Can I Use A Shower Curtain Without A Liner? (Must Read)

When it comes to your privacy, having a shower curtain is essential. Apart from that, some people love to have a shower curtain because of the beautiful look it gives your bathroom. 

However, these shower curtains can become unattractive because they’re not protected.

Therefore, purchasing shower curtains that’ll serve you for a long time is essential and then finding something to protect it. Would a liner do? 

You can use a shower curtain without a liner. People have used it like that and are still using it without a liner. Although a liner is essential, purchasing it when purchasing the shower curtain is advisable because they go hand in hand. 

Do You Need a Shower Curtain Liner?

Can I Use a Shower Curtain Without a Liner

It would help if you had a shower curtain in your bathroom. The importance of this cannot be overemphasized.

A shower curtain liner is as essential as a shower curtain. To protect your curtain from water and stains on the curtain you’ll need the liner.

 In addition, for your shower curtain to serve you for a long time, you’ll need the curtain liner to prevent the curtain from moisture. 

These days people are reluctant to remove curtains all the time to wash them. Without the liner, you can’t escape doing this every week if you’re hygienic.

You will need to wash your curtains all the time; this is one main reason people get the liner.

You do not want water splashed over your bathroom floor after a shower. Someone might slip and fall because it’s slippery.

It’s almost impossible to have a shower without water splashing on the floor without a curtain liner; this happens even with just a shower curtain. 

Nonetheless, with the liner, you can comfortably have a shower without getting worried about water splashing on the curtain and floor. 

Seeing white thread-like hyphae on your shower curtain is disgusting. You might notice it and think maybe your shower curtain is dirty.

That is not the case! Your curtain has mildew, and fungus is commonly associated with a damp material. 

So first, this is not a good thing to see. Hence, you would need to get a specific liner for your bathtub, which is why you need a curtain liner.

What Can I Use Instead of a Shower Curtain Liner?

As much as curtain liners are essential, some can harm our health because of what they contain.

Chlorine is one chemical that should not be in because of the smell. These curtain liners are made of polyvinyl chloride, and this causes nausea.

So, people opt for other alternatives to these shower liners. Use PEVA (Polyethylene vinyl acetate) and EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) shower curtain liners.

These shower liners do not contain chlorine, so they do not produce a toxic odor, so you do not have to worry.

They are better than the vinyl curtain liners but a bit more expensive since they are better quality.

You can use glass doors instead of shower liners. You’re good to go if you can afford to get a glass door surrounding the shower area.

With this, you don’t have to bother about water splashing on the floor because the glass door surrounds your bathing area.

No fear of mildews growing on it too. All you have to do is clean the door when it’s dirty. 

Hemp is another alternative to vinyl shower liners. Although, they need to be washed more frequently than the liners.

Hemp is chemical free and a bit heavier than vinyl liners. However, they are washable and are not prone to mold. 

Cold water is preferable to washing it because hot water shrinks it. In addition, hemp is capable of blocking water from spilling on the floor.

The only thing is that you treat the hemp as you treat your clothes. Linen and polyesters can also be used instead of shower linen.

The polyesters are free from PVCs and are very affordable to buy. They are easy to use and wash. The linens are just similar to hemp.

It has almost the same properties as hemp, and yes, they’re an excellent alternative to shower linens. 

Do You Need a Shower Liner With a Waterproof Shower Curtain? 

What is the essence of shower liners? To prevent water from spilling on the floor.

So, is this liner needed when you have a waterproof shower curtain? No, you do not need a shower liner when you have a waterproof curtain.

However, it is a personal decision, and if you feel you still need a liner, that’s fine. A waterproof shower curtain could be made of polyester.

Polyesters are materials that do not absorb water through them. So, if the shower curtain is polyester, you don’t have to purchase a shower liner. Now, you have to wash it and dry it. 

Again, it is essential to know that polyesters may or may not be waterproof. All fibers are waterproof, but once woven, they become resistant.

However, if it is treated with a special coating to make it 100% waterproof, if this is not done on the fabric, it only becomes water resistant but not waterproof. 

Someday, water will find its way into the fabric. When this happens, you realize it does little work in preventing water. 

What Kind of Shower Curtain Does Not Need a Liner?

It’s possible to use a shower curtain without a liner. Why is that? Because you can purchase shower curtains that serve as both liners and curtains.

It means they do not necessarily need a liner and will serve you like you have a liner. 

You have to care for them by washing them regularly, allowing them to dry after having and shower, and then having more than one curtain.

It is essential because you can use the other when one is dirty or washed. They serve well when cotton or nylon is not treated and used to make a shower curtain.

It means cotton or nylon shower curtains can be used without liners. Due to their dense nature, they help channel water into the bathtub through the cloth; I stated earlier that they should be washed and dried.

An EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate) and the cotton combo is another shower curtain that doesn’t necessarily need a liner.

This shower curtain is a combination of both EVA and cotton, which makes it suitable to use. It is not toxic as it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals to you or the environment. 

It is recyclable and mildew resistant; this is one of the reasons people would go for it. You do not have to stress about seeing mildew on the curtain. 

Differences Between a Shower Curtain And a Shower Liner

Till now, people cannot differentiate between a shower curtain and a shower liner. Some people put the liner in place of the curtain and the curtain in place of the liner.

Some even say they are the same. These are two different fabrics with different purposes. 

The shower curtain is mainly for privacy and beautification; they are made of vinyl, polyester, and cotton, while the shower liners are water-resistant fabrics made from polyester and vinyl that are used to prevent water from splashing from the shower to the floor.

In addition, they serve as a protective shield for the curtains to stay dry and clean. The liners are out first before the curtains.

The fact that they both have their uses doesn’t mean one can’t serve as the other. The shower curtains can also prevent water from spilling out, but this is not its sole purpose.

Also, some people use liners as curtains, which comes out okay, but this is not its sole purpose; this is why they complement each other and should not be interchanged. 

From their appearance, one could quickly tell what they’re used for. The shower curtains are a bit thicker than the liners and opaque; this is why they are used for privacy while the liners are light and transparent.

So, fairness is not suitable. We’ll highlight the differences between a shower curtain and a liner in a tabular form. 

Shower CurtainsShower Liners
They have beautiful designsMostly plain
For privacy and decorationPrevent water from splashing

There are advantages and disadvantages to using only the shower liner, the curtains, or both. First, look at the pros and cons of using just shower liners.

#1. Shower Liner

Here are the pros and cons of shower liners:

It’s transparent so that you can monitor your young kids.There’s no privacy
Easy to wash and dryDirt is obvious
Resistant to waterIt is not attractive

#2. Shower Curtains

Here are the pros and cons of shower curtains:

There is privacySome disturb you while having a shower
You only need to wash one fabricThey’re prone to molds and mildew

Final Thoughts

If you want to use both the shower curtain and liner, then it’s okay. Just choose anyone that meets your expectations.

You can also use the curtains without liners if it’s waterproof. There’s no need to have a liner in this case. Always care for your curtains and liners.

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