Can You Use A Bath Mat in The Kitchen? (Must Know This)

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It’s a good idea to place a mat in the kitchen; the more you stay in the kitchen, the more chances of spilling things.

You will always need to control spilling, and a kitchen mat is the best tool you can use against spills in the kitchen.

However, some typical kitchen mats may not be budget-friendly, depending on the available options.

Against this backdrop, people revert to using bath mats in the kitchen, even though it poses a health-wise risk.

You can use bath mats as improvised kitchen mats without having much to worry about once you are always keeping them neat. Ensure to disinfect it or provide a non-slip pad. Additionally, do not repurpose an existing bath mat for use in the kitchen.

Are Bath Mats Better For My Kitchen?

Can You Use a Bath Mat In the Kitchen

Bath mats aren’t better than kitchen mats; because the two are specified for particular aims even though you can use them interchangeably.

A bath mat also catches or dries up spillage like a typical kitchen mat. The table below compares bath and kitchen mats even though you can use both in place of each other.

However, the comparison aims to provide reasons that put one ahead of another in the kitchen.

Kitchen MatsBath Mats
Mainly for use in the kitchen.Mainly for use in the bathroom.
Provides anti-slip surface.Offers a better anti-slip surface.
It is hygienic.Unhygienic if repurposed.
Has an extra cushion for anti-fatigue.Doesn’t have enough cushion for anti-fatigue.
Has styles that suit the kitchen.Has extremely fluffy styles that are unfit in the kitchen.
Takes a shorter time to dry out.Takes more time to dry out. 

Some people use bath mats for personal reasons, which might not appeal to others. Let’s briefly look at one of the reasons people use bath mats.

When bath mats eventually get dirty and dusty from absorbing dirt on the kitchen floor, you will have to wash and dry them properly.

The good thing about bath mats is that they are easy to wash even though they are used unapologetically for any kitchen dirt.

Most people who do not have all the time for washing will prefer using a bath mat. 

Of course, as easy-to-wash stuff suits you fine, so do bath mat users. They love it when they easily get done with it, and it dries up quickly.

Are Kitchen Mats Necessary?

No doubt, even without kitchen mats, you will still make meals in your kitchen. Nonetheless, certain factors necessitate the use of kitchen mats in your kitchen.

Unless you want your kitchen to have shabby looks and be uninhabitable, you should provide a kitchen, or otherwise, a bath mat.

Some factors that make it necessary to use kitchen mats include the following. 

#1. Prevent Slippage On the Floor

Kitchen mats are rubber materials that can absorb liquids or fluids. Apart from absorbing the spills from the water sink, you can move a kitchen mat where there is a spillage, absorbing it in no time and making your kitchen floor dry and convenient. 

#2. Serve as Anti-Fatigue

Everyone gets tired after a difficult job and must rest. Even though cooking might not be as strenuous as other jobs, it starts to feel like them after a long while.

Unlike other places where you can easily locate a seat and relax, the kitchen makes no such provision, which could sometimes become an issue.

However, kitchen mats provide comfort in the kitchen as they serve as anti-fatigues.

When you stand on them while cooking, you stay longer than you can imagine because they reduce the impact on your joints, back, hips, knees, and ankles.

#3. Reduce Dirt and Dust

Sometimes, what makes the kitchen dirty and dusty is not the increasing level of disorderliness in the world, as Scientists would explain, but what goes in and out of the kitchen.

That’s why it would be best if you placed a kitchen mat at the Kitchen doors so that it can absorb the dirt from the feet of those coming into the kitchen.

Should I Put a Bath Mat In Front of My Kitchen Sink?

The area in front of your kitchen sink is the best position for your kitchen mat, regardless of the size and pattern of your kitchen.

It’s the dampest portion of the kitchen, not necessarily because of leaks but because that’s where you have the most spillage.

More so, it’s the most frequently used spot, and we take longer periods standing there. So the areas deserve to accommodate the kitchen rug.

Generally, the kitchen sink is positioned on a wall with cabinetry adjacent; therefore, you will have to adjust your rug to suit both flooring and cabinetry. 

