4 Reasons Your Carbon Monoxide Detector Goes Off Mid Night

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Carbon monoxide detectors sometimes go off for no reason, which is quite disturbing to most homeowners.

So if this happens, the central question you should ask yourself is, “why does my carbon monoxide detector go off in the middle of the night?”  

Although the presence of harmful carbon monoxide gas is one of the reasons, it is not a significant reason why this happens. A primary reason why the carbon monoxide detector goes off in the middle of the night is the low battery which increases the resistance and causes the carbon monoxide detector to go off.  

Carbon Monoxide Detector Goes Off in the Middle of the Night Then Stops 

Carbon Monoxide Detector Goes Off in The Middle of the Night 

We all know that when a carbon monoxide detector does not function properly, it can be a concern to homeowners at times, like at night.

You have to be sure about what the carbon monoxide detector is trying to detect so you can know how to react. 

You can’t be specific about why this happens when it does, so that we will provide you with some reasons.

But, before then, ensure that you install a carbon monoxide detector at room temperature so it doesn’t get affected by a specific drop or rise in temperatures. 

Possible Reasons why your Carbon Monoxide Detector Goes Off at Night?

There are several reasons why your carbon monoxide detector goes off at night, and some of the reasons are mostly “false alarms” and do not necessarily mean there’s an actual gas.

Most of the reasons why this happens include; 

#1. Low Battery 

One most likely reason your carbon monoxide detector would go off at night is a low battery, and you want to be sure it is not alerting you about a potential risk, so you have to act fast.

When this happens, and you are not sure what the case is, you should try troubleshooting, and if the result comes out to be a low battery, then you should act fast. 

Most detectors were programmed to go off in cases of battery drop to alert homeowners, so you have to ensure that your keep the detectors charged at all times so you do not have to mistake this for a riskier occurrence. 

#2. Aging In Your Detector 

Age in a device is another good reason your detector might go off a night. Finally, the beeping sound alerts you that your detector is dying soon, and you must replace it as soon as possible.

A beeping sound from a dying detector is something you will notice in many safety devices at home, whether it is the smoke alarm. 

When this happens once, do not ignore it, and a safe way to check if this is the case, replace the batteries of the carbon monoxide detectors.

And if the beeping sound continues, it is most likely a sign of a dying detector that you must replace fast. 

#3. Drop-In the Temperature of the House 

This issue is more likely to occur when you set up the detector in a room that was not kept warm.

This issue is because the carbon detector alarm would go off when there is a drastic drop in the temperature, and most times during the day, the temperature is high, and at night, it drops rapidly. 

Apart from the timing, if you installed the carbon monoxide detector in more excellent areas of the house, it is most likely to go off at such times.

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So, ensure that you install these detectors when the room is at a stable and warm temperature to prevent them from going off at night. 

#4. Bad Or Loosened Wiring 

The wiring is another case that most people handle when it comes to the beeping of your detector.

However, over time, it is pretty standard for the wires to start loosening, so you need to ensure that you tighten them immediately after you realize that that is the case to prevent you from more considerable risks in the future. 

If this happens, you should ensure that you turn off your carbon monoxide detector and turn it on after some time after a technician has done his work on it. 

How Do You Know When Carbon Monoxide Detector Goes Off?

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So, you have taken a safety precaution and installed the carbon monoxide detectors in your home, and then suddenly you start hearing a beeping sound; yes, that is the sound you get to hear when your CO detector goes off.

So, if you have a lot of detectors around your home and you are not sure if the CO detector is the issue with the sound, then you can go close.

Consequently, if you notice a red blinking light, get out of the building immediately. 

You might want to start experiencing some symptoms before you decide to evacuate; some common symptoms of CO poisoning include; 

  • Chest pain. 
  • Nausea and vomiting. 
  • Shortness of breath. 
  • Headaches. 
  • Drowsiness and fatigue. 
  • Low blood pressure. 
  • Rapid heartbeat. 

If you start to experience any of these symptoms at that time, please do well to evacuate the building immediately and call on emergency services like the police or the fire department near you.

But, of course, you have to ensure that every person in that building evacuates and does not let anyone re-enter the building. 

What Does a Carbon Monoxide Detector Do When It Goes Off? 

Your carbon monoxide detector would go off because it detected the harmful carbon monoxide gas, which is not the only reason it does that.

There are some false alarms, especially when the carbon monoxide goes off when it is not complete, or there is an issue with the wiring. 

Here are a few issues the carbon monoxide detected when it goes off and gives off an alarm; 

  • When installed close to a fuel station or where there is fire, like the fireplace, the CO detector is most likely to go off. 
  • These alarms can also go off when installed under low room temperatures, not warmer ones. 
  • When the carbon monoxide battery is low, your alarm goes off is another good reason. 
  • Your carbon monoxide detector will go off when carbon monoxide gas is detected. 
  • When the inner wiring on your carbon monoxide detector starts to loosen, it starts beeping and goes off again. 

It would be best if you were sure of the case before acting for your safety and the safety of everyone else in the building with you. 

How Do You Fix When Carbon Monoxide Detectors Go Off at Night?

The first thing you should do in cases like this in your home is to stay calm and then alert the members of the family fast and then take these necessary steps; 

#1. Open the Doors and Windows

First, you should open all the doors and windows to let the deadly gas off your home. 

#2. Turn Off All Fuel Burning Appliances

After opening your doors and windows, you would want to turn off all appliances that burn fuel or use fire around your homes. 

#3. Don’t Ignite More Fire

At this point, you shouldn’t strike a match or handle any gas appliance, or even switch on the light to prevent a fire outbreak. 

#4. Call Emergency Services 

After adhering to the above, you should contact emergency services like the police or the fire department while outside. 

#5. Seek Medical Advice 

Afterward, you should visit the hospital if you feel funny or ill to ensure you are okay. 

#6. Service Your Appliance 

Ensure that you have a professional technician check on your carbon monoxide detector to ensure it is 100% safe to be in the house again.

These are the steps you should follow when your carbon monoxide detector goes off to ensure that you and the people in the building are safe. 

Reasons Why Detectors Go Off at Night ActionsTo Take 
Low battery Ensure that your detector batteries are charged at all times. 
Room temperature Ensure that your CO detectors are installed at room temperature 
Problems with the wiring Ensure that you get worn-out wires replaced 
Age Ensure that you replace old detectors 


If your carbon monoxide alarm goes off, please do not panic; instead, follow the safety precautions after you have made sure that you are aware of why it went off.

After reading this article, you should know how to act during cases like this. If it occurs at night, ensure you get everyone out of the house before calling for an emergency.

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