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Can You Set An Alarm On Apple TV? (Read This First)

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Apple TVs are famous for the advanced technology functions of their operating system. The TVs are versatile and have different unique features.

However, they do not have an alarm feature to notify and remind you of events. Although, there is a way to use the TV as an alarm clock.

It is best to read this article thoroughly to know if it is possible to set the alarm on your Apple TV and how to set the TV’s alarm feature.

You can set the alarm on Apple TV, but you need to install an effective alarm app on your TV. The alarm will function like a standard alarm device. Additionally, you can use the sleep timer as a type of wake-up and bedtime alarm. It will automatically turn off the time when it is time to sleep and turn it on to wake you up.

Is It Possible to Set an Alarm on Apple TV?

Can You Set an Alarm on Apple TV?

Yes, it is possible to set the alarm on Apple TV. The Apple TV alarm functions usually like every other alarm system.

It can effectively wake you up or remind you of an event. You can also use it as your TV’s digital clock.

Another usefulness of the alarm system is the ability to notify you of your bedtime. So when it is time for you to sleep, the alarm function will notify you and turn off the TV.

Additionally, setting up the TV alarm is relatively straightforward. You only need to follow the prompts to set it up.

You must first download an alarm app from your app store to use the alarm function. Then, you will install it and launch it.

Next, follow the app’s steps and set your alarm accordingly. The app has an automatic function that helps you to navigate it easily. 

You do not need to be a professional to operate the alarm app. You can choose from several alarm apps on the app store.

However, only the fourth generation Apple TV can use the alarm feature. Older generations do not have such technology.

How Do I Set an Alarm on Apple TV?

Setting the alarm on an Apple TV is easy. However, you must ensure the clock on your TV is accurate before setting the alarm.

If you do not set the clock correctly, it will affect the alarm clock’s efficiency. So the first step to developing an alarm on your Apple TV is to download an effective alarm app.

To download the alarm app:

  • First, open the device’s app store.
  • Then, enter your search term in the app to locate the app faster.
  • For example, type “Apple TV alarm app” to get the app quickly. You can also enter other TV’s alarm and clock app search terms.
  • The app store will bring up different alarm and clock apps.
  • Select any app you want to install.
  • Click on the price or get a button under the app.
  • If the app has the “open” button, it means that the app is already on your device.
  • If the button it displays is the “Get” button, then the app is free. On the other hand, the “price” button means you need to pay to download the app.
  • If you are paying for access to the app, you can enter your payment details on the next display page.
  • Once you successfully download the app, you should tap on open to launch it. You can also find the downloaded app on your home screen.
  • You may need help to see the app you installed because the TV could hide the app. To find the app, go to your device settings, then select the main menu.
  • You can then select and unhide the alarm app.
  • After launching the alarm app, follow the prompts it brings up till you successfully set the alarm.

It is best to set the alarm for five minutes if you are using it for the first time. It will help you to test its efficiency.

You can set it for your intended time once the app is efficient. You should permanently save your alarm settings before exiting the app.

It is impossible to know the next phase your app would display because the apps vary, and you could download any of them, but they are all practical and easy to set up.

Furthermore, alarm apps have many features that make them easy to navigate. However, it is vital to know that the features may vary in every app.

Therefore, checking the app description for features that suit your purpose is best. Some of the features include:

Alarm clock modeIt will enable the TV to play a sound when the alarm goes off.
Stopwatch modeYou can use a stopwatch timer in milliseconds.
Military time modeYou can use military or standard time on the app.
Timer modeYou can choose any timer ranging from one minute to one hour.
Local time modeThe app can display the local time in your location.
SettingsYou can adjust the appearance of the alarm clock.
You can adjust the alarm clock time and disable sleep.
World time modeSome of the apps can display up to 13 time zones.
Some of the apps can display up to 13 time zones.Some of the apps can display up to 13 time zones.
Saved settingsSome of the apps can save and load previous settings.

Can My Apple TV Wake Me Up?

Yes, your Apple TV can wake you up effectively. Although, you need to install an efficient alarm app on your Apple TV.

Also, you need to set your TV’s clock to the correct time, so your alarm can go off at the accurate time. Your TV will turn on when it’s time for you to wake up.

Fortunately, the Apple TV alarm clock has multiple time zones. So it will help you select the correct time according to your location and zone.

The TV has various shortcuts to ensure you wake up at the right time. For example, you can use the home automation feature for different functions, including turning on lights.

You can use the morning routine shortcut to ensure the TV alarm system turns the TV on during your wake-up time. Then, it will effectively wake you up if you adjust it correctly.

The shortcuts will support the alarm feature to ensure it goes off appropriately. Also, you can control the alarm and shortcut features through voice commands or manually.    

Is There a Way to Set a Sleep Timer on Apple TV?

The Apple TV has a way to set and use the sleep timer function. The sleep timer feature would notify you when it is time to sleep or wake up according to the time you designated.

When your TV is off, the feature will automatically turn on the TV when you set it. Thus, waking you up as well.

Additionally, the sleep timer would make sure your Apple TV goes off after a duration of inactivity. Then, it will turn on the TV whenever you set it on.

The sleep timer effectively ensures that the TV stays on during the period you want it to be. It would go off and stay that way during the sleep duration you set. The sleep timer on your Apple TV is straightforward to set.

Follow the steps below to select the sleep timer on your TV.

  • First, turn on your Apple TV. Then, scroll to the “settings” option and click on it.
  • Select “General” on the settings menu.
  • The options under general would come up on the next page display.
  • Click on the “sleep after” tab on this page.
  • Next, set the timer for when your TV goes to sleep. The options you can choose range from never to two hours.
  • Save your selection and exit the settings menu.
  • Your Apple TV will begin to sleep for the duration you select.

Can You Add a Clock to Apple TV?

Yes, you can add a clock to your Apple TV. There are various apps on the TV’s app store that you can install to add a watch to the TV.

Generally, Apple TVs do not have a clock app on them. So, you need to download and install the app on the TV by yourself.

Most apps can display the time and date in the correct format according to the time of the day. In addition, some of the apps can display different contrasts.

Therefore, you can easily view the time with high contrast and low brightness at night. You can also set the time to night, day, or auto.

The auto settings can see between night and day according to your local time. However, the older Apple TV generation may not be compatible with the clock app.

It would help to read the app description to know if it is compatible with your model. Also, you might be unable to install the app on a third-generation Apple TV.

If your Apple TV is the third generation, you may be unable to download the clock app. In addition, third-generation Apple TVs are unable to download new apps.

The Apple TV third-generation model doesn’t have an app store. Therefore, the only available function you can perform on this model is to update the software of default apps.


In conclusion, setting an alarm clock on your Apple TV should be easy if you follow the steps in this article. After that, you only need to patiently follow the prompts from any app you use.

However, you must set the TV’s clock to the correct time for the alarm to be effective. It won’t go off if the watch is inaccurate.

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