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Buying an air conditioning system that will adequately cool your home is essential. However, choosing the right brand of air conditioning unit that will work best for your home and save cost can be challenging.

Except you’re an HVAC professional, you will need proper guidance to help you make your purchase.

Carrier and Rheem are well-known brands of air conditioners and the preference of many experts and families.

Both AC units function effectively to make you more comfortable during the heat. But, which brand is better? Carrier and Rheem comparison guide is vital to aid your choice of preference.

Carrier air conditioners have excellent quality and a very high energy efficiency ratio. They also give a very satisfactory performance with minimal noise. On the other hand, Rheem air conditioners cost less and are very easy to maintain. In addition, their replacement parts are easy to find. They also offer a better warranty plan.

Which Is Better, Carrier Or Rheem?

Carrier Vs. Rheem

If you live in a hot environment, you will understand the importance of choosing the right brand of air conditioners that will serve you well.

A sound air conditioning system should have standard design and performance, excellent quality, and a high SEER rating. 

However, to choose the best brand that would work for you, you should also consider the cost as not everyone has the same budget.

Below are the comparisons between Carrier and Rheem air conditioners:

#1. Design And Performance

The design and performance of central air conditioners are essential factors to consider when making your choice.

The design and portability of air conditioners would attract potential buyers. Carrier and Rheem both design air conditioners with a modern and attractive look to meet up with the current trends.

However, many users prefer Rheem in terms of design. Rheem designs a number of the smallest-sized air handlers on the market. Also, it designs its cooling and condensing coils with aluminum.

When it comes to performance, Carrier outdoes Rheem in this category. Carrier air conditioners are highly efficient and give a satisfactory performance.

The Carrier ACs are very quiet during operation. Also, their parts last very long before needing repair or replacement. 

However, proper installation determines how good the performance of your central air conditioners will be. If you don’t install your Carrier ACs correctly, they won’t perform efficiently.

#2. Quality

Carrier has the reputation of being one of the best brands and dealers in HVAC systems.

This company produced the first contemporary air conditioning unit and has made a name in designing high-quality air conditioners.

In addition, Carrier ACs have very high energy efficiency. Also, the components of this AC are different from that of Rheem and work more effectively

Rheem is the leading brand in mid-range central air conditioning systems. Rheem Air conditioners are good quality and can offer you the comfort you require in your homes.

But, unlike Carrier cooling systems, Rheem components are less efficient and don’t match Carrier in quality. In addition, its parts are more fragile and wear out faster. 

Carrier Vs. Rheem Warranty

Carrier offers a long-term warranty for its products. Their warranty duration covers a limited period of 10 years with repairs and replacement of most of their components.

Moreover, their products are very reliable.

#1. Eligibility for Carrier’s warranty

  • Register your HVAC system online within 90 days of the first installation. You will need the following for registration:
  • Your HVAC model number
    • The serial number
    • The date of installation
    • The technician who performed the installation
    • The name of the owner
    • The address of the installation
  • Make sure a licensed HVAC professional installs the units properly
  • The warranty covers only units remaining in their first installation location
  • Follow instructions in the Installation Owner’s guide and Carrier’s service information concerning installation, usage, care, and maintenance
  • Return parts needing repair through a registered distributor

However, note that a warranty doesn’t apply to labor costs. Also, where faulty installation, poor maintenance, and improper usage cause damages, the Carrier warranty doesn’t cover replacement.

Rheem brand also offers a reasonable warranty period for their products. For example, their air conditioner units have a replacement warranty period of 10 years.

In addition, it offers a lifetime warranty for major parts of its premium designs. However, it doesn’t cover labor costs, but you can apply for an extended labor warranty through authorized Rheem services. 

The warranty period for Rheem’s products starts on the day you purchased your HVAC system or on the day you installed it. You’re eligible to claim a warranty if you can provide the installation date.

In cases where you can’t provide this information, the warranty duration will start on the manufacture date of the products; you can verify this information with the product’s serial number. Also, ensure you provide your HVAC units’ model and serial numbers.

How Long Does Carrier Air conditioner Last?

The number of years your HVAC systems will last will depend on the quality, Installation, usage, and maintenance.

The climate condition of your environment is also a factor that either reduces or increases the lifespan.

Carrier air conditioners should last from 15-25 years. However, the lifespan will vary depending on how users handle their Carrier air conditioning units.

Rheem air conditioners should last an average of 15 years with proper maintenance and care.

However, your HVAC unit may last longer or less, depending on how you handle it.

The following can reduce the lifespan of your central air conditioners:

  • Improper maintenance
  • Undersized system
  • Oversized system 
  • Improper installation
  • Excessive and improper usage.
  • Installation in intense climate

Maintenance And SEER Rating For Carrier And Rheem

SEER is short for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. A higher SEER rate means your central air conditioners will consume less energy.

A good-performing air conditioner has a SEER rating that ranges from 13-21. Carrier has a high energy efficiency ratio, making them reliable in saving energy and reducing costs in the home.

Moreover, Its air conditioners have SEER ratings as high as 26. Rheem also has a reasonable energy efficiency rate but a lower SEER rate than Carrier.

The Rheem’s prestige series air conditioners have the highest SEER rating of 20. In addition, the SEER rating affects the price of HVAC units. The higher the rate, the higher the price.

Regarding maintenance, Carrier and Rheem ACs have parts that are easy to clean. However, you should carry out regular cleaning to maintain the efficiency of your system.

Furthermore, properly installing your HVAC system makes it easy to maintain and enhances performance.

Rheem parts are easy to find and replace, unlike Carrier parts. In addition, Rheem air conditioners can use off-the-shelf parts, making them easier to maintain.

On the other hand, Carrier air conditioners use the brand’s specific designed parts to replace most components.

Price Of Carrier And Rheem ACs

Carrier ACs cost more than Rheem ACs due to their higher SEER rating and excellent quality.

However, the price of your HVAC system will vary depending on the unit’s size and SEER rating.

The size of your home, the environment climate, and your HVAC installer affect the price. 

#1. Carrier ACs Models And Price

Carrier ACs ModelsAC Units CostInstallation CostSEER Rating 
Carrier Comfort Series-16 24ABC6$1,895$5,02516 SEER
Carrier Performance Series-17 24ACB7$2,450$5,42217 SEER
Carrier Infinity Series-21 24ANB1$4,125$8,33521 SEER

Take note that each model has different designs and sizes at different prices. Also, prices can be as high as $15,000 plus installation, depending on various factors and your local HVAC dealer.

#2. Rheem ACs Models And Price 

Rheem ACs ModelsAC Units CostInstallation CostSEER Rating
Rheem Classic  RA16$1,285$,360016 SEER
Rheem Classic plus RA17$1,463$3,72517 SEER
Rheem Prestige RA20$1,925$3,95220 SEER

Also, note that the average cost of the ACs can be as high as $7,600 plus installation.


Carrier is a better brand in terms of quality, performance, and SEER rating. Although they come at a higher price, they make up for it with the quality HVAC system they produce.

However, Rheem is the brand for you if you wish for a less costly air conditioning unit with good quality and efficiency.

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