Put the mat in the center of the sink, so you don’t compromise the beauty of your kitchen; that way, you will improve the looks of your kitchen.

Remember that the position of your mat in the kitchen partly depends on the size of your kitchen.

For large kitchens of over 200 Square feet, you will have to provide a 2.5’×10′ mat to cover a lengthy space in front of the kitchen sink and beyond.

Or you can get two rugs of different sizes and place them on either side so they don’t get in the way.

You should put your rug near the sink or stove for medium and small-sized kitchens so you can drag it during your regular cleaning.

Are Bath Mats In the Kitchen Hygienic?

Bath mats will not be hygienic if you do not disinfect them before repurposing them in the kitchen. There’s no extent to which germs cannot go.

While this may be true, the bathroom seems near, so bringing a bath mat to your kitchen without disinfecting it is an open invitation to germs.

It is risky to take germ-filled rugs to the kitchen, where you will prepare your food.

Nevertheless, you can buy a new bath mat in the kitchen without any fears because new bath mats have less propensity to carry germs unless unkempt.

Always wash your bath mats properly before bringing them into the kitchen.

How Do I Clean My Kitchen Mats?

You could damage the surface of your mat by using harsh cleaners or washing it violently.

Cleaning your kitchen mats needs a few washing tools and a little bit of your time.

The following steps should put you through:

  • Start sweeping the mat and then brush it to wipe out the debris and dirt under it.
  • Clean the mat with the same soap you use to wash your dishes. Or sprinkle the mat with a degreaser, allowing it to remain for some time.
  • Brush the mat with a soft brush and hot/warm water. If the dirt remains, exercise a little patience, then scrub harder in a way that won’t damage your mat.
  • After the stain, rinse the mat with only warm water and let it dry very well before bringing it back to the kitchen floor. 

Best Bath Mats For Kitchen

The quality of the mats affects efficiency and hygiene. Therefore, the list below reveals the top five best options for mats available online. 

#1. Frontgate Resort Skid-resistant Bath Rug

The Frontgate Resort Bath Rug has the best design, offers more comfort than every other bath mat, is easier to clean, and has more value.

Frontgate Resort Bath Rug scored five stars in all the criteria for the ratings: Design, Comfort, Easy to clean, and Value. Depending on the available options, it should cost you over $46 or below.

#2. Yimobra Original Luxury Chenille Bath Mat

Yimobra Original Luxury Chenille Bath Rug Mat, 32 x 20 Inches, Soft Shaggy Bathroom Rugs, Large Size, Super Absorbent and Thick, Non-Slip, Machine Washable, Bath Mats for Bathroom, Gray

The Yimobra Original Luxury Chenille Bath Mat comes second best, following the first with five stars in all the criteria for the ratings as well.

However, unlike the expensive Frontgate’s, it is budget-friendly. It should cost you $23.

#3. L.L. Bean Classic Cotton Bath Mat

It comes third, next to the Yimobra’s, with the following scores according to the ratings: Design; 5/5, Comfort: 4/5, Easy to clean: 5/5, and Value: 4/5. The L.L. Bean’s should cost you about $40.

#4. Privet House Portuguese Cotton Bath Mat(See Price)

It comes in the fourth position, next to L.L. Bean’s, with the following scores: Design; 5/5, Comfort; 3/5, Easy to clean; 5/5, and value; 4/5. Privet House Portuguese Cotton Bath Mat has the best cotton.

#5. Lifewit Microfiber Bathroom Rug Bath Mat(See Price)

Now, the Lifewit Microfiber Bathroom Rug Bath Mat comes fifth and, unfortunately, the last on this list despite not ending here.

The ratings are Design; 4/5, Comfort; 5/5, Easy to Clean: 4/5, and Value: 5/5. It should cost you $23.

Final Thoughts

Bath mats aren’t bad in the kitchen, but it might be too presumptuous to say they are better than kitchen mats.

They serve similar purposes to a typical kitchen mat, except that they are less hygienic if not new. Therefore, always go for new bath mats rather than repurposing existing bath mats.

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