Can You Use A Towel As A Bath Mat? (Yay Or Nay)

Most people hate it when their rooms get wet after a bath, which cannot be very pleasant. However, you can easily remedy this situation by getting a bath mat to step on after bathing.

It turns out that not everyone can get a bath mat, which can be quite expensive. Let’s find out if a towel is a reasonable alternative to using the table mat.

A towel though not as effective as a bath mat, can serve as a substitute. However, using the right towel is crucial as it can help prevent slips. Bath Mats have roughly textured surfaces which helps against slips, so a heavy towel is needed. Light towels don’t have as much traction and aren’t as safe as heavy towels. 

Can You Use a Towel In Place of a Bath Mat?

Can You Use a Towel As a Bath Mat

Bath mats are commonly used in many homes and serve their purposes. But in situations where they’re absent, they can be easily substituted by towels which work almost as well as the mats.

Towels are also very affordable, and you can easily convert old towels into bath mats

Towels, like bath mats, are also cozy and soft to the feet, absorbent, and could be light or thick. These characteristics have led to the adoption of towels in hotels and guest houses.

They’re relatively cheaper than most bath mats, and a colorful towel with a little stitching can help beautify your bathroom. 

There are many tutorials and DIY websites you can find to help you with your project.

YouTube is also a great place to find video tutorials and step-to-step guides in making your mat. You can also make your bath mat with little budget and stitching skills.

What Can I Use instead of a Bath Mat?

A bath mat is quite a necessity in a home, but you can always use another alternative to substitute for that role of a table mat. Many options range from traditional cloth mats to special anti-slip floor tiles.

These help prevent home accidents from slips on wet floors, and below are some alternatives.

  • Wood: 
  • Cork
  • Bamboo
  • Vetiver 

The table below shows different anti-slip alternatives and the source materials.

Anti-Slip AlternativesSource Materials
Wooden Bath MatsTimber
Bamboo Bath MatsBamboo shoots
Cork Bath MatsWine corks
Vetiver Bath MatsVertiver plant roots.

#1. Wood

A wooden bath mat with good protection can fight bacteria and prevent getting trapped within it.

In addition to that, they are also slip-resistant, making them easier to walk on without falling accidentally.

As a result, you can prevent mildew from growing in your bathroom, and slips are absent due to a lack of moisture.

#2. Cork

It’s one of the best materials for making a bath mat because they’re naturally antifungal. Due to their inability to retain moisture, they can accomplish this feat.

They also don’t hold dust and other allergens. Make your cork bath mat possible by using wine corks and gluing them to a shelf liner.

Another important factor is that they’re soft and can dry quicker than regular clothing mats. They’re also anti-slip due to their roughness and are available for purchase. 

#3. Bamboo

The durability of bamboo is well known, and its added water resistance makes it an ideal material for bath mats.

It can overcome high moisture content levels in a damp bathroom and retain its dryness.

Because of this ability, it can prevent mildew from getting trapped in the bath mat. Bamboos are also safe to use as they are slip-resistant in wet and dry conditions.

#4. Vetiver Root

Another suitable material you can use is the vetiver root from grass crops. These crops are woven together in certain patterns to create a mat and are most common in India.

Mats made from this plant material are durable and can easily replace traditional bath mats. 

Vetiver root bath mats are waterproof, making them immune to mildew growth and increasing their lifespan.

They also produce an aroma when they come in contact with water because of the natural oils they contain.

You could also decide to change your flooring options for a more effective anti-slip system.

Some options include vinyl flooring or tiling, which are quite effective. They’re special surfaces that help to increase the surface grip even under wet conditions.

Many forms of slip-resistant flooring come with effective performance, and they vary in capabilities.

Slip-resistant coatings, acid etching, etc., are some of the many options you can choose from. However, do well to follow the recommendations given to you on what flooring type to use.

Is a Bath Mat Necessary?

Bath mats are important in your bathroom as they help prevent slips and accidents.

These accidents are usually a result of wet floors and feet after taking a bath and can lead to injuries. In extreme cases, these falls may even be fatal (loss of life).

The Centers for Disease Control 2008 estimated that around 21.8 million Americans would experience a nonfatal bathroom fall.

This research has given us a pointer to the number of persons involved in these home-related accidents yearly.

With the slow change in bathroom style, people are still prolific about bathroom accidents, further backing up the statistics.

Sadly, these falls become more serious and dangerous the older you get, almost unavoidable.

Younger persons can manage these falls, unlike older people, who may develop more serious injuries.

Below are some factors responsible for this outcome.

  • Poor vision
  • Balance problems
  • Weak muscles
  • Prolonged health challenges
  • Bone weakness 

The most common reason for injury-related deaths in the UK falls from people over 75 years old.

The NHS carried out this estimate, so it is paramount that people are enlightened on the issue.

As a result, the risk of bathroom falls will reduce greatly. Bath mats are vital in helping the situation and should be available in every home.

They should also be equipped with anti-slip modifications and encouraged by making them affordable for every home.

You can also adopt alternatives that are safer than traditional bath mats, such as cork bath mats and wooden mats.

Can I Make My Bath Mat?

The cool thing about this is that you can make your DIY bath mat home. You can even modify and customize it however you like.

Here are a few steps to make your bath mat with little to no cost. Below are some requirements you must consider.

  • A bath towel
  • Scissors
  • A sewing machine
  • Thread
  • A spool of 1-1/2″ ribbon
  • Sewing pins or clips

You must follow the steps below to make your bath mat.

#1. Step 1

Get a suitable towel with the designs and colors you like for your project. Depending on your budget and preference, you can use a new or old towel.

I highly recommend a Grosgrain ribbon for trimming the edges of your bath mat for a prolonged lifespan.

#2. Step 2

Cut off fringes on your towel and fold into thirds on the short side with the desired side facing up. 

#3. Step 3

Fold under a half inch of your ribbon to avoid unraveling to create a trim for your bath mat.

Then, fold the ribbon in half long ways starting at the center of one of the sides. Half the ribbon should cover the raw edges of the towel by pinning it.

Your result will be a covering of both front and back edges by half of the ribbon on each side.

#4. Step 4

Fold the ribbon at an angle of 45 degrees on getting to the corners to form a neat edge. Clip and pin the ribbon all around the bath mat’s edges.

Then cut the ribbon longer to enable folding of the end under the mat and cover your starting point.

#5. Step 5

Ensure you’ve included all edges in your ribbon binding by inspecting the front and back of your bath mat.

Also, clean up any gaps or clumps you may find in your bath mat, and when okay, sewing is next.

#6. Step 6

You can sew it down with a straight or zig-zag stitch, depending on how you want it to appear. Test your new bath mat by taking a well-deserved shower when you finish.


Bath mats protect you from accidental falls and bathroom slips. If you don’t have one, you can substitute it for a towel that must be thick and large.

Alternatives are cork bath mats, bamboo bath mats, wooden bath mats, and even changing flooring options. Furthermore, you can even make your bath mat.

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