Can You Vacuum Sand? (Follow The Correct Way)

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Vacuuming sand sounds confusing and strange. It’s understandable. The general belief is that vacuum cleaners help clean dirty places and not get rid of sand.

However, some believe sand is also dirt, and it’s challenging to eliminate sand from your home. So, is it possible to vacuum sand? Find out the answer in this article.

Yes, you can vacuum sand. These machines are for this purpose, such as Dyson Ball multi-floor upright corded vacuum, shop vacuum, etc. However, some use their regular vacuums for picking up sand; even though such vacuums help you pick up sand, it’s dangerous as it can cause damage. So, ensure you use the right vacuum when picking sand.

Can You Vacuum Sand With A Dyson

Can You Vacuum Sand

Yes, you can vacuum sand with a Dyson. Compared to other types of vacuum cleaners, Dyson is super powerful and has high vacuum suction power.

These features make the Dyson vacuum relatively perfect for picking up sand.

Nevertheless, there is a particular type of sand that Dyson performs excellently in picking.

But unfortunately, Dyson can’t vacuum heavy sand and heavy materials. So, for this purpose, a shop vacuum is the best

So, Dyson is super effective in vacuuming soft and light sand. But, surprisingly, soft and lightweight sand is more challenging to vacuum than heavy sand.

So, picking up soft and light sand requires you to get a vacuum with excellent vacuum suction power, and of course, Dyson has the best suction you need.

Even though the Dyson vacuum is expensive, it’s worth its price because the Dyson vacuum will never let you down; its excellent work will surpass the cost.

Many houses and standard hotels make use of Dyson vacuums, and the reason is apparent.

You may still be curious about why you should choose a Dyson vacuum to pick up light sand and other debris over a shop vacuum; kindly check the table below for more explanation.

#1. Shop Vacuum Vs. Dyson Vacuum

Shop VacuumDyson Vacuum
Shop vacuums are also known as wet/dry vacuums. The reason is that a shop vacuum is versatile; you can use it to clean up dry trash and liquids.Dyson vacuum can’t vacuum water. If you try it, you will electrocute yourself, damaging your vacuum.
Due to its large tanks, motors, hoses, and filters, the shop vacuum can handle heavy and oversized debris such as nails, sawdust, paper pieces, large chips, heavy sand, and so on. Dyson vacuum can only handle soft and light debris such as soft and light sand, pet hair, etc. Although, few of Dyson’s models can take heavy waste.
The most potent type of shop vacuum has a suction power of 5-6 horsepower.Dyson vacuums have 245 Watts and above suction power. Therefore, Dyson vacuums have a higher suction power. 
Shop vacuums aren’t too costDyson vacuums are expensive.
Shop vacuums aren’t easy to work with because they have large parts, making them heavy.Dyson vacuums are easy to work with because they have a lightweight.
You can use shop vacuums to remove the water from your aquariums. You can also use them to vacuum sand, but they won’t perfect the cleaning.In contrast, you can use Dyson vacuums to get rid of your aquarium sand
Shop vacuums have a shorter lifespan compared to Dyson vacuums.Dyson vacuums are more durable and have a higher lifespan than shop vacuums.

Can You Vacuum Beach Sand?

Yes, you can vacuum beach sand. However, no matter how much you try, beach sand doesn’t leave your house and belongings quickly.

Especially if you live somewhere near a beach, you will experience this well.

Also, if you visit the beach often, beach sand gets into the belongings that you take to the beach, such as bags, clothes, shoes, and even a car, which will eventually get into your house.

Therefore, you need to clean the car if you notice the sand and use the best vacuum suitable for this purpose.

As I mentioned above, different types of vacuum cleaners exist, each designed for different purposes. 

A rechargeable handheld vacuum cleaner is best for cleaning up beach sand. This vacuum isn’t a corded one.

Instead, it’s portable and easy to use. So, a handheld vacuum will effectively clean your car and any corners in your house.

Moreover, beach sand is soft and light; therefore, you can also use a Dyson vacuum to suck it up.

Can You Vacuum Sand Out Of Pool?

Yes, it’s possible to vacuum the sand out of the pool. But, sometimes, you must wonder how sand gets into your pool despite how much you try to keep it clean.

It’s not mysterious; wind can blow sand into your swimming pool. Your swimming pool must always be clean, so you must clean it frequently and get rid of sand from your pool from time to time.

Of course, it would help if you got the perfect vacuum to eliminate the sand lurking in your swimming pool.

Some vacuums are to help you pick up sand in your pool, and they are called pool vacuums. Meanwhile, before using a pool vacuum, you need to know the vacuum’s settings very well.

You must be extra careful when using the vacuum to avoid damage. Ensure that you change the multiport valve of your pool vacuum to “waste” before you start the cleaning. 

This action will prevent the sand from clogging your vacuum’s filter. So, to make cleaning your swimming pool easy, get yourself a pool vacuum cleaner.

Can You Vacuum Sand Substrate?

Yes, it’s okay to vacuum sand substrate. Sand substrate is the one that is in aquariums. In other words, you can clean aquarium sand. 

Two types of vacuum are for vacuum sand substrate. The vacuums are siphon vacuum and gravel vacuum cleaners.

The easiest and fastest vacuum you can use to clean aquarium sand between the two is a siphon vacuum.

However, you can use a gravel vacuum cleaner as an alternative to a siphon vacuum to vacuum aquarium sand.

Gravel vacuum cleaners are also fantastic, and they will keep your aquarium tidy if you use them to clean your aquarium sand. 

In addition, whether it’s possible to vacuum aquarium sand depends on how deep your tank is and how thick the sand substrate is.

If the aquarium is extremely deep or the substrate is too thick, then vacuuming the aquarium sand may be ineffective.

Can You Vacuum Kinetic Sand?

Yes, you can vacuum kinetic sand. So naturally, kinetic sand is super easy to remove from the floors of your house or any surface.

Cleaning kinetic sand is effortless because it doesn’t glue to things compared to other sands; it doesn’t stick to carpets; it only sticks to itself. Both kids and adults can play with kinetic sand.

However, ensure that your hands are not wet before playing with kinetic sand, and don’t let the sand be too wet; it is advisable to prevent the sand from causing a mess.

So, after playing with the kinetic sand, and there are some particles of the kinetic sand on the floor or any surface you use, kindly mold the particles to form balls if the particles are much. After that, you can vacuum the small remnants of the sand.

And if the particles of the kinetic sand aren’t much, sweep the particles first, and after sweeping, use your vacuum cleaner to pick up the rest of the small crumbs.

Kinetic sand won’t hurt your vacuum, but the instructions above are essential for a good cleaning result.

Does Sand Hurt A Vacuum?

Well, this depends on the type of vacuum cleaner that you use. If you’re using regular vacuum cleaners to pick up sand, it will hurt your vacuum.

The reason is that they’re not to pick sand but to get rid of dust. So using standard vacuums to pick up will only cause damage to your vacuum. Don’t try it!

Furthermore, using standard vacuum cleaners to remove sand will decrease your vacuum suction power.

In addition, the lifespan of your vacuum cleaner does not have enough suction power required to pick up sand which is 200 watts at least.

The most effective vacuum cleaners you can use to pick up sands are shop vacuum and Dyson vacuum.

These two vacuums have great vacuum suction power, and this feature makes them suitable for picking up sand.


There are different varieties of vacuum cleaners, some of which are to get rid of sand. In conclusion, it’s possible to vacuum sand. Just follow the instructions above.

By now, you must be able to discover the perfect vacuum cleaner you can use for picking up sand. Cleaning has been made easier than it used to be.

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