether or not it is the right one. 

Whereas a different brand may work for you despite the slim chances, always go for the same brand.

Most times, a new leak, crack, or malfunction could arise from installing the wrong brand. That ultimately takes you back to square one, where you must replace the tank again.

So while trying to replace just the toilet tank, ensure you have the right information on the brand you have at home first.

Secondly, make proper inquiries about the brand and manufacturing details of the tank before purchase.

Then compare the two tanks and make sure they’re similar in every way before you install.

Which Is Better: Replacing the Whole Toilet Or the Tank?

Nothing beats getting a new toilet. Replacing the toilet tank saves costs, but finding a good replacement is challenging.

They’re both very good options for your toilets, so let’s compare them to help you see which is better.

It all depends on what works for you. Whereas replacing the whole toilet is a better option, you can choose to replace just the tank. But if you’re stable enough, do go for a change of the whole toilet. 

Although it is more expensive, it is also more comfortable. You stand a higher chance of comfort and no malfunctions with a whole new toilet.

Not to mention much easier to work with since you can easily get the brand of your choice for all the parts.


If your toilet tank is malfunctioning, then certainly, you can replace the tank. Unless you need to replace the whole toilet or want the comfort and guarantee of no malfunctions, replacing just the tank will do.

You can also buy your toilet tank without the bowl, so you do not have to worry about replacing the whole toilet.

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