Can You Move A Bathtub? (We Find It For You)

Many people consider having a bathtub in the house very necessary, majorly for one of many reasons.

The tub is a symbol of luxury, one only enjoyed by those who can afford it and the leisure time to soak in the tub. 

Sometimes, you might want to remodel and change the design of the house. This change could also affect the bathroom, raising the question of whether you can move a bathtub. Let’s find out.

You can move a bathtub, but know this would not be an easy task. A lot of effort goes into installing a bathtub, making it difficult. Moving would consume time and a lot of money, especially if there’s a need to make new plumbing connections.

How Do You Move a Bathtub?

Can You Move a Bathtub

Regardless of how little or much the distance is, moving a bathtub is not an easy task. It is particularly difficult for people with back aches as this could increase and cause more pain.

The stress is why the option of getting the help of a professional is available. If you insist on doing this yourself, having the right information is a good place to start.

Below are a few steps on how to go about this.

#1. Get Ready To Move

It is important to have exact measurements of the space around your bathtub, including the stairs (if any) and doors to enter and leave the bathroom.

Knowing exactly where you intend to put the bathtub will also be beneficial. After that, you need to know how to remove the plumbing from its current location and reinstall it in the new bathtub site.

#2. Prepare Your Tools and Other Safety Gear

Having the right tools to move the bathtub helps it move faster and prevents damage or accidents.

Thick clothing materials called “moving blankets” are made to protect furniture during moves to reduce scratches.

Arrange moving blankets on the floor as this will make the bathtub slide easily on the floor and also shield it from hitting hard surfaces that can scratch the body of the bathtub.

#3. Construct a Transport Ramp

You’ll need to build a ramp that passes through your house to the new location of the bathtub.

The ramp is very important, especially when the new location for the bathtub is far from its current place in the house. 

To build the ramp, you’ll need wood boards or other compact objects that can be readily positioned and put together. With large furniture, injuries are more likely, so you’ll need to be careful.

The type of bathtub you want to move will largely determine how easy or difficult moving it will be.

Transferring an Alcove bathtub is not as simple because of how constrained the installation process is.

A Freestanding bathtub, however, is simpler to move. The distance between the old and new locations also matters as.

You can also contact a professional mover to show you the measures you need to take to move your bathtub if you insist on doing it yourself.

However, employing an expert has a lot of benefits. The possible cost of harm to your property reduces when you hire a professional.

The movers will manage every part of the bathtub relocation and fix any damages, so you won’t have to take any chances with your safety.

Is It Difficult To Move a Bathtub?

Moving a bathtub is difficult, especially when there’s no external or professional help. When moving a bathtub, there are several things to consider.

If there’s a mistake, it can lead to serious damage and accident. For this reason, getting a professional to move your bath is best.

Factors To Consider Before Moving Your Bathtub

There are a lot of factors to consider before moving your bathtub. These factors will help you decide if moving the tub is important or not.

#1. Building Codes In Your Locality

You may need permission from your city’s office or official website for some bathroom modifications.

Some modifications are exempt from this requirement since they are to remodel or beautify the house and pose no threat.

It is important to ensure that you don’t go against any building regulations to protect yourself from potential penalties.

#2. Type of Bathtub

It is important to consider the sort of bathtub that will move. The type of bathtub will determine if you’ll have to take the bathtub frame out, for instance, if you have an Alcove tub installed.

Moving it will involve structural alterations to the wall and the floor, making it necessary to retile. This procedure will add to the cost of moving the tub.

#3. The Bathtub’s Total Weight

You must consider if your floor framework can sustain the weight of a new tub if you plan to move your current bathtub or replace it with another one.

Certain bathtub materials weigh a lot more than others. You’ll need to determine the weight your floor can comfortably support.

To get this value, all you have to do is find out the weight of the water in the bathtub, the weight of the tub when empty, and the weight of the biggest person that would use the bathtub.

#4. Nearness To the Water Supply

The plumbing connections can be left where they are to save money if you don’t have much to spare. When new water connections are required, bathroom remodeling costs significantly.

#5. Measurements of the Tub and Other Doors

If you’re moving your bathtub to a far place different from the current one, you need to consider the tub size, door, and entrances.

Going through the stress of removing your bathtub, especially if the tub was connected to the ground, to find out that it cannot pass through the door will be very disheartening.

#6. Plumbing

To avoid costly repairs, take the necessary steps to ensure the plumbing is on or within inside walls.

These steps are important because placing your bathtub and the pipelines on an external wall can harm the pipes. During the cold weather, the pipes could freeze and get spoilt, which is very expensive.

How Much Does It Cost To Move a Bathtub a Few Feet?

The cost of moving a bathtub can range from $4,000 to $8,000, depending on how far the bathtub is moving.

The cost does not include the price of any necessary structural, electrical, or other plumbing improvements.

Depending on the contractor you hired, it would not be easy to estimate how much it would cost. The reason is there are factors involved, and the prices of things differ.

Some of the things that cost include the below.

#1. Plumbing

It’s a major aspect and one of the costliest when moving your bathtub. If you need to move any plumbing connection farther than three feet, you will have to pay between $500 and $1000. The price stands if there’s no need to purchase other materials.

#2. Tools 

Getting the appropriate tools is crucial before beginning any form of work. To move a bathtub, these are some of the tools you’ll need; floor leveling materials, pipe glue, bathroom plumbing materials, bathtub drain materials, and many others.

#3. Building Permit 

Typically, a building permit is required for such extensive renovations, particularly if you’re relocating any bathroom fixtures that will require you to break the floor tiles and walls.

The cost of the permits varies from county to county but is normally approximately $75.

Do I Need To Move the Bathtub Drain When Moving My Bathtub?

When you want to move your bathtub, you must move the drain. Water from your shower/bathtub will drain back into the water system using a bathtub drain.

The water drains gradually to prevent pipe overflow and internal pipeline damage. Without the bathtub drain, there won’t be a medium for water to drain.

Your bathtub design will largely determine how you move a bathtub drain. Your floor tiles or a wall may break to move the bathtub from its location. You will also need some tools for this.

Can I Remove My Tub and Replace It With a Shower?

A fashionable and useful renovation for any home is to turn an old, unutilized bathtub into a shower. Recently, replacing a bathtub with a shower has become a popular trend.

With the addition of a walk-in shower, your bathroom may appear bigger and more contemporary, which also makes it easier to use for people with challenges moving.

There are some factors to consider before replacing your bathtub with a shower.

  • It’s important that your preferred shower size meets your family’s needs.
  • It is necessary to plan because removing a bathtub and replacing it with a shower is expensive. Your shower design and fittings should suit your personal preferences and financial situation. Create a budget that accounts for all associated expenditures, including the shower and the supplies you’ll need for installation

Here are some characteristics of both a bathtub and shower:


Moving a bathtub can be difficult and costly if you don’t know much about plumbing and the other necessary aspects.

This issue is why it is advisable to firstly budget for it and also get the help of a professional. Hiring an expert will help to save stress and prevent any accidents.

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