Can I Put Cast Iron Stove Grates In Self Cleaning Oven?

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It is normal for cooking ovens to get quite messy while in use, especially for stainless ovens.

For this reason, cooking ovens normally come standard with cast iron stove grates known to serve diverse purposes. 

However, we’ve got modern-day self-cleaning ovens that are not user-friendly with iron stove grates.

In such a scenario, Is it safe to install cast iron stove grates in self-cleaning ovens?

Putting a cast iron stove grates in a self-cleaning oven should be done if the self-cleaning oven instruction manual permits so. Due to how messy stove grates can get while cooking, installing them in a self-cleaning oven may be detrimental. Some self-cleaning oven models already have stove grates and do not require any other cast iron stove grate

Can You Put Cast Iron Grates In a Self-Cleaning Oven?

Put Cast Iron Stove Grates In Self Cleaning Oven

It is not advisable to put a cast iron grate in a self-cleaning oven, whichever the model may be.

However, for obvious reasons, some models still permit putting a cast iron grate on a self-cleaning oven, although under strict conditions.

For instance, you will avoid using the oven’s self-cleaning mode with an installed cast iron grate in the self-cleaning oven.

But then, if you must use the oven’s self-cleaning mode, you shouldn’t leave the cooking cast iron grate during the cleaning cycle.

The essence of an iron stove burner grates on an oven cannot be overemphasized. It is a superb material for cooking as it can uniformly distribute heat around the cooking pot.

Stove burner grates come in different designs with various applications and purposes in mind.

Plus, cast iron grates, amongst other materials used, will serve for many years without thinking of a replacement. However, for some reason, not to use them, especially for a self-cleaning oven.

The high temperature generated during the cleaning cycle may discolor the cast iron grate, a whole new mess.

Some cooking residues and debris normally get stuck in cooking grates, seemingly not ideal for a self-cleaning oven.

A large and unbearable amount of smoke will result from self-cleaning ovens after cast iron grate installation. 

Also, you will notice that the cast iron grate will begin to suffer from corrosion after a while. As a result of heat coming from the oven and then constant washing, it is normal to observe rust on the grates.

Hence, you must obey the cleaning manual if the owner’s instruction manual permits using iron stove grates. 

How Do You Make Cast Iron Stove Grates Look New?

It is not a tasking job to maintain the cast iron stove grate to make it appear new. Aside from the routine of cleaning stove burners after use, once in a while, refurnish it.

There are several things to make the cast iron stove grates look presentable and new.

Firstly, constant cleaning after use is a sure way of maintaining the stove burner grates. Hence, cleaning cast iron cookware shouldn’t be that much of a task to the user as it is mandatory.

So, cleaning the stove grates regularly after every use leads to always making the iron stove grate look new.

But then, constant cleaning and use will lead to corrosion. In such conditions, you can recoat the cast grate skillets. Seasoning the stove burner grates now and then in a way helps to prevent corrosion.

All you need to do is clean, apply cooking oil to the bottom of the grates, and then heat for some time.

After the recoating process, you must season the cast iron skillet before you can begin using it. Baking the grates to temperatures of about 400 degrees Fahrenheit within 30-40 minutes.

After this procedure, I bet you’ll see a shiny good looking cast iron stove grate.

However, properly scrubbing the stove burner grates will be enough to make the grill look as good as new.

It would help if you were worried about scratches, as cast irons have good resistance to a wide range of abrasives.

Therefore, scrubbing with an abrasive tool or using a good cleaning solution should do the job. 

Finally, you can opt for flame adjustments when observing discoloration or blackening of the stove top grates.

How To Clean Cast Iron Stove Grates?

Different approaches are employed to cleaning the stove burner grate, all proven effective.

All the methods used largely depend on the nature of the mess at hand and probably the nature of the oven.

While a normal cleaning scrub pad brush will do, other residues will require the use of a hot soapy water solution. 

As mentioned above, the type of stovetop grates will determine the cleaning approach.

Our focus will entirely be on cleaning cast iron stove grates only hence the methods applied.

Here are some approaches to cleaning a cast stove grate. 

#1. Brushing 

The first approach to cleaning a cast iron stove grate is scrubbing/brushing the iron stove grate skillets. Scrapping the top and bottom of the stove grate is one of the many ways to clean the grates.

In most cases, it is done immediately after use while the grate may still be hot to remove the remnant easily. 

Sometimes, you may be required to use a cleaning solution to remove the grease on the stove burner grates properly. It is easy to do as it takes only a short time to finish cleaning.

Nonetheless, it goes a way to discourage insects from petting around the grates.

Brushing, scrubbing, and cleaning with a soaked cloth are the same methods. It all depends on the design of the grate.

There are some aftermarket grate cleaners and scrub pad brushes for brushing-cleaning a cast stove grate. Therefore immediately after use, brushing-cleaning is the first approach unless the stain isn’t gone.

#2. Seasoning 

Seasoning the cast iron stove grate is heating the grill as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a long procedure but very effective, especially for hard overdue stains on the stove burner grate.

The grate is heated to a very high degree until all the residues/dirt melts off.

Amazingly, the seasoning technique of cleaning is the same principle employed in self-cleaning ovens. However, the expansion and contraction of the iron stove grates will damage the oven rack.

For this reason, the heating approach of cleaning a cast iron stove grate, to some extent, isn’t ideal.

However, seasoning the cast iron stove once in a while shouldn’t cause any harm. Plus, it is part of the maintenance procedure for all oven cookers.

Cleaning using the seasoning approach is for hard residues and even very practical for new before first ovens.

#3. Soak-washing

Another method of cleaning and, in my own opinion, the most effective is the soak-washing approach. It should be the next approach after brushing, and cleaning doesn’t do the required cleaning job.

It would help if you soaked washing frequently, but it is the most effective among other cleaning methods.

All you need is to fill up the dishwasher or a large bucket with a hot soapy water solution. You can add a little baking soda and allow the grill to soak for up to 30 minutes.

Then, you can scrub, wash, and rinse the grill to dry. 

With the approaches mentioned above, cleaning the cast iron stove grate shouldn’t be much of a burden. 


Cast iron stove grates are by far the best stove top grates available today based on efficiency and durability.

They can also be used on self-cleaning ovens, although not entirely advisable as they can lead to some damage.

However, if a self-cleaning oven guide permits a cast iron stove grate, you must obey all the conditions.

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