Can You Tape Drywall With Hot Mud? (Must Know This)

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There are many ways to tape drywall; however, it depends on which way is faster and more convenient. Every crafter has their own way of doing it.

While most methods can be valid, they also have advantages and disadvantages. Even so, you can be sure of a good result by performing the job with the correct steps.

One of the commonly successful ways of taping drywall is using hot mud.

Yes, taping your drywall with hot mud can be very effective, as the hot mud puts on a firm bond between the joining drywall pieces.  It’s easy to use and yields a productive result. Hot mud doesn’t consume time.

This article contains in-depth knowledge of the use of hot mud for drywall. The best part is that the article shows you step-by-step how to tape drywall with hot mud.

Can I Use Hot Mud On Drywall Paper Tape?

Can You Tape Drywall With Hot Mud

Of course, you can use hot mud drywall paper tape, but it would be best to use mesh tape. Hot mud is more compatible with mesh tape.

Recall that the most common drywall installation materials are paper and mesh tapes. Although they serve a similar purpose, there are extents to which they can go.

Drywall muds are necessary to finish drywall joints and corners in new drywall installations. But using it with the wrong tape can cause a glitch in the work.

They must be compatible with the mud to work well due to certain factors. For example, traditional mud is compatible with paper tape but could be used with mesh tape.

When people talk about drywall mud, they often refer to traditional mud, also called pre-mixed drywall.

The paper tape needs a bed coat because not having enough mud behind the tape can result in bubbling. Its compatibility with pre-mixed mud is based on ease of work and effectiveness.

Traditional or pre-mixed drywall mud is the best for the difficult-to-apply paper mud. Difficult because it requires utmost care.

You could place a piece of drywall paper tape over the mud and the length of the joint. However, it will only cover slightly if you are not careful.

Unlike paper tape, mesh tape does not need a bed coat. While applying hot mud, the mesh tape is handy for bonding the joining drywall pieces. 

Mesh tape also is instrumental in reducing motion to a minimal level within your joints and avoiding cracking.

Many experts reaffirm that hot mud matches best with mesh tape. Therefore, you can apply it directly to the seams. 

Both mesh and paper tapes have different methods of application. When applying hot mud with mean tape, apply each coat with a broader knife.

You feather out each coating of mud to create a smooth change back to the drywall panel. The good thing about mesh tape is it takes little time to harden.

So you don’t have to let it stay overnight since the hot mud can harden in two hours. Nevertheless, the statement depends on how you comply with the formula suggested in the package.

One coat has to harden and dry thoroughly. Then, you can start with the next coat.

The table below highlights the difference between mesh tape and paper tape.

Mesh TapePaper Tape
Only compatible with Quick SetCompatible with both Pre-mixed and Quick Set
Bonds stronglyDoesn’t bond strongly
Easy to work withRequires expertise

How To Tape Drywall With Hot Mud (Step By Step)?

Taping drywall is instrumental in finishing drywall seams. Although the idea is simple, the skill is essential for productive work.

Hot mud taping is an easy and quick method due to the matching properties of hot mud and mesh tape.

You can also tape drywall with paper tape, even though mesh tape is ideal. It’s a good idea to consider learning both methods.

Besides, it’s okay. One is just better than the other. Below is a step-by-step process you can follow.

#1. Using Mesh Tape

The steps for taping drywall with hot mud using mesh tape are quite different. Follow the steps below to mesh-tape drywall with hot mud.

#1. Strip And Apply Mesh Tape

The first thing to do is to strip and apply mesh tape directly over the length of the joints. Here, you don’t need a bed coat because mesh tape has a very tough adhesive—mesh tape bonds with joining drywall pieces.

However, when applying the tape, ensure it rests on either side of the seams. That way, you can be sure of a strong bond.

#2. Apply Hot Mud(First Coat)

Now, you have to apply the hot mud’s first coat. Prepare a little amount of hot mud and use a broad knife to apply it.

Make sure you mix just a little quantity for the first batch so it doesn’t waste because hot mud starts to harden soon.

Try to bury the mud more profound into your tape and seam. It will prevent bubbling. Hence, feather it out to have a seamless and uniform modification.

#3. Apply The Second Coat Of Hot Mud

You must wait for about an hour or two. Besides, you would have to leave it overnight if it were paper tape.

But luckily, just one hour or two is enough for mesh tape.

After waiting, carefully apply the second coat of your hot mud. Now, you can be sure of your seams finishing quickly.

#4. Rinse Your Tools Immediately

Clean your tools immediately so hot mud doesn’t dry on them. If you do not clean them immediately, you will find it challenging to clean them later.

#2. Using Paper Tape

One alternative to taping drywall with hot mud is paper tape. You can also paper tape drywall with hot mud.

Below are the steps;

#1. Prepare A Bed Coat

Use a small drywall knife to apply a thin coating of drywall mud above the drywall joint. Ensure to spread it across both sides of the joint.

Level it without leaving bare spots, as any space left could result in the formation of bubbles.

#2. Cut And Apply Drywall Tape Over the Mud

Cut and apply drywall tape over mud and the whole area of the joint. Be careful so that you can concentrate on applying the strip in the center.

However, placing the paper tape along the length of the joint can be stressful. Nevertheless, ensure to place it at the center across the length of the seam.

Therefore, it is essential that you only lightly spread the mud over the seam. Now, cut off the paper tape with a six-inch knife.

#3. Smooth The Drywall Tape Over The Seam

Begin from the center of the seam and use your knife to smooth the drywall paper tape over the seam. 

Add pressure on the paper tape so the mud comes out under the paper tape. Continue until everything is on the same level.

Best Drywall Mud For Taping

The kind of tape and coat you use helps determine which drywall mud is best.

To choose based on the tape, follow the strategies below.

  1. For mesh tape, a quick set is the best.
  2. For paper tape, since you’ll require a lot of work, pre-mixed or traditional mud is the ideal drywall mud for you.
  3. If you save time on your work and are proficient with paper tape, then you may enjoy using a Quick Set mud because it’s not time-consuming.
  4. In any case, if you’re using FibaFuse, please, go with pre-mixed mud. It’s the best for you.

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