Can You Use A Magic Eraser On Windows? (Read This First)

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Sometimes, homeowners can be worried about how to clean their windows when they get dirty.

The common cleaning methods leave the windows dirty and not thoroughly cleaned. However, a magic eraser helps clean the windows and leave them spotless.

Fortunately, its work does not exempt long-time stains and other stubborn stains.

You can use a magic eraser on windows. Because they do not affect the glass, magic erasers are used to clean windows. When applied, they do not scratch the surface and are efficient in removing stubborn stains. However, if the windows are painted or tinted, you should not use a magic eraser on them.

Can I Use a Magic Eraser on Windows? 

Can You Use a Magic Eraser on Windows

You can use a magic eraser on windows. Unfortunately, most common cleaning agents are not as safe and effective as the magic eraser.  

The magic eraser is made from melamine foam which can remove any stain. Melamine is converted to a soft foam with strong fibers when wet.

It also has mild abrasiveness, making it easy to clean permanent stains and remove greasy ones. Fortunately, the same property makes it a good absorbent for dust and dirt.

Over time, the magic eraser has proven its credibility in cleaning permanent stains with a gentle scrub.

Below are some of the reasons why a magic eraser can be used on windows:

#1. Affordable and Cheap

Since magic erasers are not costly, an average house owner can afford to buy them from the supermarket or mall. You can check the price on Amazon here.

#2. Simple to Use

A house owner that wants to clean a window can easily grab and use the magic eraser without any issue.

It does not require any level of professionalism. You also do not need any special equipment or machine to work properly. It works with a soft cloth, water, and with or without a detergent.

Removal of stains is quite easy too. Just apply slight pressure and run the eraser in a circular motion to remove the stain.

#3. Safe and Effective

Most common cleaning products contain ammonia which can cause harm to both human beings and the materials used.

Most major car parts get damaged by ammonia, and consistent use can hasten this process.

However, magic eraser has been proven safe for human health and car parts. Because they are non-toxic, it does not pose any risk to the human body. 

Below are some of the pros and cons of using the magic eraser:

A magic eraser works on different surfacesIt does not work on sensitive surfaces such as tinted windows.
It is a safe method of cleaning windows.It can cause slight irritation to the hands because of its mild abrasiveness.
It is effective in removing stains and dirtThey tend to break down when wet.

How Do You Clean the Window Screen With Magic Eraser?  

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Cleaning the window screen with a magic eraser is easy. It requires you to apply little pressure gently, and the stains are gone.

Below are some of the steps to take to ensure that you have a clean window:

  • First of all, ensure you use a new magic eraser. Old magic eraser is prone to be challenging, especially when used consistently. In addition, scratches can occur when an old eraser is used on the windows.
  • Ensure you wipe all the dirt with dusters or a piece of cloth that you are not using again. The aim is to remove all the tiny stones and particles that can cause friction when using the magic eraser.
  • Ensure your magic eraser is wet before use. A wet magic eraser makes cleaning easy. However, if it is dry, it can cause scratches on the window while cleaning. Hence, using a dry magic eraser on your windows is not advisable.
  • Also, you can add detergent when cleaning to achieve a sparkling window. However, this is not compulsory. A magic eraser can achieve perfect cleaning on its own. In addition, avoid adding chemicals, coarse detergent, and bleach. 
  • Dip the eraser into warm water and squeeze the excess water to avoid being extremely wet. Then use it to clean the window with or without the detergent. Do this in a circular motion for some time to ensure it is clean.
  • The final step is to clean the window with a damp cloth first before using a dry cloth on it, and your window is clean.

Can You Use Magic Eraser on Car Windows?       

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A magic eraser is a good way to achieve a perfectly cleaned car window. Ensuring the car windows are clean enough not to obstruct visibility is a great way to avoid accidents. 

It works well for cleaning and removing dirt on both sides of the windows. However, if your car window is tinted, you should consider another option. 

Dirt buildup on the car windscreen and dust on the side mirrors were removed with the magic eraser.

Below are the steps to take to achieve a clean car window:

  • Clean the window with a soft cloth to remove the dirt and debris that might have accumulated on the window.
  • Clean the window with the magic eraser with or without a detergent
  • Use a damp cloth to clean the window
  • Use a soft dry cloth to remove the moisture totally
  • Then spray the car windows with wax

Can You Use Magic Eraser on Tinted Windows?   

A magic eraser seems like a perfect way to achieve a clean tinted window. However, using it on a tinted window can spoil its tint.

One of the significant characteristics of the magic eraser is its abrasives which can cause great damage to tinted windows. 

Although the dirt on the window may leave after using the magic eraser, the tinted windows will be permanently damaged and leave the window unattractive.  

Wet magic erasers are abrasive. They have this property because they are made of a copolymer of melanin sodium bisulfite.

The abrasiveness is likened to sandpaper, and using this on a tinted windscreen can cause permanent damage. 

In addition, car owners with tinted windows know that cleaning the window requires special care and professionalism.

Products that are mildly and highly abrasive should not be used or avoided. However, if you insist on using a magic eraser on your tinted glass, ensure the cleaning is done once and the pressure applied is not too much.

Can You Use Magic Eraser on Vinyl Windows?    

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You can use a magic eraser on vinyl windows. Although a magic eraser is a perfect choice, it is not advisable to use it often.

Most people with vinyl windows use a magic eraser because it is affordable and relatively cheap, but it may cause significant harm to the window in the nearest future.   

However, if you have no option but to use the magic eraser on the vinyl window, then apply little pressure when using it to clean the windows.

Also, ensure that you apply the magic eraser to the dirty place only and not the entire window. You can try other safe window cleaners if you want to clean the entire window.

Below are some steps to take when cleaning a vinyl window with a magic eraser:

  • Use a soft clean cloth to clean the surface of the window. Before this step, did the cloth in a freshly prepared detergent bowl.
  • Now clean the surface with another clean cloth to remove the foams of the detergent.
  • With slight pressure, gently clean the dirty and spotted places with the magic cleanser. 
  • Finally, use a clean cloth to clean the entire window.

Can I Use MR Clean Magic Eraser on Windows?  

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You can use MR clean magic eraser on windows. Over time, it has proven to be safe and effective in cleaning windows, leaving the windows without dirt or dust.

Most house owners are familiar with MR clean magic eraser because of its versatility.

It helps to remove dust and dirt that has accumulated over time. In addition, a gentle scrub can easily remove buildup stains.

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The outstanding cleaning ability of MR clean magic erasers results from the source. The raw material is melamine, which is to clean permanent stains over the years.

Because of the versatility, MR clean magic eraser is also used in cleaning household items.

Examples of such things are ovens, sinks, and walls. However, there are exceptions. For example, they should not be used for non-stick pots, spoons, or wooden surfaces.


The versatility of magic erasers enables them to help clean different kinds of windows.

The chemicals used in its products do not make it very abrasive, making it suitable for windows.

Magic erasers rarely cause scratches and damage, except when not correctly used. However, using magic erasers on tinted or painted windows is not advisable.

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