Can You Tell The Size Of A Refrigerator By Model Number?

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When referring to a refrigerator’s size, one should refer to the amount of space included inside the appliance.

This measurement will allow you to calculate the total amount of food that can be kept in storage. The capacity is measured in inches, just as the threads on nuts and bolts are in millimeters.

Yes, you can tell the detailed size of a refrigerator by the model number. You can get information about the size of your refrigerator from the letters and digits inscribed on the model number either outside, on top layers, beneath, or in the inner cabinets of your refrigerator.

Can You Determine a Refrigerator’s Size From the Model Number?

Can You Tell the Size of a Refrigerator by the Model Number

Yes, you can determine a refrigerator size from its model number. A few processes are involved in determining a refrigerator’s size based on the model number.

And obtaining the model number of the refrigerator is the first step. You can also find these data on LG and Frigidaire websites related to your refrigerator.

However, you need to be familiar with the whole process to get an accurate reading on the size of your apartment appliance.

Here are a few guides to knowing the size of your refrigerator by obtaining the model number.

#1. The Warranty Card’s Details

The warranty card that comes with a refrigerator is where you will most easily be able to locate the model number for that appliance. Quite often, the model number is on the warranty card.

This number is to determine the dimensions of various equipment, such as the size of the washer. When purchasing the majority of refrigerators, you will get a warranty card.

The model number could also be printed on your receipt when you paid for the item. While preparing the bill, the vendor will write the model number in that space.

#2. Through the Refrigerator

Don’t get too worked up if you can’t find the warranty card or the receipt for the cash you paid for the item.

The body of the refrigerator is another place you may look for the model number. However, to do so, you need to examine the appropriate region of the body.

The model number is on two different labels that are on the refrigerator. You may find the first one in the bottom left-hand corner outside the refrigerator.

You can discover this label on the frontal area of the item. The second label is affixed to the inside of the refrigerator.

To locate the model number, you will need to open the refrigerator and find the number in the vicinity of the top shelf.

Next, examine the ledge that runs down the side of the upper shelf. There is no doubt that you will discover the model number there.

You can discover the model number to determine the size of your refrigerator if you follow these procedures.

How Do You Read a Refrigerator Model Number?

You can read a refrigerator’s model number beside the serial number on the label.

You can start by finding the serial number plate on your refrigerator and determine which model it is by looking for it in one of the three places listed below.

This information is required if you contact the manufacturer regarding your refrigerator.

Inside every refrigerator is where you’ll find the information sheet that lists the appliance’s model number, serial number, and other pertinent details.

It may be on the door of certain refrigerators, although this is much less common. It is also possible to find it on the side of the refrigerator, as stated earlier.

On the exterior side of your refrigerator, you can find your appliance’s model and serial numbers.

First, however, you should know that it is a barcode sticker with two labels, one for the model number and one for the serial number of your refrigerator, which can be beneath the barcode.

This is a barcode-enabled packaging sticker that a scanner can read at the manufacturer while you’re putting your fridge together.

In addition, you can read the model number of a refrigerator by looking at the first letter of the appliance’s serial number.

This letter indicates the location of the production site, and the second letter indicates the kind of home appliance manufacturers produced.

In particular, the first number denotes the year they manufactured the household appliance, and the following two numbers show the week in which that year occurred.

Also, you can distinguish many refrigerators by their respective model numbers. Model numbers are not necessarily unique.

There are occasions in which two distinct models have the same model number. When a producer makes changes to the design of their product, this occurrence takes place.

What Do Refrigerator Model Numbers Mean?

The model numbers on refrigerators may imply various things depending on the country or municipality.

For instance, the model number pattern used in various world areas is distinct from the format used in the United States of America, Canada, and a few other nations.

In addition, the structure of the model numbers for freezers in North America is not the same as that in Europe and Australia.

The primary attributes of a refrigerator model number for the United States of America and Canada are in the product’s features, which assist prospective purchasers in deciding on the make and model of the refrigerator they want to purchase.

The model number includes basic details about the refrigerator, such as the kind of appliance and the size of the doors, the width of the refrigerator, the internal capacity of the refrigerator measured in cubic feet, and the colors of the refrigerator.

We want to bring to your attention that it is not feasible, based only on the model number, to determine the year in which the refrigerator was manufactured.

But, on the other hand, you can figure it out by looking at the serial number.

Which Other Methods Can You Use to Tell the Size of a Refrigerator?

Regarding sizes, refrigerators come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. If you choose the incorrect one, there is a chance that it will not even fit through the threshold to your kitchen, much alone the front door.

Because of this, it is essential to have a clear idea of what you’re getting yourself into when you shop for a refrigerator.

This applies to the space you want for storing food and the look and feels the appliance should have in your house.

The following is a list of other ways that can help you figure out the size of your refrigerator:

#1. Take a  Measurement of the Space’s Breadth

Determine how much room you have between the countertops and the wall, or between the countertops and the wall, based on where your refrigerator is to be.

Considering countertops often stretch out a little bit longer than cabinet bases, you must take measurements at the top of the cabinet rather than at its base.

For example, if one of the sides of your freezer is going to be a wall, you need to be sure to give at least two to two and a half inches of free space on that side so that the door has room to swing out.

#2. Take a Measurement of the Space’s Height

There is a good possibility that your ceilings are high enough to support any size of a refrigerator; but, if you have drawers above the area where the refrigerator is to go, then you will need to measure, beginning on the floor and continuing up to the bottom of the cabinets.

#3. Take a Measurement of the Counters’ Depth

You should still take the time to measure the depth of your countertops, even if you purchase a refrigerator with a standard depth rather than a counter depth since you want to ensure that the refrigerator will fit appropriately in its space.

Note: Your kitchen’s available space, as well as the requirements of your family, will determine the optimum refrigerator size and design for you.

As a general rule of thumb, it is adequate to have between 4 and 6 Cu. ft. of refrigerator space for each individual.

A refrigerator with a capacity of twenty cubic feet is the best option for storing groceries in a home with four people.

It is recommended that larger families have refrigerator space of at least twenty-five cubic feet in capacity.

#4. Refrigerator Comparison Model Chart

BrandModelCapacity (Cu.ft)


Every homeowner should do a model number check on their refrigerator. Without knowing your model number, you cannot determine the appropriate size or contact the manufacturer for assistance.

Also, knowing the model number is always a good idea in an emergency.

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